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Mani Monday with Essence – Last week to enter!

So today is our last Mani Monday with Essence post – boohoo! I totally enjoyed showing you guys all my favourite picks from the ever growing Essence nails range and am extremely jealous that one of you gets to win a fab Essence hamper! “Wait, what?! I wanna win a hamper too!” I hear you scream in panic and dismay. Settle down, Margaret, there’s still time to enter :) Check out the rafflecopter below, for more deets, mmkay?

Right, now that all of that is out of the way, let me get right to it. This weeks Mani Monday unleashed a bit of my creative flair. And I’m not sure if it happened in a good way. My reasoning was that I wanted to see what else I could do with the awesome Essence holo striping tape and tribal nail art stickers. I mean, sure I could use the holo stripes to make a pretty, symmetrical mani or the tribal stickers to create funky looking nail art. But there had to be more. I neeeeeded more! But instead of throwing a soppy story at ya, check it out for yourself: (more…)

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

It’s another Monday and another chance to show you a sweeeeet Mani Monday Essence manicure!

Last weeks color, ‘Hope for love‘, is hard to shake if you’re a girly girl like I am. I mean, I would paint my nails this pretty pink like all day, errrrday.

So with that said, do I even need a reason why I decided to go with this polish again this week? I decided to pair it up with the totally legit Essence Holo Stripes nail art stickers. (more…)

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

Essence nail polish giveaway

Look, let’s not beat around the bush, I love doing my nails. But man, I am totally enjoying the Mani Monday with Essence series! I now have a legit reason to paint my nails regularly! Heehee!

If you’re not in on the news, Essence is giving away fabulous nail polish and nail art goodies to one beautiful MSB reader, to celebrate Women’s Month. To enter, check out all the Mani Monday posts (just click on “Nail Art” on the top tool bar) and follow the rafflecopter below.

Right, now that all the formalities are out of the way, let me begin to profess my undying love for this weeks color. Aaack! I’m a fan! This pretty pink Essence “I love trends” #07 called ‘Hope for love‘, has totally stolen my heart! The shade is a light berry, pink paint and can be found in The Nudes range.

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

Essence competition If you’re a big Essence fan (and I’m sure you are… I mean, who isn’t?!) you’ve probably eyed their totally swell ‘I love trends‘ color trend nail polishes. Every time I pass an Essence stand, I swear it’s like I can hear the bottles calling my name! Yes, I agree, I need to get my head checked. But hey, from pretty pastels to sophisticated nudes to alluring darks, the color trend palettes are enough to make any nail polish lover swoon!

This week, I want to show you guys one of my favorite polishes from the color trend ‘The Pastels’ range. It’s the #13 called ‘Ice to meet you‘ – a fitting title indeed! This striking ice white paint is really eye catching and not something I would expect in a pastels range. It goes on easily and has a dope opaque consistency. I likey!

Mani Monday with Essence {Enter our giveaway!}

Essence CoverSo as you may know, August has officially been dubbed “Womans Month”. And while this holds no specific perks for me, in my household, (gifts. I want gifts), it’s still a pretty darn good reason to celebrate! I am woman! Hoohaa!


Okay, now that I’ve settled down, allow me to explain the rest of this month’s festivities: For the month of August, I will be featuring special manis inspired by my friends over at Essence. They have a bunch of “I’m not really a nail art expert but I wana try” stuff in their ranges and I can’t wait to show you my favorite picks and also a couple of really easy ways to make your nails look amazing! Acrylic for what?!

Oh and, drum roll: Essence will be giving away a fabulous gift at the end of the month, so you need to keep your eyes peeled every Mani Monday for chances to enter! (more…)

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