World Hunger Month: Adding hope at Oosterland Youth Centre

October 1st will mark the start of World Hunger Month. Yes, a whole month to focus on hunger. In my opinion 1 month is not enough, yo! Did you know that over 11 million South Africans do not have access… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: No talk, just pics

I know what you’re thinking: “Luchae, where are the #ECMeetUp pics?!!!” Alright, I’m going to need everyone to calm down. The pics are here, as promised. They were taken by our beautiful Miriam Maulana of New Kid on the Block Photography and she… Continue Reading

Fail: Judging a book by its cover

A while ago, I was reminded of the silly reasoning behind judging a book by it’s cover. I would love to brag and say that I am SUCH a good person and I never, ever judge anyone, ever! But come… Continue Reading

Warrior Princess babyshower theme

A couple of weeks ago we (church family and friends) hosted a totally sweet warrior princess babyshower for Tess, a very close friend of mine. We went with that particular theme because, well, that’s what Tess is. She is a bold, brave… Continue Reading

Win tickets to the Clicks Baby Bootcamp!

Yo, PE Moms! I come with glad tidings of great joy: The Clicks Baby Bootcamp is coming to a town near you! Be honest, do you sometimes feel out of your element when it comes to making decisions wrt baby’s health and wellness? Well,… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp: We came, we saw, we ate mini cupcakes

Our 2nd #ECMeetUp for 2016 (lovingly referred to as “the mini meet”) took place this past Saturday at The Athenaeum. We called it a mini meet because we weren’t up to pulling off another massive meet, with all the frills… Continue Reading

Spreadsheet brain for what? Pt. 2

Today, I take a metaphorical ‘spreadsheet brain’ breath as my entire life literally goes rushing by me. It is the day for a much needed “wooooosahhhhh” right before #ECMeetUp madness ensues. Oh, good morning to you too. I did not see… Continue Reading

#ECMeetUp guest speakers, Colours of You SA

One of my favorite things about the #ECMeetUp (or any of our national meet ups for that matter) is that it creates a cool opportunity for bloggers to learn from industry experts. I mean, sure we have Google, but sometimes… Continue Reading

My spreadsheet brain VS Life

The thing about having a spreadsheet brain is that I want my life to be like that too. You know, ruled and equated by formula; Easily sorted in numerical or alphabetical order; Colour coded at the click of a button.… Continue Reading