So, I saw Mariah Carey…

In case you didn’t know, I am an avid music lover. I sing. I write songs. I write songs about singing. I’m really into it. I serve on my church’s worship team and assist with directing the choir – needless… Continue Reading

Your life sucks! Nooot…

It’s been a tough, crazy, past few weeks and I’m just over here, trying to make my brain work, like “Hello? Is this thing on?” I’m dealing with a bunch of reoccuring “Your life sucks!” kind of thoughts. But the… Continue Reading

How my ToyToggle conquered a throwing toddler {Review}

So this child of mine has decided that she likes to throw stuff. I’m serious. Bottles, books, toys, bowls, shoes, my cellphone, nothing is spared. Toddler’s find cause-and-effect experimenting especially delightful hence the constant dropping and bouncing of items. But come… Continue Reading

My friend, the car guard

Last week I did a big clothing purge and ended up throwing out a whole bunch of Curly’s small clothes. Yep, it’s official, my kids grow faster than the speed of light. We ended up with 2 bags of toddler… Continue Reading

Nail Art: DIY scribbled nails

This past week was a crazy one. Hubstopher was sick, and you know how it goes when the man of the house does not feel well. We walked around on tippy toes and only spoke in whispers too each other…… Continue Reading

Should I “friend” my work colleagues

Social media has added yet another layer of relationship dynamic for us to manage. (Thanks a lot Mark Zuckerburg) The popularity of certain sites has created a portal for just about anyone to “friend”, well, just about anyone else. And… Continue Reading

Hubstopher’s near death experience

Have I told you guys about Hubstopher’s near death experience? No? Gasp! Well, girlfriend, grab a chair, you need to sit down for this one! This story has become our party trick – you know, the story we share at… Continue Reading

Taking back your joy

Sometimes I wonder what God thinks about, up there on His throne (yet still closer to us than our breath) – watching our frivolous activity and weak attempts at “living this life right”. Is he amused at all the unimportant… Continue Reading