An ode to 2020
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An ode to 2020

There are so many things that I wanted to accomplish in 2020. I had jotted it down in my diary, in January, planning events and strategies way in advance. You know mos – spreadsheet brain, and what not.

But, alas, as fate would have it, 2020 would be that drunk uncle at family gatherings. You know, the one that starts out all cheerful and chipper, and then later causes havoc and destruction. Kidding. Let’s not blame an actual year for all the poo that we’ve had to endure. We blame the coronavirus. 2020 is just an innocent bystander.

Anyways, blame games and finger pointing aside… it’s been a rather rough past few months. 2020 has been a journey, ya’ll.

Some may liken this journey to a pensive trip abroad – you know, ‘eat, pray, love’ vibes. Challenging, but reflective. A moment to ponder on the wonders and beauty of life. Also, a time to binge-watch Netflix shows, while eating baked goods.

For others, the journey through 2020 has been rough. Clinging to a life raft, during high tide, in the rain, oh and there are sharks, rough. Businesses closed down. Lives were lost. And no amount of baked goods could fix the heartache. Not even the type with the cream cheese frosting.

As I contemplate on 2020, I find myself somewhere in the middle.

An ode to 2020We’ve had to say goodbye to so many people whose lives were closely intertwined with ours. Grief (even second hand grief) makes it hard to function as you normally would. I kinda gave up on nailing those goals that I had penned in January. I barely blogged, did a kaas job at homeschooling and I picked up so much weight, that my jeans ripped. (Nope, that’s not a metaphor). In many ways I feel like I took a couple of steps back.

And, real talk: my failed accomplishments make me feel like a complete loser.
Madam Sucky Suck. Lady Flop-Alot. Queen of the Loser Brigade. You get the gist.

Anyways, I almost ended my year on this absolutely sour note.
And then I remembered one important thing…

I’m still alive!

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have lost their lives in 2020. We’re still alive, my friend! I’m alive! And I’m so thankful for that.

It would be completely and totally foolish, ignorant and obnoxious of me to rattle off a string of superficial things that I did not achieve, when life itself is a gift.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that making it out of 2020, with an opportunity to start all over again, is all the accomplishment I need.


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