How to control your “Control Freak”ness

Photo: Absolute Misdemeanor As a self professed control freak, I am learning a couple of hard lessons about when to loosen the harness of my tightly roped life. I really do thrive when things are predictable and well planned but… Continue Reading

My love-hate relationship with Nail Cavi (and how not to stain your nails bright blue)

Okay, let me be honest…I’m not here to be the perfect blogger, who has all the answers, and takes the nicest pics and says the right things that would capture an audience stream of hundreds with each post. (Mo powa… Continue Reading

An “AACK” for my The Polish Diaries plates

I am so excited to share my nails post today, because it features my new stamping plates from the wonderful Elza over at The Polish Diaries. She sent me a special parcel the other that made me aack my little… Continue Reading

How to survive being married to a musician

Being married to a musician has its perks. Strange perks (like when he decides to “beat box” to you ranting about something) but perks, none the less. Are you dating a muso? Well then, girlfriend, this advice is for you!… Continue Reading

Mommy Review: Oh! Boy {GIVEAWAY}

My Curlysue and I were totally excited when we received a parcel from Oh! Boy kids accessories a couple of weeks ago. Elle from JustEllaBella is a fab WAHM who started this online store after facing the conundrum of not… Continue Reading

Do amber teething necklaces work with voodoo?

I often find myself in mommy chat circles, debating whether or not the amber teething necklace actually works. Some moms claim that if you see results, it’s probably the placebo effect (i.e. your mind is playing tricks on you, crazy… Continue Reading

Marriage and Melodies: Our feature in JStar Blomag

The nice lady (Mvokazi Mjayezi-Ncede) from JStar Blomag emailed me a few weeks ago asking if they could please feature Chris and I in the August edition. We obviaaasly had to say yes! What an honor!  We got to share… Continue Reading

“Inspired by Women” nail art competition: My Women’s Day Nails

August is a very special month for us South Africans.We celebrate and remember the importance of being WOMAN, which I think is so valuable in a time when being a girl has turned into being “boobs and bums” (sorry for… Continue Reading

Storybook Themed Challenge: Peter Pan

Photo: Tumblr Today sees the end of our storybook theme challenge. Boohoo!If you remember we did Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland. Todays prompt was selected by yours truly, purely because it has always been a… Continue Reading

OMD3 Nail Challenge: Stars {Featuring my Born Pretty stamping plate}

I realize that I have been extremely lax with the Oh Mon Dieu challenge (which ends tomorrow), so I thought oh what they hey, lets get one more entry in there! Today I am doing prompt 22, which is in… Continue Reading