Jumpers anyone? My brain needs a kickstart…

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Today marks 2 weeks before I return to work and I’m starting to feel a bit frazzled.
All of a sudden I can think up hundreds of things I need to get done before returning to my 8-5 job and I also really want to sleep as much as I can and lounge around in PJ’s but then I also really want to do stuff, like shopping, rearranging the house, breakfasts with my hubby, going on excursions…
So much to do, so little maternity leave time to do it.

Being an adult is such hard work. It takes real commitment, if you want to do this thing right.
There are no short cuts (like studying for a test a few hours before)… everything requires proper planning and sensible thinking! Now with this said, I am aware that I take that notion to the umpteenth degree.
I cannot do anything without planning it properly, or else I feel totes out of control.
I think that’s the beauty of my marriage to my totally out of control husband! He doesn’t do anything pre-planned… he finds it really boring and tedious if he has to think about what hes going to do tomorrow instead of just waking up and doing it. I cant live like that.

But I’ve found that since becoming his wife (it’s only been 1 year, 1 month and a couple of days ya’ll) I’ve found myself way more chillaxed!

I mean, I even left the house on spur of the moment wearing NO MAKEUP! Yep, it actually happened.
Today, I’m on my bed, laptop on my lap, baby asleep and guess what, I am not neat-freak-tidying the house. Feels good.
I’m on that “might wash my hair now, might wash it tomorrow” buzz and I’m a bit subconsciously afraid that its going to swallow me whole!

I had a brief panic attack earlier, thinking about how I am going to manage to balance it all – going to work and coming home to a baby that will want to be with mommy, getting her bathed, cooking, homework with Kyle, cleaning up etc etc etc…
How do moms with toddlers AND infants do it?
How do moms with twins do it?
I’m starting to wish that I wasn’t so relaxed and had an action plan in place.

2 weeks before normalcy returns and I am considering getting a full time maid.
Does this make me laaaaaazy? (yeah, I’m singing the song in my head too)
I don’t think that husbands understand the enormousness of our role!
There is no “down time”.
Oh to be a child again!

Full time working, husband pleasing, Super Moms around the world – I salute you!

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