PPSA Nail Challenge – Sugar Spun

I had recently discovered the Polished Pretties South Africa Facebook group and all the amazingly talented ladies who roam around there. It is a little corner on the internet where they share tips and tricks and post pics of unbelievable nail art (which they do themselves!)

Needless to say, I am inspired!

So theres a weekly nail art challenge, which consists of 2 challenges.
Following the prompts, you do your nails and then share your pics on the group and each others blogs. I likey!

So this weeks 1st challenge is Sugar Spun. 
I’m not going to front about it – I had no idea what sugar spun nails were! 
Until I Googled it 🙂 Ahh Google my good friend. 
I followed the instructions I found online, which were to: 
1. Coat your nails with your base coat
2. Decide on your sugar spun colour and throw a bit of the nail polish onto a flat surface
3. Allow it to thicken (you can play with it a bit to help it gain some texture)
4. The polish should be getting a bit stringy by now 
5. In a “pulling” or “sweeping” motion, pull the stringy polish over your nails
This is the desired effect:

This is my result:

My bottom coat is the Essence 115 Redvolution and the top sugar spun coat is Essence 186 I <3 My Blue Jeans. I topped it with the Essence gel look top coat. 
I am not thrilled with how it came out, but for a first try, Im feeling alriiiiight about it. 
Keen to try it again though! 

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