Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Alice in Wonderland

As these things go, my life has been super duper crazy.Besides for the normal every day life/wife/mom things, and the 9 to 5, I’ve also been extremely busy writing for the various publications that I am committed to.With that said,… Continue Reading

Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Cinderalla nails {And first attempt at nail art sticker}

Nee hoor, hierdie meisies is kwaai!“What on earth are you talking about?!” I hear you say.Well I just popped over to the other 3 bloggerable ladies who are doing the storybook challenge with me and I am so super impressed… Continue Reading

And then I bought a string of Baltic Amber Beads…

So, today, I went out and purchased a string of baltic amber beads for my Curlysue. She’s going through her teething season and I feel SO sorry for her šŸ™ Besides for the fact that the pearlys are right beneath… Continue Reading

OMD3 Nail Challenge: Love

Contemplating on 2 different nail challenge designs this past week was nogals easy, surprisingly. I think I owe the inspiration to my newest polish and my very first Sinful Colors buy called “Love Sprinkles” which has really pretty hearts and… Continue Reading

Guilt free baby lovin’

In a perfect world I’d be a stay at home mom. I would also be a size 6, freckle free and have a rich husband. But this is not a perfect world. So here I am, in all my size… Continue Reading

Storybook Themed DIY Challenge: Charlie&The Chocolate Factory nails

A bunch of fabulous blogging moms decided to do a blog challenge where we’d take on a kiddies story book every week and use the theme to come up with a DIY, which we would link up to each others… Continue Reading

DIY storage space ideas

If you live in a matchbox, like I do, I’m sure you’re always looking for ways to maximise your space. I’m learning the hard way that life with boys can definitely leave your home feeling cluttered. Can you imagine the… Continue Reading

Music Monday: Worship Central – Set Apart

Photo: Worship Central I loved reviewing London based Christian movement, Worship Centralsā€™ third live album, Set Apart. The album, which was recorded in 2014 at Hillsongā€™s Warehouse Project in London features worship leaders Tim Hughes, Ben Cantelon, Luke and Anna Hellebronth… Continue Reading

OMD3 Nail Challenge: Black & Gold

As we near the middle of the Oh Mon Dieu nail art challenge I realize that I am so far behind. But I so hate removing a perfectly good mani every day, unless I’m thoroughly inspired. I did a Charlie and… Continue Reading

Feature Friday: Alethea Ross

On Feature Friday I feature people, products or just random things that I think are pretty cool. My aim is to leave you a little bit more enlightened and inspired! And hey, I’m open to new things, so please hollar at me, if you… Continue Reading