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PPSA Nail Challenge – Dark & Vampy

It’s nearing the end of the Polished Pretties South Africa nail challenge and I’m nogals bummed! 
One of this weeks prompts are “dark and vampy” and I knew that I wanted to try something new, but not too difficult that it would make me feel like loser if it didn’t turn out properly. 
To start off: a little pic to show you exactly how I end up doing my nails almost every week! She loves her mama 🙂 
For this weeks challenge I used a Catrice polish that is a metallic greeny colour –33 In the army glowEsssence 147 Miss Universe which is a blue metallic with hints of green and the Woolworths Fashion Passion stunning purple polish that I had won in the Pretty Messy Melon giveaway
I started off with my base coat and then 2 coats of the Catrice army color. 
It looked pretty rad on it’s own but too “dark and dingy” as opposed to “dark and vampy” for my liking. 
I then tried to do a pattern that I had spotted on the net – clip note: it was titled “easy diy nail art”. Yeah right! hahaha easy for a rocket scientist maybe! Anyways… that turned out to be a flop. 
I then grabbed a sponge… or rather I opened a pack of kitchen sponges and cut one up… painted some purple paint on it and dabbed it on my nail. 
Much better. 
I did the same with the blue metallic. 
It turned out to be a sort of a gradient, as you can see, and I must say the overall result came out pretty cool! What you probably can’t see in the pics is that the Catrice army color really set a good base color for the overall effect to work. 
I love the grunge look and I love that anyone can do it. 
Nail art for dummies! 🙂 

There’s still time for you to participate in the last prompt of the challenge! 
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Things we lost in the fire: Are your kids emotionally aware?

Are your kids emotionally awareI recently spoke to a man who had lost 2 children in a fire that ate up his home and all his possessions. I remember meeting him a few years ago right after the fire had occurred. I was working in the cellular industry and because of the fire, his insurance had to replace his cellphone – that’s where I came in. (more…)

PPSA Nail Challenge – Your favourite villain

So this weeks 2nd nail challenge is “your favourite villain” – one that I was planning to avoid because, well, I don’t have a favourite villain per say and it just seemed too tricky for an amateur such as me. 
But then I checked out what the other ladies on the Polished Pretties South Africa group were doing and all of a sardine found myself inspired! You should check out their work below.
So after mulling around about the concept of villains I came to the conclusion that the biggest villain to me is CONFUSION. I intensely dislike being unprepared and not knowing what is going on! Hence the blog titled “my spreadsheet brain”. 
Dude, I have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING! 
Question Marks are my villain! 
And then, as you would have it, there is such a villain. 
His name is The Riddler, of DC Comics origin, and happens to be one of Batman’s nemesis. 
My Riddler/Confusion inspired nails below: 

My explanation:
Pointy – The question mark, duh
Middle – Those are meant to be clouds of confusion (haha)
Ring – Represents confusion
Pinkie – I thought a dot would look cool

I used all Essence, because I love em!
Base and top coats are Catrice.
The shimmering colour is 2 coats of Essence 190 Kiss me, Freddy. It’s a really pretty shimmery mint green color… the photo does not do it justice!
I did the designs with my favorite navy blue 196 I <3 my blue jeans.
And then the cloud features 157 My fortune cookie which is the cool gold paint I also used in the previous challenge post.

I must add, I did this at like, 19:30 last night, while waiting for load shedding to hit us at 20:00.
So yes, it took all of 30 minutes for the layers to dry and the art to be applied etc.
Normally I struggle for hours and then have to remove the paint from one nail (because lets face it, one nail always gets smudged) or I have to redo something that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

Excited for next weeks challenges! Do join us!

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For the love of nail art


PPSA Nail Challenge – Go Wild With Dots

This weeks Polished Pretties South Africa nail art challenge is nogals one of my faves! 
The first prompt is “go wild with dots” and the 2nd is “your favorite villain”. 
I attempted the dots one and saw really rad stuff on the net, but yarrr, it didn’t quite work out that well on my actual nails. 
To make the dots, I used the end of a hair grip (bobby pin) and the end of a paper clip (for the smaller dots). Both worked quite well! 

The colors I used were all Essence (besides for my base and top coats).
I first started with 162 Dare It Nude, which went on over my base coat.
I figured that it would really help to make the pink pop, and it did!
I then applied 2 coats of 104 Sweet As Candy. I really like how it ended up.
Then I used my paper clip, dipped in some 157 My Fortune Cookie to make the dots on my pointy and middle finger. I added a french mani on the middle finger.
The ring fingers dot is a layer of the nude and pink with a drop of 06 Space Queen gel look.
The pinkie finger speaks for itself 🙂

And voila!
Fairly easy (once I gave up on the intricate stuff that just wasn’t working out)
I think the dots are so cute!

If you’d like to join the nail challenge, check out the prompts below, and join us on Facebook over at Polished Pretties South Africa! It’s really fun and a cool excuse to do something different with your nails every week!

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Music Monday: Worship Mob – Carry the Fire {And Giveaway!}

Photo: Christian Music Review Org

When I first heard the name “Worship Mob”, I felt an immediate intrigue and was extremely keen to hear the sound of this oddly named band. I’ll be honest; the words “worship mob” incite images of a bunch of guys and girls flooding a mall, bedecked with banjos and drumsticks, to render spontaneous worship unto God in a somewhat rebellious way. So, to put my imagination to bed, I decided to Youtube the collective, who hail all the way from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Well, let me start by saying that the band already has over 50 000 Youtube channel subscribers! The sound and musical style is reminiscent of Housefires or All Sons and Daughters and it is obvious that these people love the presence of God!
I discovered that the team comprises a collective of worship leaders and musicians who basically started worshipping together, keeping the door open to anyone else who wanted to come and rest in the presence of God. The weekly gathering, which was the brainchild of Sean Mulholland and Garrett Chynoweth, started in 2011 and now they have over 80 other ministry leaders from 30 other surrounding local churches as part of their membership. Mulholland shared that the meetings have always been open to anyone. “We felt God’s leading to create a unifying worship setting that transcends denominational limitations, and to unite the global Body of Christ to collectively experience the deep, intimate, and life-giving relationship that only Jesus provides,” he explains. The team was signed up to Integrity Music at the beginning of this year and recently released their first studio album, “Carry the Fire”, which is what I will be reviewing today.
I was pleasantly surprised to find two covers on it – Hillsongs’‘Oceans’ and the Bethel hit: ‘You make me brave’, both of which were done well and although they are a welcome addition I must say, they were not needed on this album. The album songwriters did so well at penning tracks that hold messages you’d want to hear and declarations you’d want to sing.
An example is opening track, ‘Satisfy’. Besides the captivating voice of the amazing Gina Milne, the song’s message swept me away as they sing as the voice of the Father beckoning His children to draw close to Him for all that they need. My favorite part is towards the end of the song — a prophetic interlude where the singers literally just let go and allow God to use them as a mouthpiece. I mean, if this is the first song, then I think I really like this band!
Track 2 is titled ‘Our Father has won’ and is one of my favs on this album. The chorus breaks something in the atmosphere, with its hard hitting lyric and piercing vocal that sings: “Once broken and guilty/Now drowning in mercy/All curses undone/Our Father has won”.
‘More, More of You’ is a worship song that I can definitely see on rotation on a church set list. It speaks about wanting more of the Holy Spirit and has a really catchy chorus, with easy-to-sing lyrics that compliment it. Another worship track, ‘Love outran me’ is a love song that speaks about the work on the cross — how God loved us so much that He made a way for us to have a relationship with Him. It is such a beautiful song. 
My husband appreciates ‘Love break down these walls’, which I believe was birthed out of spontaneous song. This worship tracks lyric says “Let love break down these walls/Let church go past these walls…” It created a moment of awareness for us of how important it is to take the love of God outside of the four walls of the church building, to the lost and hopeless.
I love how this album reflects true hearts of worship – how a group of normal people got together to glorify God, and He turned it into something unexpected! It’s amazing how God takes what you have in your hand – what you are willing to offer Him – and makes something grand out of it, that is able to transform lives and bring people closer to Him! I genuinely recommend this album to anyone who loves deep worship and the presence of God. The vocals are superb and the songs were clearly written from a place of deep intimacy and yearning. I give it 2 thumbs up!
Gateway News will be giving away a collection of worship albums!
To stand a chance to win, LIKE and SHARE the specially marked Facebook post.

This review was originally written for and published in Gateway News

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