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PPSA Nail Challenge – Your favourite villain

So this weeks 2nd nail challenge is “your favourite villain” – one that I was planning to avoid because, well, I don’t have a favourite villain per say and it just seemed too tricky for an amateur such as me. 
But then I checked out what the other ladies on the Polished Pretties South Africa group were doing and all of a sardine found myself inspired! You should check out their work below.
So after mulling around about the concept of villains I came to the conclusion that the biggest villain to me is CONFUSION. I intensely dislike being unprepared and not knowing what is going on! Hence the blog titled “my spreadsheet brain”. 
Dude, I have a spreadsheet for EVERYTHING! 
Question Marks are my villain! 
And then, as you would have it, there is such a villain. 
His name is The Riddler, of DC Comics origin, and happens to be one of Batman’s nemesis. 
My Riddler/Confusion inspired nails below: 

My explanation:
Pointy – The question mark, duh
Middle – Those are meant to be clouds of confusion (haha)
Ring – Represents confusion
Pinkie – I thought a dot would look cool

I used all Essence, because I love em!
Base and top coats are Catrice.
The shimmering colour is 2 coats of Essence 190 Kiss me, Freddy. It’s a really pretty shimmery mint green color… the photo does not do it justice!
I did the designs with my favorite navy blue 196 I <3 my blue jeans.
And then the cloud features 157 My fortune cookie which is the cool gold paint I also used in the previous challenge post.

I must add, I did this at like, 19:30 last night, while waiting for load shedding to hit us at 20:00.
So yes, it took all of 30 minutes for the layers to dry and the art to be applied etc.
Normally I struggle for hours and then have to remove the paint from one nail (because lets face it, one nail always gets smudged) or I have to redo something that didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.

Excited for next weeks challenges! Do join us!

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PPSA Nail Challenge – Go Wild With Dots

This weeks Polished Pretties South Africa nail art challenge is nogals one of my faves! 
The first prompt is “go wild with dots” and the 2nd is “your favorite villain”. 
I attempted the dots one and saw really rad stuff on the net, but yarrr, it didn’t quite work out that well on my actual nails. 
To make the dots, I used the end of a hair grip (bobby pin) and the end of a paper clip (for the smaller dots). Both worked quite well! 

The colors I used were all Essence (besides for my base and top coats).
I first started with 162 Dare It Nude, which went on over my base coat.
I figured that it would really help to make the pink pop, and it did!
I then applied 2 coats of 104 Sweet As Candy. I really like how it ended up.
Then I used my paper clip, dipped in some 157 My Fortune Cookie to make the dots on my pointy and middle finger. I added a french mani on the middle finger.
The ring fingers dot is a layer of the nude and pink with a drop of 06 Space Queen gel look.
The pinkie finger speaks for itself 🙂

And voila!
Fairly easy (once I gave up on the intricate stuff that just wasn’t working out)
I think the dots are so cute!

If you’d like to join the nail challenge, check out the prompts below, and join us on Facebook over at Polished Pretties South Africa! It’s really fun and a cool excuse to do something different with your nails every week!

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PPSA Nail Challenge – Traffic

So the prompts for this weeks  Polished Pretties South Africa Nail Challenge are “purple” and “traffic”. I attempted the purple one earlier this week because, well, it felt easy enough with my minimal nail art experience. It turned out okay and motivated me to attempt the traffic prompt.

A bunch of ideas ran through my head… all of which I think are really over the top and will require me having 3 hands and Picassos ability to create modern art. And then, as it turns out, on the evening that I tried to execute my clever and elaborate designs, my baby decides that she is not going to sleep early (thanks mom, but no thanks). So I did what I could with the little time I had, before she would be latched onto me again. 
This is my attempt at “road signs”: 
I used my Catrice base coat and 1 coat of Essence 115 Redvolution and a coat of the pretty Essence 105 Party Princess, which I won in the Pretty Messy Melon giveaway
Right, then it was time to paint the road signs onto my nails. 
Result: Not so good, but not toooooo bad, considering I had a baby practically clinging to me. 
I used a random white paint that I had received as a party favor at a babyshower (I know, right?) since my Sally Hansen White On seems to have gone clumpy on me. Boohoo. 
Topped it all off with a gel top coat and voila! 
So in case you didnt know: 
the pointy is a U Turn sign
the middle is a 60 speed limit sign 
and the ring is a no entry (or something like that)
See my “krom” 60 🙂
What do you think? 
Okay, stop being polite, and say how you REALLY feel 🙂 haha
Check out the other participants amazang nail art below and hey, if you’d like to join us on the weekly challenges, see the prompts below. 
I’m nogals excited about the dots one! 

How amazing are these ladies???
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I won! And so can you!

What a glorrrrrious Thursday!

I visited Pretty Messy Melons Facebook page the other day and noticed that she is running a couple of crazy giveaways, which I, duhh, had to enter 🙂

And then…. dum dum dahhhh!!!!! I won 🙂

As you know, I’ve started to blog about my nail art experiments – being a mom to a new baby girl and all.
I think that doing your nails is a cool way to stay hip and to actually have some “ME TIME” (keeping in mind that I did the last PPSA Nail Art challenge with my babygirl on my lap). hehe

Anyways, so I am really keen to see how I can use the goodies in the hamper for the upcoming PPSA challenges and hey, why dont you visit Pretty Messy Melon‘s site for really cool reviews and top tips and tricks about make up and other such girly stuff.

In the meantime, check out a few really cool Polished Pretties challenge pics for this weeks 2nd theme – PINK.

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PPSA Nail Challenge – Sugar Spun

I had recently discovered the Polished Pretties South Africa Facebook group and all the amazingly talented ladies who roam around there. It is a little corner on the internet where they share tips and tricks and post pics of unbelievable nail art (which they do themselves!)

Needless to say, I am inspired!

So theres a weekly nail art challenge, which consists of 2 challenges.
Following the prompts, you do your nails and then share your pics on the group and each others blogs. I likey!

So this weeks 1st challenge is Sugar Spun. 
I’m not going to front about it – I had no idea what sugar spun nails were! 
Until I Googled it 🙂 Ahh Google my good friend. 
I followed the instructions I found online, which were to: 
1. Coat your nails with your base coat
2. Decide on your sugar spun colour and throw a bit of the nail polish onto a flat surface
3. Allow it to thicken (you can play with it a bit to help it gain some texture)
4. The polish should be getting a bit stringy by now 
5. In a “pulling” or “sweeping” motion, pull the stringy polish over your nails
This is the desired effect:

This is my result:

My bottom coat is the Essence 115 Redvolution and the top sugar spun coat is Essence 186 I <3 My Blue Jeans. I topped it with the Essence gel look top coat. 
I am not thrilled with how it came out, but for a first try, Im feeling alriiiiight about it. 
Keen to try it again though! 

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