Come get your pack of new Pampers Premium Care nappies! {Giveaway}

So if you guys recall, Curly and I did a mini-experiment on the newest Pampers Premium Care nappies and made a video to show off our star-like qualities and also how amazing these nappies actually are. Curly has always been… Continue Reading

Curly update: How to shine your light (with a needle in your arm)

It’s Friday and I could not be more happy that this week is coming to an end. Our Curls had to go for blood tests again this week and as you know, blood draw days are MEH! But this girl… Continue Reading

Fried chicken and egg fried rice so easy my teen made it!

In a strange turn of events my game-head teenage son has decided that he wants to be a chef. Mama’s not complaining. I am ecstatic that the kid’s found something to throw his passion and ambition into. The other night… Continue Reading

It’s Monday, here are my favorite jokes and some tickets to a comedy show {Win!}

Monday’s are fun days! Said no sane person, in the history of the world, EVER! Luchae no likey Monday. My spreadsheet brain, however, finds Monday to be the sweeeet metaphorical reset button hidden away in the folds of life. I mean,… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp 2016 Photos

Hello. My name is Luchae and I am tired. Well, besides for the fact that my body still needs to rest after fighting that crazy throat infection; my babe is teething (it’s the back teeth and she is so not… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: Meet the sponsors and win a goodie bag hamper!

Been checking out all the deets on our recent #ECMeetUp and wish you were there (or had hair as cool as Elle‘s)? Well, I’m here to tell you that today might be your lucky day!

#ECMeetUp: It actually happened! (&pics to prove it)

I’d just like to say that the reason why I had a throat infection the past few days might be because I’ve been “AAACKING” all the way from last week until Saturday afternoon. Why? Well, because we had just about the best… Continue Reading

Video: Testing the new Pampers Premium Care nappy

Have you ever played back a recording of yourself and felt like you have absolutely no friends, because none of your current ones told you that when you speak, you sound like someone who is on cheap, recreational drugs? Well… Continue Reading

What will my great grandkids know about me? {Review}

Mother’s Day may be a day for spoils and pampers but I often find myself taking a moment to reflect on the type of mother I am to my kideos and the legacy I am leaving behind for them and… Continue Reading

“Do it for the 20…”

So I wasn’t planning to post anything today because I have a lot going on and between EC Meet Up, Gateway News, my commitment to my church’s Music&Creative Arts department, my actual 9 to 5 and oh ya, I have… Continue Reading