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Taking back your joy


Sometimes I wonder what God thinks about, up there on His throne (yet still closer to us than our breath) – watching our frivolous activity and weak attempts at “living this life right”. Is he amused at all the unimportant stuff we deem as “sooo very important right now”? Do we frustrate him when we base our decisions and pursuits on how much money and comfort we will get out of it? Is our need for self-gratification heartbreaking? Our desire to get as much as we can, disappointing? Today I decided to take back my joy. 

I mean, we totally freak ourselves out by striving to “successful” on other peoples terms. How do you rate whether you are living a successful life? Maybe it’s (subconsciously) based on the size of your house or the cleverness and well-adjusted behavior of your children. Maybe it’s calculated on the amounts of charities you support or the size of your group of friends. Perhaps you are working towards a hefty retirement package or that trip overseas or a boob job. Maybe a successful life, to you, means you are finally able to make it through the month without taking out a loan at work.

Whatever your mantra, my question is: Are our pursuits worth pursuing?

Our pursuits are almost always linked to our happiness. I mean, that’s why we gun for certain things anyways. You know how it goes: “if only I could just…… then everything would be so much better!” I don’t know about you, but I think it’s rather depressing to live a life where your happiness is based on one thing or the other. Your happiness – your joy – is so much more valuable than that! Your joy is free of charge, yet holds so much power. Allowing something (of lesser importance) to influence it, is simply unacceptable!

Sometimes we rob ourselves of our joy, because things do not look the way we want it to look. We expect a certain outcome or work towards a specific goal and subconsciously connect our happiness to it. But the truth is that happiness – REAL happiness – is not co-dependent on anything or anyone.

My joy is not for sale. My joy is not dependent. My joy is valuable and it is not easily shaken!

My challenge, to you, this week, is to consider what you are putting all your focus and energy on. Is it worth it? Try to determine whether it is important enough to influence your happiness or steal your joy.

And then… take it back!


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