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Feature Friday: Venean Bosch

On Feature Friday I feature people, products or just random things that I think are pretty cool. My aim is to leave you a little bit more enlightened and inspired! And hey, I’m open to new things, so please hollar at me, if you have any pretty cool FF suggestions. 

Venean Bosch

Today’s Feature Friday guest is friend and blogging newbie, Venean Bosch. 
I met Venean at church when we were both still very single and very looking. Hahaha. As single moms who love to write and over think and think about why we are over thinking and write about that, we totally hit it off from the get go. But, as these things go, life happened and we switched circles and somehow disconnected, until she started blogging this year. Woohoo! Bloggers unite!
I’ve decided to feature V today because, as I’ve said, she is a new blogger, a really good writer and I believe that she has a lot to share. 
You can check out her blog over at In The Meantime
This is what she had to say about it: “I enjoy writing so naturally a place to be who you are, in terms of yourself holistically, and not just one or two sided, entices me. It’s a place where I can share parts of my life which is always exciting for someone who loves to share! I blog about my meantime – inspired by the book by Iyanla Vazant: A time between all the big things – the wedding, the babies, the trip overseas… are we really living our lives to the fullest in-between, and what I am doing with my in-between, and being present in it.”
Since the last time I saw her we have both grown (inwardly and, in my case, outwardly) and we are both now Mrs’s. ‘s. 
Like me, she and hubby both have kids from previous relationships, Nia (10) and Emilie (9). She says her favorite things comprise of: 
1. Her slippers 
2. Her family 
But I am guessing not in that order. 
Let’s see what else she has to say: 
1. So… who are you? 
Really? I am…. Is this a trick question? I am Vee? Does this suffice? This is tough… I am a little bit of a lot of things, and I don’t fully know yet either, I am still growing every day and hoping to change for the better. So whoever I am today I hope in tomorrows to come I am not the same. Although sometimes the same is good. Eeeck! Hope this makes sense.
2. You’re a feature today, because I think you’re pretty cool 🙂 Why do you think you’re cool? 
LOL! I feel like I’m on Today with Trevor Noah… I think the coolest thing about me is… my ability to always always bounce back 🙂 #imcoollikethat
3. What is your favorite thing at the moment? 
BLOGGING! And definitely reading blogs!
4. If you could change one thing today, what would it be? 
I first wanted to say the poverty in the world – I hate, like loathe, seeing and imagining people without the basics. But if I could change one thing today it would be for everyone to just be a little kinder to one another, because I think the world would be a better place. That really sounds so cliché – but honestly.
5. Learnt how to make anything recently? 
Well just recently Emilie and I had to make a model robot. So I learnt how to make that and I re-learn how to make old dishes exciting (because that’s my other job – home manager). Oh… I made a rainbow cake for Emilie’s 9th birthday, it’s just a plain cake but with lots of color. It was so cool. I was a superwoman for the day – in her eyes anyway. 
6. Share your favorite tip/trick: 
My favorite and most used tip is (and don’t tell anyone now because they will think I’m bonkers), when life gets really crazy and you don’t remember your own name – because it happens (not to you? Oh no me neither! hahahaha). To stop, close your eyes and ask yourself where am I? (literally hey… in bed, in the car, in the bath), what do I hear (eg. cars, radio, laughing), what do I feel (the air, warmth, the seats, the floor, the water), what do I smell (you get the jist of it…) and then when you open your eyes ask yourself… but did you die? WAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKAKA! But really – sometimes we lose perspective and get ourselves very worked up about things that don’t even matter. Don’t now do this while you need to be concentrating on something important like driving because ja…well be smart.
7. Imagine we’re your kids 🙂 now imagine you had to share a life lesson with us. What would it be? 
WOW! The responsibility that lies in that – when life has so much to share. I think the biggest lesson I have learnt and would want to teach my children would be: Forgive. Forgive and then forgive again – be it forgiving yourself, your family, your friends and just about everyone you meet. Don’t take everything too personally most times – it’s not even about you, and definitely not worth getting your heart in a mess over. You can only control you – your actions, your feelings and your thoughts and if you keep forgiving and then loving – you will be the best version of yourself, always. And that is best thing you can do for you and everyone around you. 

My spreadsheet wedding

spreadsheet wedding It feels as if we’ve been married for a gazillion years when it actually happened just the other day! (Well, 2013 to be exact) What type of bride were you? Were you a Bridezilla? I wasn’t a Bridezilla per say… I was more like the secretary of Bridezilla. Man, I had spreadsheets for everything! I had spreadsheets of my spreadsheets! I wanted to plan the perfect ‘spreadsheet wedding’.

I was glued to my huge wedding planner – an A4 diary filled with pics, notes, proof of payments and order sheets. Every single moment was perfectly planned – the music, the decor, the photos! My spreadsheet brain had it all down to the minute. But things looked a little bit different on the day of the wedding. For starters, my wonderful hairstyle was not as wonderful as my spreadsheet brain had envisioned. (Tip: If your hair has never curled a day in its life, don’t expect it to magically want to on the day of your wedding)

It took forever and a day to get to church, where my violinist/saxophonist was NOT serenading my guests, as was planned. My bridal party missed the que to walk down the aisle. My fake eyelashes kept sticking to my veil. The beautiful arch that we were to be married under almost toppled. Nothing went as planned.

And then I remembered something a wonderful friend of mine said: “Luchae, everything that happens on that day, will happen just as it was meant to happen!” And you know what,  looking back now I can see how those little things added to the quirks of our (already quirky) matrimonial celebration. We watch the video and go “ohhhh look, remember when that happened!” and we admire and remember all the other things that made the day special and uniquely ours.

THAT is what made our wedding day perfect! Sure the planning helped some 🙂 But making memories is what made the day special. Making memories is what made the day perfect. I love how our plans may not always seem to succeed, but at the end of the day, whatever the outcome, it always works for the good of those who love God! When we submit our plans to Him, we allow Him to do His thang… which gives us the confidence of knowing that it will all work out – whether it goes according to our spreadsheets or not.

Feature Friday: Alethea Ross

On Feature Friday I feature people, products or just random things that I think are pretty cool. My aim is to leave you a little bit more enlightened and inspired! And hey, I’m open to new things, so please hollar at me, if you have any pretty cool FF suggestions. 

Alethea Ross of Alove Creations

This week I was inspired by women who are doing it for themselves. Those who decided to follow their hearts and do the things that they are gifted to do! This takes guts and a lot of prayer, I’m sure 🙂 
One such person is Alethea Ross, who has recently started her own business called, Alove Creations. Alove Creations specializes in beautiful handmade infinity scarves with funky and elegant designs and lots of colours to choose from! (Check out her Facebook page) I heard that she will be launching a mens and kiddies range very soon too! 

If you know me, you’d know that my love of scarves almost supercedes that of Hilda in 7de Laan. So I totally inlike with Althea’s product and think that ordering your very own custom made scarf (that suites your own personal style and flair…and matches what’s in your cupboard!) totally tops buying something (and spending top dollar) at your generic clothing store to buy something that everyone else has. I will be reviewing one of her scarves really soon and will show you the amazing range she has developed over a short period of time.  

Besides for following her heart 🙂 she also spends her time listening to music (she mentioned Whitney Houston, the diva!) and she says she loves spending time with her kiddies, dancing like crazy to Praise&Worship. Herself and hubby, Shilton, have been married for almost 2 years and they have an adorable little girl, Madison Taylor (3) and the warrior (as his mom calls him), Keane Thor who is 8 years old. When speaking about Shilton, Alethea gushes: “He is so supportive with all I choose to pursue or do. I still get butterflies when I think about us, and how far we have come. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful support system in him.” Awwww!  

Let’s see what else she has to say:  

1. So… who are you? 
I am Alethea, many call me Ally, a daughter of the most High, blessed beyond compare. I am a mother to two amazing children, a wife to the best husband, I work hard, am an ambitious, fun loving and daring person. 

2. You’re a feature today, because I think you’re pretty cool 🙂 Why do you think you’re cool? 
I am an honest, straight forward; I laugh loud, love deeply, cry hard and celebrate life like a rock star.

3. What is your favourite thing at the moment? 
Scarves!!! Lol, I love them, and think they just add that extra pizzazz to any outfit for any occasion – am I cray cray? 

4. If you could change one thing today, what would it be? 
The weather… I don’t like cold and grey weather; I want spring, the sweet smell of fresh flowers and the sun on my skin 🙂

5. Learnt how to make anything recently? 
A skirt 🙂 I love maxi skirts and so I decided that I would start making my own 🙂 whoop whoop 

6. Share your favourite tip/trick: 
It’s okay to talk to yourself 🙂 I do it all the time

7. Imagine we’re your kids 🙂 now imagine you had to share a life lesson with us. What would it be? 
I know this might sound cliché but I wish that I had listened to the many that shared this with me… life is a gift, you only get one, make it count. Take risks, breathe deeply and be brave. I have also learned and come to accept that being a Christian does not make you immune to the evil around us, if anything, we will probably encounter many hardships, faith is what gets you through them, and Grace is what comes in and changes it all around. Grace is not something you can ever earn; it is a second chance, a third chance and fourth. I am obsessed with grace 🙂


Technological me

I think I understand the difference between potatoe and potato when I go from using Hubstophers MacBook Pro to my 1990s Acer laptop. I feel like I’m playing ‘whose fingers are they anyways?’ It’s like: you scroll up to scroll down (huh?) and right click with 5 fingers versus “oh look there’s a button for it”

You know, I used to be the kinda girl that I would call ‘old fashioned’. And that’s because I liked things that are old fashioned. I believed If it aint broke don’t fix it! With that said, I have had the same Blackberry for the past four years. This thing still works like the bomb dot com! Because of my cleverness and cunning ability to figure things out, I’ve found that the less apps I have on it, the better it works. So I don’t have waiting issues (remember the ghastly wait icon that everyone cursed to the pit of hell?) I don’t have “take my battery out of my phone quickly” problems. But I’m starting to wonder: is it enough? 

I feel a new era dawning.

An era where I want to take photos with my cellphone and not have to find a photo app online that would make my pics look remotely okay. An era where I’d know what people are speaking about when they want to ‘load a filter’ before they ‘post to Insta’. An era where I swipe on my screen when I want to do something on my phone, as opposed to pressing a button. (It looks so cool to swipe. I waaannaaaa swiiipe tooooo) An era where I can also dubsmash and play angry birds and finally download Twitter without it making my cellphone run slower than a Bold and the Beautiful story line.

I’ve decided to give this big screen phone thing a try. I mean, it has some lady who can speak back to you and everything, so that’s a plus. And also, it looks really cool and according to my super smart husband it can do lots of things too. (List of things it can do is yet to be revealed, but I’ll take his word for it based on the fact that I am married to him).

Needless to say, since I am controlled by a spreadsheet brain and all, I will need to do some deeeeep soul searching before I make a purchase. Deeeeep. Like deeeep deeep. Like “Rolling in the deeep” by Adele, deeeep.

I’ll send an update once I find a phone worthy of my lots of moola. Until then, I’ll appreciate my BIS a little bit longer.

Feature Friday: Mvokazi Mjayezi-Ncede

On Feature Friday I feature people, products or just random things that I think are pretty cool. My aim is to leave you a little bit more enlightened and inspired! And hey, I’m open to new things, so please hollar at me, if you have any pretty cool FF suggestions. 

Mvokazi Mjayezi-Ncede of J-Star BloMag

Mvokazi Mjayezi, or Mvo as she prefers, is one of those kinds of women who are made out of passion, grit and determination! 
This lady knows who she is and what she’s meant to be doing right now and nothing can sway her! It is something that I deeply admire and is one of the main reasons why I am featuring her today, after a week of feeling like “there’s got to be more to life!” 
I think that so many of us need to be encouraged and inspired to take a step of faith into our God-given destinys. 
With nothing but a dream in her heart and a vision set out by God, Mvo left her office job more than a year ago to pursue her dream of becoming a magazine owner. She explains: “I just went for it, trusting God to provide as I go, and He has!” 
In an interview that I did with her for Gateway News she shared the following about J-Star Magazine: “The vision God gave me for J-Star is that it is a friendship ministry in blog magazine style. Everything about it is personal — a testimony of what my contributors and I have been through, are going through and will go through.” She explained. The blomag is focused on encouraging its readers to reach for the greatness that God has destined for them. “He then gave me the name J-Star, which means Jesus Star. I ran with it after that and here I am today!”
Mvo is not only a dream chaser but also a mom to the adorable 10 month old Khumisani and the dashing 6 year old Kamvalonke. Mvo and hubby, Sinethemba, have been married for 5 grace filled years and together are pursuing the promises of God and not settling for anything less! 
Let’s see what she has to say:
1. So… who are you? 

I’m a woman of God, a wife, a mom, daughter, sibling and friend. I love being a wife to my husband, and i love being a mom to my kids – I was born for this! I feel so blessed in that I’m right where I’m supposed to be, in every sense.

I’m a visionary who likes to push boundaries, and most importantly, I like to translate my dreams into reality. These days I’m all about going after all that God has for me, I want it all and I want it now! 

2. You’re a feature today, because I think you’re pretty cool 🙂 Why do you think you’re cool?
Thanks..I happen to think that you’re pretty cool too. I would say that I’m cool because I kicked fear to the curb and out of my life for good. I came to a point in life where I just decided to put on a go-getter attitude. I realised that God has got plans for my life and I really wanted to walk in my destiny, so I put my trust in God and sprinted forward.

3. What is your favorite thing at the moment?
Other than my family, I’m obsessed with my hair at the moment. You see I have this big bush of an afro; and after years of trying out multitudes of hairstyles, I stumbled upon a hair blog for natural ethnic hair. So now I’m on a mission to get healthy long, natural hair. I have a long way to go, but I’m pretty happy with its current state.

4. If you could change one thing today, what would it be?
Ooh that’s easy. I’d stop being lazy when it comes to exercise and just do it, so I can fit into my clothes again! I love what I do, and I can go without sleep for days doing it, but when it comes to my health, I haven’t gotten there yet…lol any tips for me?

5. Learnt how to make anything recently?
Lol, I like to empower myself so I’m becoming a bit more hands on with the designing of my magazine. What else?…I’d love to learn to sew. I’ve always loved fashion and have designed tons of amateur sketches that nobody would know what do do with lol, but that’s my next dream that I want to turn into a reality.

6. Share your favorite tip/trick:

Lol, like I said i’ obsessed about my hair. So my favorite tip, is putting a generous amount of applecider vineger in my shampoo, mixed with does wonders to cleanse the scalp! 

7. Imagine we’re your kids 🙂 now imagine you had to share a life lesson with us.

Mhmm, this is a tough one… goes..don’t live your life according to people’s advice or opinions. Live it as God has called you to live it. People may not understand what God has called you to do, and they always have advice of what or how you should do things..only listen to the instructions of the Holy Spirit, and do things exactly the way He tells you to do them. 

Following your destiny does not mean that everything will go smoothly, with no challenges in your way. Sometimes the challenges are little pebbles of no consequence, and sometimes they are mountains that can take your breath away. You are already equipped with the tools and the weapons that you need to overcome any, and every situation. You are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus, and you will always overcome.


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