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Im baaaack! Plus one!

Hello there!
By golly gosh, its been a long time since I’ve called myself a blogger!
I’m sure the 6 people who read this will be thrilled to have me back :)

So I finally have another laptop, praise God, and I am actually on maternity leave, so time is in abundance.
Yes, I have a baby ya’ll!
She is the most beautifulest lil babe in all the land! No I’m not biased, shes just that perfect!
Karis Leigh was born on the 31st of October 2014 and she is absolutely darling, looking like her daddy (with more hair of course).

I’m now in a situation where I cant fathom going back to work and leaving her at home for a whole day!
I think that pregnancy aches and giving birth aside, THIS part right here is the worst!
Whoever came up with these rules?! I don’t want to play anymore :(

Something must be said about this amazingly torturous feeling of loving another little person so much that you cant see yourself separated from them.
Mind you, Hubstopher and I went out for supper the other night and my mom looked after Kari and hey, it was glorious to be amidst other adults (wearing make up and perfume nogals!)
But to leave early in the morning and only see her when its nearing dark is something else altogether.
Yes, I know… moms have been doing it for centuries and they’ve survived. Sigh. I know.

Anyways, so apparently South African laws might change soon.
They’re talking about extending maternity leave to a nice 9 months!
When I first heard this I felt a bit cheated like, Uhhhm why couldn’t you bring about this law while I’M on maternity leave?! But on second thought I figured that I got it a bit easy because 9 months together and then a sudden split would surely cause even more anxiety for both me and baby.

So in a way my 4 months at home is kinda the best thing because she wont be thaaaat scarred when mommy and her milk supply makes a disappearing act for 8 hours a day.

For emphasis on how difficult it is going to be to leave my darling lil babe, please see pic below.


“Everybody come see how cute I am!”

Tonsils are a conundrum

Hello there, and please accept my not-so-cleverly named post for all that its worth. It has been a rough couple of weeks!

Well, it all started last week… uhmmm last week? week before that? See! I don’t even know what year it is any more! Any ways, it started a while back when my lovely son came home with a head ache and sore throat, which then spontaneously combusted into a full on intense attack of tonsillitis. My baby boy had a fever that brought on hallucinations and nightmares… for him, not me. I even had to rush him to the hospital at one point! Not nice. He missed 4 whole days of school and stayed in bed over an entire weekend. When he was finally better, I breathed a sigh of relief…. but not for long.

The next Thursday, I felt a little ummm qualm in the back of my throat, and chose to ignore it. By the time Thursday night arrived, I realized that the qualm had mutated into one of those giant ogres that you find in…. (okay I was going to reference a movie here, but I don’t watch movies any more)…. just trust me, it was really big okay! I had like these, cold shivers… literally freezing down to the core of my core! Any ways, the doctor said that I have tonsillitis and that I had picked it up from my son! Who knew it could be contagious?! Shocking. Doctor says that tonsils actually play a particularly important role in your body… I think it protects your throat or something. So he isn’t to keen on getting them removed. Go figure.

Any ways, that was on Friday. Its Monday today, and I am still not eating properly, I have crazy dizzy spells and my throat feels as if someone shoved a sock down into it.

I need this feeling to end like, right NOW, please. And thank you.

Metrosexual Shmetroshexual


So I like a guy that smells good and looks clean.
I mean, obviously that guy is my betrothed, Chrissy.
But I’ve just been thinking about guys in general and how some seem to be so unperturbed by their appearance. 

Ladies love looking good!
I’m sure we do it for ourselves but also for the man in our lives (or to get that man LOL).
And men appreciate a lady who looks after herself. Right? 
So what am I missing here guys?

Why do some guys just not “GET IT”?

Is it over confidence and zero self-esteem issues?
Is it because they hate the term “metro sexual”?
Is it … because they don’t even know what on earth I’m ranting about right now?

Either way, a tip to all you single guys out there, looking to meet your future Future!

Smell good, at all times (colognes are a nice idea). Deodorants are good, but there is NOTHING like a guy who has his own smell. (And I mean GOOD smell) It makes you wana spray some of what he’s using on your teddy bear, to help you fall asleep at night.

Brush yo hair! For real! Brush it! Just brush eeet!!!!!! Yes we see those tentacles! Yes it bugs us!

Trim yo nails, brother! Unless you want us to do a french manicure on you. In that case, you have issues.

Fresh breath is a must. Always. This is not just for when you want a smooch. Breath escapes your lips when you talk too. Now you know. My pleasure.

Look after your body. Look, we’re not looking for the next David Hasselhoff, but being a bit more conscientious about the amount of Big Macs you’re scoffing down, would be a plus. 

Do not burp or fart in front of us (purposefully). No its not cute or funny. I promise.

–  Yes we can see that stain on the front of your shirt!!!!

Change your socks daily. I’m being serious about this.

Wash your hands after you’ve used the loo!

– Tame your eyebrows – Vaseline works!

– Look after your skin

– Lotion / Creams are your friend! Aint nothing worse than scaly, dry, hands.

– Guys, I know it might seem reeeaaaally hard to make your clothes match. But it’s SUCH a pleasure seeing a guy actually put some thought into what he is going to wear. It’s like “hey, he really does care!”

Hope I helped someone, somewhere be a little more conscientious about how they are representing themselves :) 

Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot

This weekends Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot was a whole lot of fun! The photographer is Charlene Rademeyer, who is a teacher at our church’s school, Willow Academy and a part time events photographer. I think she did a stunning job! Check them out:

snazzy and sneaker


My boyfriend is a nerd and its been rubbing off on me.
I’m like “AAAACK I need to get my coolness baaaaaaaack!”
But who am I kidding, nerdy things are actually pretty interesting! 
Chris introduced me to this really really awesome thing called GEOCACHING.
Okay, lets begin at the beginning…

Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS-enabled devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.
CACHE is just a nerdy word for “treasure box” :) 

So you go onto the website and check the online map for any geocaches in your area by typing in your postal code/city etc. Caches are all hidden by other geocachers such as yourself :) Anyways, so once you find one that you are particularly interested in, you type in the GPS coordinates onto your GPS device (we use Chris’s Samsung tablet) and it’ll take you to location of the hidden cache. Once you’re at the location, you start looking for the cache. Sometimes the person who logged the hide leaves clues on the website for you. Who woulda thought I’d be playing hide n seek in my late 20s!

Finding a cache is pretty interesting … and no, not just for nerds…
The cache can be anything really… a box or a bottle etc.
This one cache we found was a pipe (as in, a piece of plumbing!)

In a cache, you will find: 

1. A notice basically saying you have just found a geocache (just in case any “muggles” i.e. non geocachers, stumble upon the cache)
2. A log book and pen so that you/your team can log that you guys found the cache.
3. Sometimes a geocoin (which is a trackable device)
4. Whatever else the “hider” put in there. Normally small trickets/items. But the rule is: you have to replace the item with something of the same value. So if I find a marble in the cache, I need to replace it with something that is of equal value. You don’t HAVE to remove the item from the box.. We normally leave a guitar plectrum in each cache we find, just to say “hey, we were here!”

Anyways, so you do all of this, making sure that there are no muggles around (the cache has to be rehidden on the same spot for the next geocacher to find) and then on the website log your find.

There is a whole community of geocaches out there!
And you’re probably thinking, no ways, there are NO geocaches where I live, coz we are like, SO off the map… well that’s what I thought :)
And Chris ended up finding 8 caches last week :) and there are MORE!
Its so much fun and brings a bit of adventure to an otherwise dull work week.

Caches are hidden in parks, or areas that are really fun to explore (even with the kids) and are never ever buried. The rule is that it has to be above ground.

Have I rambled enough? 

Its really fun.
I promise!
Okay, let me get out of here… Its Friday and I have some place really cool to be.


p.s. I am NOT a nerd!

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