OMD3 Nail Challenge: Polka Dot

So the Pretty Polished South Africa nail challenge ended last week, much to my hearts dismay. 
I sat at home wondering what would become of my life (and my nails). 
Was I doomed for one color nails for the rest of my life? 
Would I walk around with, gasp, no polish on my nails, at all? 
One of the kind ladies over at PPSA explained that this challenge is for the month of July. 
Each day has a prompt but you don’t need to submit your entry on that particular day. (Score). 
And for each prompt you complete, you receive 1 entry into a fabulous competition where you can win an amazing nail hamper. (Double score).
We can enter at any of the affiliated websites (listed below). I entered via Crafty Nail

So I decided to try out the polka dot challenge today because I really loved how it came out when I did it for the PPSA challenge last month.

My top and base coats are Catrice.
I basically did 3 coats of Essence Nude Glam 01 Cotton Candy – which is a really sweet light pink paint.
I used my Essence Gel 44 On Air – a funky gold glitter paint – to make my dots.
I also used it on my accent nail, which I decorated with a little bow sticker.
Aint it darling, Darlin?

I love this look!


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