Mani Monday with Essence – Last week to enter!

So today is our last Mani Monday with Essence post – boohoo! I totally enjoyed showing you guys all my favourite picks from the ever growing Essence nails range and am extremely jealous that one of you gets to win… Continue Reading

I quit my job

I quit my job. Or a more gentler phrase would go: “I resigned”. After 10 and a half years of service, I made the big gigantic decision to leave a desk that had become my comfort zone. Today is actually my… Continue Reading

Mani Monday with Essence: Holostripes

It’s another Monday and another chance to show you a sweeeeet Mani Monday Essence manicure! Last weeks color, ‘Hope for love‘, is hard to shake if you’re a girly girl like I am. I mean, I would paint my nails this pretty pink… Continue Reading

Are your kids losers? {Stick2Me can help!}

My kids are amazing, but let’s face it, they are losers. They lose things ALL the time. Are your kids like mine? Maybe your kids are supernaturally gifted in the “coming home with both socks on” department. Maybe you’ve never had to… Continue Reading

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

Look, let’s not beat around the bush, I love doing my nails. But man, I am totally enjoying the Mani Monday with Essence series! I now have a legit reason to paint my nails regularly! Heehee! If you’re not in… Continue Reading

Mani Monday with Essence: The sponge effect

If you’re a big Essence fan (and I’m sure you are… I mean, who isn’t?!) you’ve probably eyed their totally swell ‘I love trends‘ color trend nail polishes. Every time I pass an Essence stand, I swear it’s like I can… Continue Reading

I am woman, hear me rant

Ever feel like your tired is tired? Oh, hello there. Please don’t mind me. I’m just sitting here, feeling pretty putrid, after spending literally the whole night shriveled up in a ball of stomach cramps and restlessness, dreaming of a… Continue Reading

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

So as you may know, August has officially been dubbed “Womans Month”. And while this holds no specific perks for me, in my household, (gifts. I want gifts), it’s still a pretty darn good reason to celebrate! I am woman!… Continue Reading