Hubstopher’s Game Show Birthday Party

As I had so mushingly shared the other day, my Hubstopher turned the ripe old age of 30 on the 4th of October. He’s not one for having a fuss made of him and I had to hear the “please babe,… Continue Reading

The many emotions of a toddler

When it comes to raising a toddler, I refuse to accept the term ‘terrible twos’. I believe that when my toddler turns 2 years old next week, she will begin her season of ‘terrific twos’. Why speak “terribleness” over your… Continue Reading

More tricks for curly chicks

I’m a fan of curls, even though I’m not exactly living on the curly side of life. My baby girl, however, has hair that makes random people in shopping malls think that it’s okay to touch it. Bless them. But… Continue Reading

Looking for a house to call home…

To say that we are ‘homeless’ is an outrage because we actually have a roof over our heads, while some have none. But we’ve been in “home limbo” for the few months now – and it sucks! We moved out of… Continue Reading

Things to do in Port Elizabeth (with your toddler) this Summer!

Christmas and the school holidays are just around the corner and boy am I excited! Our girl is 2 years old this year and we are finally able to explore PE and have some toddler fun with her! Fun with… Continue Reading

Tweexy’s wearable nail polish holder

I can be a bit of a clutz sometimes most times. If you don’t believe me, check out all the splatters of nail polish on my work desk… duvet covers… jeans… It’s everywhere! With that said, I was most impressed when… Continue Reading

A time to pamper with Rain Africa {Win a voucher for you and a friend!}

Hands up if you need an “end of the year” pamper. Thought so. So that’s everyone then?… You, me and our cats. Well, dear reader, I am here to give you an early Christmas present. Introducing: Rain Africa! The luxury… Continue Reading

To Hubstopher, on his birthday

Today the man that I call Hubstopher turns 30 years old. To him it’s just Tuesday. To me, it’s another reason to celebrate his life and all that he means to us. I know that he often disregards all the… Continue Reading

Mani Monday with Woolworth’s Pretty Paint

I was super chuffed when Woolworth’s Beauty partnered up with the #ECMeetUp a few weeks ago. They gave away fabulous beauty hampers and added a few of their favorites to our goody bags! The biggest score for me though was the introduction… Continue Reading