Give your family a “heart attack”

I love that February has been dubbed “relationship month”. I mean, if you’re not into Valentines Day and all the drama that goes with it, you are redeemed from the chocolates and red roses assault and can STILL enjoy the… Continue Reading

No shame in hand me downs

We are fortunate (it’s a weird thing to feel fortunate about) that we share our 2 older sons with their other parents. Together with these “other parents”, we are able to get school fees paid, clothes purchased and other basic… Continue Reading

Books that help you get rid of that stinking thinking

Is it December yet? No? It’s still January?! Boy, this year is just draaaagging by! But hey, this means that there’s optimal opportunity for us to get our growth on. This year, I’ve decided that I am going to work… Continue Reading

2017: Winning! (Without a new year’s resolution)

Hey, here’s a pretty bold statement to make: I’m not a fan of new year’s resolutions. Say whaaaa? Yes, really. While I appreciate that the start of a new year seems like a really good time to find purpose or… Continue Reading

Preggy update: Falling down stairs and ripped jeans

We all know that I am a very calm, unemotional, undramatic person, right? (Humor me) So you can imagine my surprise when I got all emo, after falling down a few stairs at work last week. Yes, baby is okay, and… Continue Reading

Boy or girl? Fun baby gender prediction tests that got it right!

One of the most exciting parts of expecting a baby is trying to guess what the gender is. If you Google everything and it’s cat (like I do) you may have come across a few crazy gender prediction tests. But do they… Continue Reading

Just so you know, this is why I blog

A few weeks ago I had coffee with a couple of bloggers at a local eatery. We chatted, very animatedly, about blogging and the blog industry. In mid convo I spotted two young ladies, sitting close by, mocking us openly.  “Oooh she… Continue Reading

2016 The recap

It’s a new year and a new season and I’m still tired. Okay, let’s scratch that. It’s no way to start my first blog post for 2017! How about: Hey friends! Happy new year! Okay, that sounds better. 2016 has… Continue Reading