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No carb breakfast muffins!

So I’m not exactly the world’s greatest cook. The inside joke in my family, when we have bring and share, is: “Bet ya, Luchae is making pasta again.” I’m that girl. With that said, I’m always looking for easy recipes (preferably one that makes me look like a master chef) or food hacks that make for quick and delish meals and snacks. My most recent discovery (yes, I know, it’s like I’ve been living on the moon for the past few years) is this super-duper easy peasy no carb breakfast muffins. Did I mention that there are no carbs in it? Yes sir! Carb free! (more…)

Glitter accent nails – Easy Peasy with Essence!


Ever feel like: “I should probably do my nails today because they are starting to resemble that of someone who lives on a mountain, oh wait I don’t have the time, who am I kidding”? Well sister, you’ve come to the right place! I felt that way just the other day and decided to pull out my good ol faithful Essence The Gel polishes to give my nails a new zest for life. Glitter accent nails were a must! (more…)

The highschool blues – When mom needs to grow up!


Well, it’s week 2 (or is it 3?) post ‘back to school’ and it has been rather weird for me. I think I’m sitting with a mild case of highschool blues. Kyle started grade 9 this year (I am told this means he is in Standard 7. Moms born before the 90’s hollar). So this means that he feels like quite the veteran high schooler at the moment. (more…)

New space, same ramblings


My eyebrows. I know.

Hello there 🙂 How are you? I’m fine, thank you for metaphorically asking. Well, as you can see, things have changed a bit around here. It’s a new space! I’ve taken the plunge and decided that it was time to move from Blogger to WordPress. Why, I hear you ask… Well, there are 101 reasons why WordPress is more blog-smart than Blogger is. For motivation you can check out very informative articles over here and here. (more…)

So there’s a biter in my toddlers class

Curly’s teacher calls me aside yesterday afternoon and I’m thinking “uh oh, what did I do.” I know, right? It turns out there’s a biter in Curly’s class. The biter got into my kid TWICE, on the arm, 2 days in a row. (more…)

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