Is my Tommee Tippee sippy cup safe?

When it comes to social media, it takes me a while to believe the hype about some things. Like, for instance, did they really find a mermaid off the coast of Spain? Like, for real? And these baltic amber beads… Continue Reading

Video: That tomb is still empty!

It’s Easter Monday and guess what, That tomb is still empty! Today I don’t have the words, so I thought I would share a Youtube video posted by adoptive father, Joel Mullen. This family has really touched my heart and… Continue Reading

Life changes when you hit 30

So if you’re new around these parts you would not know that it was my birthday last week. I spoke about it alot, alot, alot. But, funny enough, I didn’t do the same ol’ big celebration thing (as I normally… Continue Reading

Creative journaling with the Inspire Bible {Review}

I love Easter time. I love that we get to celebrate the life of Jesus and how this period acknowledges his life and death to be real and not some fictitious story, made up and put into a book. There are so… Continue Reading

#ecmeetup topics: the importance of social media

So as the 14th of May draws closer (yes, I am aware that it’s still March) Elle and I excitedly prep for our very first (and soon to be annual) Eastern Cape bloggers get together. The #ecmeetup has all kinds… Continue Reading

I shouldn’t be alive: I could have been aborted {Birthday Celebrations}

Go shorty! It’s my birthday! Well not today, tomorrow. And I’m not short. But that’s not the point here. As you can tell, I’ve been living in a glass cage of emotion the past few days. As the 18th of March… Continue Reading

I shouldn’t be alive: How I almost partied my life away {Birthday Celebrations}

So it’s my birthday in a couple of days time and I’m just chilling here like “whaaaaat”. Literally. I’m asking myself “What? It’s my birthday? Again?” I feel like I turned 30 just the other day. Life is but a… Continue Reading

#ecmeetup guest speaker: Megan Kelly Botha

On the 14th of May a bunch of us bloggers, from the Eastern Cape, are getting together to do blog stuff. You know, talk about blogging, learn about blogging, meet other bloggers and then, eventually, blog about it all. We… Continue Reading

How to take good photos of your toddler

I’m one of those moms who are always camera ready because dammit, my children are gosh darn cute! I love documenting all the weird and wonderful stuff they get up to and literally have tons and tons of photo folders… Continue Reading

I shouldn’t be alive: The day I fell out of a moving vehicle {Birthday Celebrations}

So it’s my birthday in a few days time and instead of planning birthday celebrations, I find myself catching a whole bunch of feelings. How like a birthday to bring along all those uninvited friends with it?! Bah! You can’t… Continue Reading