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Nubar’s Lekker Nail Lacquer

Nubar4This week I attempted a mani with a polish brand that I had never tried before: Nubar Nail Lacquer. Nubar is by no means a newbie polish. But my spreadsheet brain and I often opt for the brands that we know and are comfortable with. Not today. Check it out: (more…)

DIY nail art using koki pens

Felt tip1

Thats right. I said koki pens. Firstly, do people still use the word “koki”? Coz suddenly I am feeling a bit outdated. Secondly, yes, you can use your average fibre tip permanent marker to bedeck your nails! Let me show you how in this very easy leopard print accent nail tutorial. (more…)

Essence The Gel ‘The Oil Slick’


I was super pleased when our friends at Essence sent us a variety of polishes to add to this year’s #ECMeetUp goodie bags. It’s no secret, I am a huge fan of the cosmetics house and love their nail polish range. So I totally aaacked when I found their ‘The Oil Slick’ polish in my goodiebag. I really wanted that one. How’d it get in there? 😉 (more…)

No time for the nail salon? Avon’s for you…

Avon CoverYou know how you know your friends love you? When they get you the type of gifts that make you go “AAAAAAAACK!!!” really, really loudly. Well, that’s the sound I made when one of my close friends got me some totally fab Avon nail polishes as a birthday gift! 

I was quite keen to try these out because, to be honest, I was like “okay, what do they know about polishes, like, really now.” When I think Avon I think make up and bath stuff. Not nails. The Avon Gel Finish polishes intrigued me even further with their 7-in-1 claims. They said that my 1 bottle of Avon Gel Finish will give me shine, gel-like finish, vivid color, base coat, top coat, protection and will act as a strengthener. My spreadsheet brain had to see for myself!


I got my nails ready and applied 1 coat of Avon Gel Finish ‘Roses Are Red’ – a pretty bright red polish. On application, I found the formula to be very opaque and not watery at all. The polish goes on smoothly and evenly and even though the box instructed me to wait for the 1st coat to dry thoroughly, before applying the next, I kinda didn’t because: mom life. It still turned out pretty good though, in my opinion! Avon2

The glittery accent nail is thanks to Avon’s Magic Effects polish. Yep, they are going allllll out with their nail enamel range! I likey alot! What I appreciated about this Liquid Sequin polish (aptly named ‘Sequin’) is that unlike other sequin/glitter polishes, I did not have to apply copious amounts of the stuff to get full nail coverage.

As you can see, I had a bit of “me time” (think: 10 minutes) so I could do some sort of random nail art there on the middle finger. It’s meant to be a glitter triangle. But hey, it’s art, interpret it as you will. Avon1

I am super impressed with the longevity of the Avon Gel Finish polish – it gave me a good couple of days without chipping. I am also impressed with the fact that I don’t have to apply top and base coat. This mani made me feel like I had just been to the salon. The polish’s dramatic color and shine is amazing and the gel look effect is excellent!

I’m excited to try out their other colors! What do you think?

Scribbled nails with Essence

Scribbled nailsSo this past week was a crazy one because Hubstopher was sick, and you know how it goes when the man of the house does not feel well. Let’s just say, I pretty much did not speak to him for like, 5 days, because he was too weak to utter a sentence. Anyways, things are back to normal (the Lord only gives you what you can handle and all that) and I could finally remove the polish from my nails on Sunday night after staring at the horrible chipped mess that it was, for far too long. I hate when my nails look unkept. Anyways, I spotted really cool nail art on Juanita and Michelles blogs last week and thought I have to try it out! They’ve dubbed it “scribbled nails” and it pretty much means that the design gives the impression of doodling. (more…)

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