No carb breakfast muffins!

So I’m not exactly the world’s greatest cook. The inside joke in my family, when we have bring and share, is: “Bet ya, Luchae is making pasta again.” I’m that girl. With that said, I’m always looking for easy recipes… Continue Reading

Glitter accent nails – Easy Peasy with Essence!

Ever feel like: “I should probably do my nails today because they are starting to resemble that of someone who lives on a mountain, oh wait I don’t have the time, who am I kidding”? Well sister, you’ve come to… Continue Reading

The highschool blues – When mom needs to grow up!

Well, it’s week 2 (or is it 3?) post ‘back to school’ and it has been rather weird for me. I think I’m sitting with a mild case of highschool blues. Kyle started grade 9 this year (I am told this means… Continue Reading

New space, same ramblings

Hello there 🙂 How are you? I’m fine, thank you for metaphorically asking. Well, as you can see, things have changed a bit around here. It’s a new space! I’ve taken the plunge and decided that it was time to… Continue Reading

So there’s a biter in my toddlers class

Curly’s teacher calls me aside yesterday afternoon and I’m thinking “uh oh, what did I do.” I know, right? It turns out there’s a biter in Curly’s class. The biter got into my kid TWICE, on the arm, 2 days in… Continue Reading

Planning a weekend away without your toddler

Hubstopher and I are prepping for a weekend away in a few weeks time. His best friend is getting married out of town and hubby will be best man, so this wedding is a big deal to him. It’s also… Continue Reading

What’s in your mouth

Photo: I’ve been so aware of negative words for the past few months, that I found myself gravitating away from sources who only spewed negative talk. It made me ask myself: “What’s in your mouth?” Actually, I think this… Continue Reading

The first day of school. Everyday.

  My curly’s first day of school came and went and oh look, I feel like I’m still living it over and over and over. But that’s because it’s been a week and there are still tears every morning. I… Continue Reading

Tea time with my toddler is a Koppie Boeretroos! {Review}

Last week was back to reality for many of us but thanks to Elizna from Koppie Boeretroos the feeling of meh was greatly decreased when I received a bee-oo-ti-ful package in the mail!

Nail art stencils – An easy way to look as if you’re very clever {NailLinkUp}

How random is my post title? Well that’s how I feel this morning. Random. But anyways, I’m here to talk about nails. Actually, nail art stencils, to be more specific.