#ECBloggerMeetUp is coming to town!

EC Bloggers, Assemble! It’s happening. It’s finally happening. In May 2016 all the wonderful, blogging creatives who are stationed in and around the Eastern Cape will come together, at 1 venue, to connect, share and learn at our very first ECBloggerMeetUp!

10 perks of having kids at a young age

As I’ve shared before, I’m a teen pregnancy statistic. I gave birth to my boy when I was 19 years old and with it came the sudden progression from young girl to young mother. In fact, I still consider myself… Continue Reading

This week in microfashion: Schnooky Pie! {Review}

This past weekend my Curly and I had some fun with the camera… dang, it sure feels good to have another girl in the house! Curly had to review the new Schnooky Pie Summer collection – really trendy babygrows with… Continue Reading

5 tricks for curly chicks

If you frequent these here parts, you’ll know that I refer to my 16 month old daughter as “Curly” or “Curly Girly”. Well, that’s because the kid has a mop of hair that literally has a life of it’s own.… Continue Reading

My week in pics: micro fashion, bridesmaid dresses and nail art

This week feels like someone literally took a drive down to a garbage dump, chose a few items, wrapped it up and wrote “Luchae’s week” on it. But then I check out my week in pics and realize that I am… Continue Reading

Mom vs Dad: Who works harder?

Mom vs Dad: Who works harder? Okay, so, I know that it’s a pretty general question. I’m sure that there are a bunch of different responses that can come from it, since each person’s situation is unique. And the truth… Continue Reading

Marriage, weddings and saying yes to the dress

As I’ve mentioned before, a bunch of our friends (who happened to be part of our bridal party when we got married) have said yes to the dress and are also getting married now! I’d like to think that it… Continue Reading

Love on my nails!

What do you get when you pair up a sleeping toddler, an early evening and new episodes of The Voice? Well where I’m from it spells: Time to put some love on my nails! Since my Curly was sleeping and I… Continue Reading

School your kids with Top Dog! {Review}

Homework, in our little corner of the world, is a tedious matter. For starters, Kyle (Grade 9) is a teenager and apparently, teenagers aren’t that much into homework or school. Seth (Grade 4), who had always been doing brilliantly when… Continue Reading

When husband says no to the dress

I recently went dress shopping and spotted a bunch of seriously cute (and seriously short) dresses. (Who are they making these things for? The smurfs?!) There were a few decent picks but, when I tried them on, I knew that… Continue Reading