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Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Alice in Wonderland

As these things go, my life has been super duper crazy.
Besides for the normal every day life/wife/mom things, and the 9 to 5, I’ve also been extremely busy writing for the various publications that I am committed to.
With that said, my last post was a nails post and today’s post is a nails post.
Ta daaaa!
You’re welcome :)

Todays nail post is this weeks edition of the storybook themed DIY challenge thingie. If you recall we’ve done Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Cinderella thus far.  I’m quite liking this challenge because it’s really making me step out of my comfort zone.

This weeks theme is Alice in Wonderland.
And these are the pics that have inspired me:

The Queen of Hearts (Photo: Disney)
The checkered floor (Photo: Bridal Guide)
Spiraling down the rabbit hole (Photo: Deviant Art)

Amongst other things.
Anyways, so this is what I came up with:

I used my Catrice base coat.
The colors I used was the lovely pinky Essence Nude Glam 01 Cotton Candy and the very daring Essence 113 Do you speak love.

The nail art you’re seeing are all stickers, made on freezer baggies.
Man, this is the easiest thing I’ve ever done in my life. (Exaggeration much?)
I’ll take some pics and post a tut soon.

Finished it off with my Catrice gel top coat – which, by the way, makes my manis last super duper longer than long!
(No exaggeration here).

I think my nails came out pretty darn cool!
Albeit was a bit busy for my corporate 9 to 5.
But still… pretty darn cool, if I do say so myself.
And I will.
So I have!

See the hands of my little bebe

This is what the other ladies came up with. I wish I could crawl inside their heads and live there for like, a week. Or so.

Ruth Abercrombie
Just Ella Bella
Suddenly a Mom

Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Cinderalla nails {And first attempt at nail art sticker}

Nee hoor, hierdie meisies is kwaai!
“What on earth are you talking about?!” I hear you say.
Well I just popped over to the other 3 bloggerable ladies who are doing the storybook challenge with me and I am so super impressed with what they came up with for this weeks challenge: Cinderella.

In case you didnt know, we are doing a challenge where we choose a childrens storybook every week to centre our DIY and Crafts around it. Last week we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

For this weeks challenge I knew I wanted to do something with a shoe. Right?
I mean, Cinderalla = Shoes. Duh.
Everyone knows that shoes play a big role in the life of Cindy, as they should.

I saw this as a fantastic opportunity to use the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles again. I had used it on a previous challenge earlier this week and I liked it so much that I soma used the same color scheme and errthang for Cindererlla. Whaaat? I’m a mom of a teeny tiny little diva… bail me.

So for this mani I started off with my Catrice base coat to protect my nails and then applied 2 coats of Essence The Gel 37 Serendipity which is a pretty grey color. I then applied 1 coat of Essence 104 Sweet as candy.

Once this was dry I applied the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles, making sure I got 2 heart decals on my ring finger. You’ll spot the same polish on my pinky, pointy and thumb, only applied to the top of my nail to give it a gradient finish. It looks nice, ne?

See my purple shoe? :) I am so proud of it! I made a nail polish sticker for the very first time and I am so chuffed at how it came out.
It’s so easy!
I printed a drawing of the shoe I wanted to trace, on a page in the exact size I needed it to be.
Then I put a piece of clear plastic over the drawing, making sure it was held together firmly in place.
I then proceeded to paint a few coats of Essence The Gel 06 Space Queen on the plastic, over the drawing, to create a thick film. Once that dried (it took a while), I used a thin nail art brush and a nice purple polish, from Woolworths Paint called Fashion Passion, to trace out the shoe drawing onto the plastic (over the Space Queen canvas).

I let it all dry and began to peel the sticker from the plastic and literally stuck it onto my nail.
Easy peasy!

I topped all my nails with Catrice gel top coat and taaa daaaaaaaaaa!
Instant Cinderallable nails. Oh yeah!

Now to find a glass slipper.

Here’s what the others did:

Just Ella Bella

Suddenly a Mom

Ruth Abercrombie

And then I bought a string of Baltic Amber Beads…

So, today, I went out and purchased a string of baltic amber beads for my Curlysue.
She’s going through her teething season and I feel SO sorry for her :(
Besides for the fact that the pearlys are right beneath the surface of the gum and they refuse to budge an inch further, she has also been drooling a lot, which causes an eina looking rash on her neck.
She is so uncomfortable. And needless to say, sleep has eluded us for many a night now.
Not a good look on me.

And then I heard about the amazing amber beads. They are apparently made out of (duh) amber and it is said that this amber stone can help to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds. Many swear that they are perfect soothers for babies who are teething as well.

I’m not sure about the healing properties of this here necklace and my hubby says that it’s “voodoo” but after reading up on it, I am willing to spend R195 and give it a go!

Being all spreadsheet brain’ed (and stuff) I Googled as much as I could and found this article, found over at Belly Belly , especially interesting. It says: In addition to assisting with reducing pain, drooling (for which amber is said to work by stimulating the thyroid glands) and irritability that is often associated with teething, Baltic amber is believed to help relieve eczema, speed up wound healing and stave off ear and throat inflammation, amongst other ailments.”

Sounds worth a try, right?
The nice lady at the shop I bought it from said to give it 4 – 5 days before it will take effect.
So let’s see what happens.

I will be checking if the beads assist as a relief from:
– Constant drooling
– Rash on face
– Pain and uncomfortable behaviour

I will report back in a weeks time to let you know whether this thing is worth the price of a pack of diapers!

OMD3 Nail Challenge: Love

Contemplating on 2 different nail challenge designs this past week was nogals easy, surprisingly. I think I owe the inspiration to my newest polish and my very first Sinful Colors buy called “Love Sprinkles” which has really pretty hearts and pink decals in it! I doubted whether I should get it at first and then I was like, ahh what the heck and then I used it and now I am smitten! It went on easily and I was able to play around with the position of the heart decals without fuss.


I loved the colors I chose to use in another blog challenge that I am doing with a couple of other mommy bloggers, which is the pretty Essence gel look 37 Serendipity as well as the Essence 104 Sweet as candy. So I used the same colors for the Oh Mon Dieu prompt number 18, “Love”. This worked in nicely with my new Sinful Colors buy :) All planned, you see? #spreadsheetbraining

More about the Oh Mon Dieu challenge: The challenge will run for the month of July and they include cool prizes! You can do any of the prompts on any day, provided you link it to the one of the affiliated sites and enter the rafflecopter. I link mine to the Crafty Nail blog.

Right. Now time to talk about the mani.
I used my Catrice base coat to protect my nails and then applied 2 coats of the Serendipity which is a rather lovely grey color. I then applied 1 coat of Sweet as candy. Once this was dry I applied the Sinful Colors Love Sprinkles, making sure I got a heart decal on 2 accent nails. You’ll spot some “love sprinkles” on the top half of the rest of my fingers as well, for a semi-gradient thingie.

Topped it all off with Catrice gel top coat and finished!
I love the way it looks :)

Guilt free baby lovin’

guilt free

In a perfect world I’d be a stay at home mom. I would also be a size 6, freckle free and have a rich husband. But this is not a perfect world. So here I am, in all my size 10 glory, a 9 to 5 working mom with a 9 to 5 working husband. Life’s pretty decent and I get that I am at my place of employment for a season and a reason, but I must admit that it sucks a lot when I have to leave my baby with a babysitter every morning, and only get to see her again when it’s dark outside. I guess I have a severe case of what I’ve dubbed ‘guilt free baby lovin’.

I felt this even more so yesterday, when I had a particularly hectic Saturday and only picked baby up at 4pm. We then went to visit friends, where an aunty took baby for a bit to say hi and for some play time. A couple of minutes later, I spot aunty and baby, and I see my baby’s head is down on auntys shoulder, as if she is tired. But she cant be tired. She’s just had a nap. I then realized that my poor baby probably thought that I had left again and had resigned to just laying there, on auntys shoulder, until I came back. KariOh my heart broke at the sight! I immediately went to get her from the kind aunty and when baby saw me, she was instantly full of joy and energy, so excited that mommy isn’t gone after all!

I know that millions of moms all around the world have 9 to 5 jobs as well and their babys have grown up to be mentally sane and emotionally balanced and all of that. But this doesn’t make it easier for me to be away from mine. With my first born I was ever thankful when someone took him off my hands, allowing me some free time to do whatever I needed to. But with this little one it’s so hard for me to be away from her. I prefer staying at home with her, rather than going out. I’ve said no to many an invitation and have even declined hubstophers request for a weekend (or even a night) away from the kids. I’m not ready yet. Fortunately my husband is understanding and he is okay with this. And I’ve decided to be okay with it too.

I have had people tell me not to “spoil” her by holding, kissing her playing with her too much. Uhm. No thank you lady, I’d prefer holding and kissing and playing with my kid. Her dad is crazy about her and she semi freaks out (good freak out) when she sees him. She gives him the best shrieks and belly laughs when he does silly antics for her. I will never ever deny her that. I don’t think it is “spoiling” her. I think that it is giving her a sense of belonging and security. Her parents love her and we want to always make her feel that she is loved.

And you know what, she will only be a baby for so long and I plan to enjoy every single second that I have to spare, with her. I am okay with lavishing my love and attention on our little girl and I am okay with being selfish with my time. Our older kids have each other and yes, they also get the attention that they need, but obviously, since she is 9 and 12 years their junior, she requires a bit more. We all understand this. It makes sense in our world.

And hey, maybe one day Ill attend that party or go away for a weekend. Maybe one day I won’t rush home from work, just so that I can see her. One day. But not right now. No guilt here. No shame here. No unresolved issues here. Just pure guilt free baby lovin and I’m going to savor it for as long as I can.

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