Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

So as you may know, August has officially been dubbed “Womans Month”. And while this holds no specific perks for me, in my household, (gifts. I want gifts), it’s still a pretty darn good reason to celebrate! I am woman!… Continue Reading

Nubar’s Lekker Nail Lacquer

This week I attempted a mani with a polish brand that I had never tried before: Nubar Nail Lacquer. Nubar is by no means a newbie polish. But my spreadsheet brain and I often opt for the brands that we know and are… Continue Reading

DIY nail art using koki pens

Thats right. I said koki pens. Firstly, do people still use the word “koki”? Coz suddenly I am feeling a bit outdated. Secondly, yes, you can use your average fibre tip permanent marker to bedeck your nails! Let me show… Continue Reading

Essence The Gel ‘The Oil Slick’

I was super pleased when our friends at Essence sent us a variety of polishes to add to this year’s #ECMeetUp goodie bags. It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of the cosmetics house and love their nail polish range.… Continue Reading

No time for the nail salon? Avon’s for you…

You know how you know your friends love you? When they get you the type of gifts that make you go “AAAAAAAACK!!!” really, really loudly. Well, that’s the sound I made when one of my close friends got me some totally… Continue Reading

Nail Art: DIY scribbled nails

This past week was a crazy one. Hubstopher was sick, and you know how it goes when the man of the house does not feel well. We walked around on tippy toes and only spoke in whispers too each other…… Continue Reading

Love on my nails!

What do you get when you pair up a sleeping toddler, an early evening and new episodes of The Voice? Well where I’m from it spells: Time to put some love on my nails! Since my Curly was sleeping and I… Continue Reading

Glitter accent nails – Easy Peasy with Essence!

Ever feel like: “I should probably do my nails today because they are starting to resemble that of someone who lives on a mountain, oh wait I don’t have the time, who am I kidding”? Well sister, you’ve come to… Continue Reading

Nail art stencils – An easy way to look as if you’re very clever {NailLinkUp}

How random is my post title? Well that’s how I feel this morning. Random. But anyways, I’m here to talk about nails. Actually, nail art stencils, to be more specific.


Today’s nails are the final prompt of the Nail Link Up SA challenge. This weeks theme is aptly named New Years Eve and I was going to go with glitterati galore but I thought “nah”. Literally. That’s all I thought.… Continue Reading