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So, I saw Mariah Carey…

Mariah CareyIn case you didn’t know, I am an avid music lover. I sing. I write songs. I write songs about singing. I’m really into it. I serve on my church’s worship team and assist with directing the choir – needless to say music plays a big role in our lives. Why the run down on my vocal prowess (self affirmed) and love for song, you wonder. Well, I needed to explain all of that to you so that you could understand my deep appreciation for good vocals. You know how some people are coffee snobs or car enthusiasts? Well, that’s me, about good singing. Or rather, good sAnging. So I was especially excited when I discovered that the vocal dynamo herself, my favorite singer in the history of song, Mariah Carey, was to grace SA shores in 2016! (more…)

Your life sucks! Nooot…

Your life sucks! Nooot...

It’s been a tough, crazy, past few weeks and I’m just over here, trying to make my brain work, like “Hello? Is this thing on?” I’m dealing with a bunch of reoccuring “Your life sucks!” kind of thoughts. But the funny thing about life is that when you think you have a lot to complain about, you are probably, most likely, overreacting. Okay, it’s not that funny. But it’s a pretty sobering thought. Your worst day is not that bad compared to the fact that, oh look, you’re actually ALIVE. (more…)

How my ToyToggle conquered a throwing toddler {Review}

ToyToggle So this child of mine has decided that she likes to throw stuff. I’m serious. Bottles, books, toys, bowls, shoes, my cellphone, nothing is spared. Toddler’s find cause-and-effect experimenting especially delightful hence the constant dropping and bouncing of items. But come on, it’s the 21st century, surely there is SOMETHING a modern mom like myself can do to prevent having to dig around under the bed every time her favorite sippy cup goes missing?! Where’s my batman utility belt when I need it?! (more…)

My friend, the car guard

Last week I did a big clothing purge and ended up throwing out a whole bunch of Curly’s small clothes. Yep, it’s official, my kids grow faster than the speed of light. We ended up with 2 bags of toddler clothing that needed a new home. I was so in awe of how blessed we are. We may not live in a fancy house or drive expensive cars, but we have so much more than those who have absolutely nothing. Suddenly discarded clothing took on new life and I realized that I could use it to spread a little bit of hope. (more…)

Nail Art: DIY scribbled nails

Scribbled nailsThis past week was a crazy one. Hubstopher was sick, and you know how it goes when the man of the house does not feel well. We walked around on tippy toes and only spoke in whispers too each other… I mean, we couldn’t allow our foot steps and voices to influence the intensity of his man-flu!  Anyways, things are back to normal (the Lord only gives you what you can handle and all that) and I could finally remove the polish from my nails on Sunday night after staring at the horrible chipped mess that it was, for far too long. I hate when my nails look unkept. Anyways, I spotted really cool nail art on Juanita and Michelles blogs last week and thought I have to try it out! They’ve dubbed it “scribbled nails” and it pretty much means that the design gives the impression of doodling. (more…)

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