Today’s nails are the final prompt of the Nail Link Up SA challenge. This weeks theme is aptly named New Years Eve and I was going to go with glitterati galore but I thought “nah”. Literally. That’s all I thought.… Continue Reading

How to make your own nail art stickers! [The DIY Tut that almost never was]

Going through my old Blackberry photo folder (ag shame) I found a bunch of pics that I took while attempting to make a nail art sticker using a baggy and nail polish. I remember not using the pics (or ever… Continue Reading

2015: My year in review

 This year has had a lot of ups and downs (so, it’s been pretty normal then) with the most significant happenings being the loss of my grandpa, my return back to work after beautiful maternity leave and my hubby’s return… Continue Reading

Curly Update: Defeating the odds and growing like a Boeing!

So yesterday my Christmas wish came true and our Curly Girly took her very first steps! We literally laughed and cried (and shrieked… okay, it was me. I shrieked.) all at the same time! Curly was so excited she kept… Continue Reading

NAILLINKUP SA – Oh Christmas Tree

This weeks nail link up posts are centered around the theme Oh Christmas Tree. For my main color I had to try out this festive red Sinful Colors polish, called Sugar Sugar. So pretty! So Christmassy! I painted all my… Continue Reading

How to get rid of that “I ate too much” feeling

Let’s be honest, when it comes to December, the last thing you’re thinking isĀ “Ooh I really can’t wait to stick to my diet!” In fact, most days I feel like I ate too much. And it’s a crying shame! I… Continue Reading

Our Wedding Anniversary: The night out that never happened

Last Wednesday, December 16th (or National Wedding Day as JustEllaBella calls it) happened to be OUR wedding anniversary too. It’s only our second one, but it feels like we’ve been married for YEARS. I think that this is partially due… Continue Reading

NAILLINKUP SA – Let it sparkle

I’ve been going through a bit of a blogging slump in that I’m tired and lazy and I don’t feel like blogging about it. I think the fact that I am working right through December plays a big role in… Continue Reading

Gift ideas: What to put under the tree this Christmas {featuring Ruth Abercrombie}

I love Christmas! But I don’t love “uhmming” and “ahhhing” about what to get my family and friends for Christmas. So I’ve called in the experts! As a build up to the most wonderful time of the year, a few… Continue Reading

NAILLINKUP SA – Wrap all the presents

If you have kids and a husband and you’ve been getting into the Christmas swing of things AND managed to find the time to blog then I salute you. While giving you a side eye. How do you do it?!… Continue Reading