Spreadsheet brain for what?

Oh hello there, it’s me, Luchae. Yep, the actual Luchae of this actual spreadsheet blog. I know I haven’t been around in a while, but I’m back now. Life’s been borderline cray cray. So many changes, big milestones to celebrate, events… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: Hey EC Bloggers, check this out!

EC Bloggers, Ella and I are so excited! We’ve finally secured our guest speakers and venue and can now officially invite you to get your tickets for our next #ECMeetUp! Woohoo! Although this is a “mini meet” (think meet up,… Continue Reading

Help! My child is too nice!

The other day I had an interesting chat with a very concerned parent about the “niceness” of their kid. For privacy sake let’s call the child Susan. Susan is a well spoken pre-teen and according to her parent, she was… Continue Reading

Adult coloring books… for real? {And hey, you could win one!}

Sometimes I don’t want to adult. Do you often feel that way? Adulting is HARDWORK, yo! I guess that’s why the adult coloring book craze has become such a “thing”. I didn’t get it at first. I mean, coloring books… Continue Reading

Ever had to deal with that baby mama drama?

So Kyle’s on holiday in Cape Town and while I miss him a lot (and the tea he makes), I’m always so happy when he gets to spend time with his dad, stepmum and the rest of his ‘other’ family.… Continue Reading

Nubar’s Lekker Nail Lacquer

This week I attempted a mani with a polish brand that I had never tried before: Nubar Nail Lacquer. Nubar is by no means a newbie polish. But my spreadsheet brain and I often opt for the brands that we know and are… Continue Reading

Con.ect geek fest: How to be the coolest parent in the world {Giveaway}

Sometimes I wonder if our kids would trade me in for a cooler version, if they could. I mean, I’m not exactly the coolest parent. Granted, the older ones are boys and they would much rather talk Fifa and Naruto with… Continue Reading