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How to control your “Control Freak”ness

Photo: Absolute Misdemeanor

As a self professed control freak, I am learning a couple of hard lessons about when to loosen the harness of my tightly roped life. I really do thrive when things are predictable and well planned but that has become detrimental to a few really important relationships in my life.

For starters, life with a teenager is far from predictable.
I don’t get my son. I just don’t get him!
I tell him so too.
We are the total opposites. He doesn’t even wear matching socks sometimes!

Photo: From The Left Field

We have a totally crazy morning routine of me waking him up for 20 minutes and then me rushing him to get done for 20 minutes. It just does not work because we leave home LATE anyways! I’ve just decided to let him take his time, which resulted in him getting to school late a couple of days in a row, which meant he gets Friday detention. And you would think that that would shake him, but no, he still does everything PAINFULLY slow in the morning.
I’m talking, literally taking 10 minutes to put on his shirt. LITERALLY.
I’ve watched him do it!
We’ve had “bad mornings” for the past few months now and it really gets to you, to have to start your whole day off in a yelling match. (I yell. He ignores.)

Photo: Pinterest

But then I started realizing how this is affecting us.
It makes us all feel negative and just creates a bad atmosphere in our home. It also made me realize that I cant control that boy and reminded me (yet again) that I can only control MYSELF… as is the case with almost everything else in my life. So no matter how many minutes my spreadsheet has allocated to me brushing my teeth, chances are, he will take an extra 10 minutes on it.
But hey that’s who I am, and that’s who he is and we are not the same person!

Our children grow up so fast and we are the greatest influencers in their lives.
I’d really like to try to be less “AACK YOU’RE MESSING UP MY PLANS’ and more well, nicer, I guess. Anyone else feel this way?

For starters, I am waking him up a bit earlier every morning now, which means I sacrifice my sleep but he gets more time to prepare. And then I found that since I am way nicer in the mornings now, he responds differently to me.
(When I DON’T yell, then he actually hears me. Figures.)

The truth is that when I try to plan, replan and over plan, I tend to be SO self focused that I forget to value the relationship at hand.
My relationships are more important than my plans.
Woah, that was a big one.

Hope I made you think 🙂

My love-hate relationship with Nail Cavi (and how not to stain your nails bright blue)

Okay, let me be honest…
I’m not here to be the perfect blogger, who has all the answers, and takes the nicest pics and says the right things that would capture an audience stream of hundreds with each post. (Mo powa to ya if you are!)

With that said, allow me to explain to you what an epic fail I did the other day when I did a mani with the bright blue Sinful Colors 950 Savage WITHOUT using a base coat.
Man, when I tried to take that baby off my nails, it was EVERYWHERE.
My fingers were stained. My nails were stained. In fact my ring finger nails are STILL stained.

I wanted to remove the mani so that I can try out my fabulous pink caviar sent to me by The Polish Diaries but my nails are STILLLLLLLLL blue.
Lesson learnt.

I had to then apply laborious amounts of LA Girl Euphoria (GNL104)… which, by the way, is so sheer that it makes my nails blush. (get it? get it?)
Thankfully the caviar nicely covered the stained nails and went on really easily.
But, I am sad to admit, I don’t think nail cavi is for me, because they came off not long after.
I’m too crazy for nail cavi.
Well, that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

I love nail cavi. Nail cavi does not love me. 

Me and my blue stained fingers!

Anyways, so I will be attempting to remove the blue stains and try something else.
But for now. This is it.

Perhaps in another lifetime – or maybe on another day – I’ll Google some tips on how to correctly apply this phenomenon called nail caviar. But today, I retreat in defeat.

But be a doll and go and check out The Polish Diaries… They have some amazing products at totally cool prices.

With love,
Your favorite totally fabulous, but also ridiculously amateur nail art blogging friend who is fortunately not doing this for points…

An “AACK” for my The Polish Diaries plates

I am so excited to share my nails post today, because it features my new stamping plates from the wonderful Elza over at The Polish Diaries. She sent me a special parcel the other that made me aack my little heart out! 🙂 The parcel contained 3 totally cool plates, a stamper and scraper and a pot of hot pink nail caviar. I most def approve of the plates she picked out for me. M60 featuring a retro polka dot and plaid designs, M65 with lovely monochromey images and M69 – love the flowers!

They came covered with a protective pink sticker, which I cleverly removed and placed on the back of each plate so they don’t scrape against each other, when I store them. I know, I’m brilliant.

My nail post today features some images from M60, using my only bottle of Sinful Colors – yes, the same bottle I mentioned in my previous (horrendously amateur) stamping post. It’s the lovely 950 Savage – a pretty blue color that reminds me of Summer days.

I must be honest, I am a naughty girl, and did not put on a base coat. But hey, it was 11pm and I couldn’t find it due to husband and baby girl taking over my space (bless their hearts). My next nail post will bare witness to the repercussions thereof.

Anyways, so I applied 2 coats of the Sinful Colors and waited for it to dry. Then I used my faaaaav Essence The Suede 196 I <3 My Blue Jeans to stamp the pretty images onto my nails.

Since this is only the 2nd time I’ve tried stamping (ever, in my life, in all history of all time, evaaa) I think that it came out nogals okay. Not perfect… but let’s call this one semi-perfect.
Hey, don’t judge me! We can’t have it all, Thelma!

I thought I was being super clever and added a touch of glitter to my ring fingers… but you can’t really see it. So just imagine it’s there 🙂

All in all, I enjoy having a shocking bright color on all my nails, which is weird for me, since I like things to make sense and it just doesn’t make sense in my spreadsheet brain to have nails that look like you’re going to a disco, when all you’re doing is cleaning your babies bottom and then going to your office job. Normally I go a tad bit more conservative but nah, this color needs to be bragged about.

Check out The Polish Diaries ya’ll. Totally legit with awesome prices that don’t make you feel like you’re stealing food out of your children’s mouths whenever you place an order.
They are on Facebook and have an online store too.

Don’t forget to enter the totally sweeeeeeeeeeet Oh!Boy giveaway!
It’s rad, Brad!

How to survive being married to a musician

being married to a musician

Our wedding day (Photo: Donna vd Watt Photography)

Being married to a musician has its perks. Strange perks (like when he decides to “beat box” to you ranting about something) but perks, none the less. Are you dating a muso? Well then, girlfriend, this advice is for you!

How to survive being married to a musician
1. Learn to not look up when he refers to “Pooky” because it’s probably his guitar. Understand that he names his instrument. It will probably be an even mushier term of endearment than he has for you.

2. Expect him to spend a fair sum of money on things like strings, pads and sticks. (Clip note: They are not what you think they are.)

3. Never ever refer to a singer as a “musician”. You are only deserving of the title “musician” when you play an instrument.

4. Do not break into hysterics when you find him making this facial expressions while listening to music:

No, he is not having a mild heart attack. This just means that he likes and admires what he is listening to. (It also means that he probably did not hear you shriek loudly in panic anyways.)

5. Get use to listening to music on it’s highest volume. Or be okay with him wearing headphones all the time. Because there is no other way to really listen to music.

6. “Sound Check” – Definition: You will be at the event hours before anyone else is. 

7. When the lights go on and everyone goes home after an event, keep calm while you watch him potter around on stage. Be prepared to hang around as he “jams” with the band… yes, the same band he just “jammed” with for the past hour.

8. Learn how to speak “muso”:
Quick lesson:
A “sick” bassline means that it’s good.
When someone is a “beast”, they are quite skilled with their instrument.

And remember:
“Shedding” does not refer to hair loss.
“Breaks” does not mean someone broke something on stage.
“Double time” and “Half time” has nothing to do with sport.

These views and opinions are solely based on my experiences. Reference: 


Mommy Review: Oh! Boy {GIVEAWAY}

My Curlysue and I were totally excited when we received a parcel from Oh! Boy kids accessories a couple of weeks ago. Elle from JustEllaBella is a fab WAHM who started this online store after facing the conundrum of not finding cool stuff for her very cool kid, Aidan, to wear. She dreams up, designs and creates every single product by hand and thrives on being as quirky and original as possible – I mean, how cool is it to visit a store and know that you won’t see 50 other kids walking around wearing the exact same thing as yours?

From scarves to potty training friendly velcro belts to peak beanies for tiny heads – this lady thinks of it all.

The latest edition to the store are her busy bags, which she describes as “take-a-long toys to keep kiddies busy.” These bags contain “quiet” games and things for your toddler to do when you need to keep them entertained in instances that need for a quiet child 🙂 I love that she’s included an educational aspect to each bag – so they learn as they play and you get some adult time. Score.

Our package from Oh!Boy contained a really cute sensory dino and a hand painted bandanna bib.

I thought the dino to be pretty darn cool because of the pink taglets attached to the side. My little one loves using her pincher’s to poke and pull at anything and everything she sets her eyes on. Needless to say, she loved the silky taglets and yep, she tried to pull them off. Operation: Destroy the Dino.

Fortunately, these handmade dinos are stitched together beautifully and are durable – much to the dismay of Curly.
The dinos contain dried lentils which are awesome if you’re looking for a fun sensory toy.
They also double as a cold or hot compress and I’ve found that they retain heat/coldness really well (you can stick them in the fridge or pop them in the microwave)

Of course, Curly chose to taste them as well (everything goes to the mouth) so yes, if you’re looking for a teether, this would work too.

What I love the most about Oh!Boys range of bibs is that they are so original and really not “bib looking”, if you know what I mean. Let’s be honest moms, bibs can make or break an outfit 🙂
See pic for the degree of cuteness:

I am so chuffed to announce that Oh! Boy will be giving away an amazing prize consisting of a sensory dino and a ultra funky kiddie lounge pants and a matching bib.

Follow the rafflecopter prompts to enter!

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