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The first day of school. Everyday.


My curly’s first day of school came and went and oh look, I feel like I’m still living it over and over and over. But that’s because it’s been a week and there are still tears every morning. I am still filled with anxiety through out my day at work, wondering if she is okay, hoping she doesn’t feel that I’ve abandoned her, praying that her teachers are loving on her and giving her attention. As soon as my clock nears 5pm everyday, I experience a rush of euphoria – It’s like, I can’t wait to rescue her and show her that mommy didn’t leave her. Psycho Mama much? (more…)

Curly Update: Defeating the odds and growing like a Boeing!

So yesterday my Christmas wish came true and our Curly Girly took her very first steps! We literally laughed and cried (and shrieked… okay, it was me. I shrieked.) all at the same time! Curly was so excited she kept falling down, laughing, and then getting up again, because she saw how overjoyed I was. For proof check out the vid on my instagram. (BTW It’s in black and white, and I’ve cropped it, to disguise my total insane person behavior) 

My girl will be 14 months old at the end of December and although she has been hitting her milestones at pretty much the correct times, there is always that thought, in the back of my mind, that the CH would affect big developmental milestones. I mean, I’ve heard cases of CH toddlers who are still not walking and they are 2 years old already. We knew that this was not the destiny of our girl!

If you don’t know what the heck I am referring to, you can read all about Congenital Hypothyroidism in this postCurly was born with only half a thyroid. 

But we are so thankful that God is holding her in the palm of His hand and that she is growing beautifully and is so clever, beyond her age! She is still only on one little thyroid pill (50mcg), which we give to her in the morning. Other than that, the CH does not feature in our lives at all. She is perfect.

She loves giving hugs and kisses and blows kisses when she says goodbye to someone. She knows who mama, dadda, ma and pa is and she can call for her older brother by name (Kyle becomes “Ayle” in baby language).

She knows that she is entertaining and sometimes does things and turns to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. She is so aware of everything around her!

She loves books. When she won a set of books from Kids Book Club she proceeded to page through one book over and over and pointed out things that interested her. It became our go-to toy when she needed to be distracted in her play pen. Oh and Barney. She loves Barney and knows when to sing the “ah ah-ah ah” part in the ‘If all the raindrops were jelly tots and gumdrops…” song.
So basically, she’s a genius.

I am such a proud mama!

1st Birthday Cake Smash Photoshoot [And family pics!]

So my Curly turned 1 on Saturday!
To celebrate, we had a small cake and tea for the family and looked at the fabulous cake smash pics taken by the talented Michelle at Cute Pix. (Remember, I shared a sneak preview and description of how it all went down, the other day)

Hayley from Hayleys Joys also didn’t a little post about my curlys first birthday, in her ‘Celebrating Baby’s 1st Year’ series, over at her blog. Please do check it out 🙂

But, let me not waste any time… Herewith, please find the most adorbs 1st birthday pics and stunning family portraits that are so beautiful, they make me want to shed a tear in awe and delight!
heeheeee I didn’t want to post all (150) of them. Your data/internet can thank me later.

So, the first couple were family pics… I totally loved this concept

Chris and Seth

Kyle and I

The next set of photos show off my adorable baby girl! This girls skin is like porcelain. I don’t know where she gets it from! 

Michelle and her hubby handmade this set!

The cake was a bit too overwhelming for my curly girly, and so mommy had to step in for some comfort!

Can’t stop staring at these!
What do you think?

“Hello baby!” – The day my Curly arrived {1st Birthday Celebrations}

Today we celebrate one of the most special days in my life: The day I became the mommy to a beautiful little girl! Our Curly turns 1 years old! Wow! What a trip!

If you’ve been travelling down memory lane with me the past couple of days as I shared stories on when I found out I was pregnantmy pregnancy, my ultrasound drama, all the baby showers and all the other little things in between, then I thank you for enjoying this journey with me.

I read a beautiful saying the other day: When a baby is born, a mother is born. 
And that’s exactly how I feel! Even though I had been a mom for a good 12 years when I found out I was pregnant with Curly, I had never been the mom of a girl before! Being the mom to a boy and being the mom to a girl is the same in many aspects but also holds such big differences!

I celebrate the gentleman my boy is turning into all the time and I thank God for his life. Raising a son has many rewards! Just like how raising a daughter has it’s own rewards. And so today I celebrate that God had given me another chance to be a mom… That He saw my heart and gave me the opportunity to be the mommy to a little girl, who will one day grow up to be a beautiful, smart, creative woman!

Anyways, I can go on and on and on but let me pull myself towards myself and start at the beginning!

“Hey babe, let’s watch Generations!”

So, if you remember from my previous post, exactly a year ago today, we woke up really early (5:30 yo!) because my gynae had advised me to  get my pregnant butt to the labor room since I had been ‘in labor’ for a couple of hours by then. Keeping in mind I was still in no real pain or anything. But you can read all about that in yesterdays post.

So Hubstopher and I woke up super early, got ready and took a slow drive to the hospital… watching as the city woke up around us. We were so excited, but in such a calm way! It was a serene drive and we barely spoke, as we listened to some music on the car radio. I cant even remember which songs we were listening to, but I do remember being extremely emotional as each word in those songs found new life in my heart. The fact that I was carrying life inside of me – beautiful life that holds so much potential, about to be birthed! – It made my heart want to burst!

Contractions monitor thingie majiggie

We walked into the labor room at about 6:20am, to be greeted by extremely friendly and chipper nurses who advised us that all the labor rooms are full. But seeing my totally calm disposition, they asked us to have a seat at the nurses station in the meantime, while they prepare a room for me. We spent the next while chatting to the nurses and generally have a good ol time socializing, like only the Williams can! I was eventually placed in a room at about 7am, where I watched Generations (for the first time in my life) and took a nap.

When I woke up, I decided to give the big bouncy birthing ball a spin. Hubstopher enjoyed my antics and took video clips and photos. I was like, Im going to bounce on this thing until my baby comes out because I cant wait anymore! 🙂 At about 9am a nice nurse came and did the dreaded finger test on me. She advised that she would need to help my water to break a bit more. At 11am we were moved to the room where I am meant to give birth in… which (in my head) is the same room I gave birth to my son in! I am sure it is. It is. Okay? It is.

“They see me rollin’….”

Hubstopher switched his Macbook on and the room was filled with beautiful worship music. We turned the lights down low and prepared for the arrival of our little girl (after taking a couple of pics – I dont even want to post all of them because they are hilarious and very silly). My mom stopped by to see if I am okay. She laughed at me. How loving of her 🙂 My darling Hubstopher kept doing little happy dances, as the realization hit him: We were going to meet our little doll soon!

I took a walk up and down the hospital stairs, to get some baby moving action going. And by that time I started feeling intense contractions mixed with…oh what is that I feel down below… PAIN!


It hurt real bad (like the Danny K song) but it was manageable. I had long before decided that I would not lay on my back, like in the medieval times, and allow my contractions to get the better of me. No ways Margaret! I handled my contractions by standing next to my hospital bed, with my arms and head resting on the bed. So my belly was “hanging”, basically. With each contraction I breathed in and out deeply. I believe this really helped since the gravity of standing helped my baby to get into position quicker and there was less pressure on my back (which normally happens when you are laying down). All of this was coupled with clever quips from the husband and even more quirkier comebacks from me. I remember laughing a lot and giving him running commentary of each feeling that I was experiencing.

But look, I am no super woman! Eventually, I had to get my sexy laboring butt onto that hospital bed! Hubstopher tried to sweet talk me and gave me little rubs and kisses and kind words but I reached a point where I was like, “babe, Im sorry to be rude, but can you not touch me anymore please?!” Hahahaha Hey, atleast I was polite!

By 1pm, I was like, “nurse, something is happening! I think I need to push!” I don’t think they were quite ready for that because she had to quickly go and call the doctor. When he got there, it was like… 1 push…2 push… 3 push… Baby! Ta daaahhhh!

My beautiful!

I remember looking at her and thinking… omw, I just gave birth and now I have a baby! I also remember thinking, “Praise the LORD, that is over! Woohoo! No more being in labor!” I couldn’t stop staring at her as she wailed those first few cries, and I said “hello! hello baby!” I laughed! In fact, Hubstopher and I both laughed. We were like… “look at her hair!” *laugh laugh laugh* “Listen to her cry!” *laugh laugh laugh*

There was just SO much joy in the room! JUST what I wanted! Hubstopher was quite emotional, and when he held her for the first time he immediately spoke a blessing over her. He was swooning!

The nurse placed her against my skin and she immediately began looking for boob. Eventually, I got up to have a shower and change, as my mom dressed our curly girly in clothing for the very first time. She looked like a china doll!

This has been the craziest ride of my life! It wasn’t always easy (don’t let me get started on breastfeeding and sitz baths and how to get your life back after having a baby!)  But this has been a crazy, fantastic, giddy ride of pure joy!

This girl has taught us the fundamentals of life. Things are such simple truths but so easy to forget! For example:
– Wake up curious and go to bed not wanting to miss a thing!
– Give kisses freely and don’t be afraid to show when you love someone.
– Life is too short to pretend to like something. 🙂
– Find beauty in the little things. Find beauty in the box, instead of what’s in (or not in) the box.
– Be selective with who you surround yourself with.
– Forgive so easily and freely, that 5 minutes later you forgot what you were crying about.
– And lastly, never be too scared to take a leap of faith! (even if it means trying to dive off the bed! heehee)

I am blessed to be her mommy! Happy 1st Birthday my curly girly!

Curly Girly

The nice doctor said I’m in labor and I laughed… {1st Birthday Celebrations}

Our curly girly turns 1 on the 31st October, and we’re spinning around in circles, like “huh?! did that just happen?!” For the next few days, sometimes in my blog, but mostly in my head, I will be reminiscing on my glorious pregnant days and all the prep that went into making sure the transition from womb to world was an amazing one.

Ever wake up and feel like, this is it. Today something big is going to happen! Well, that DID NOT happen to me on 30th October 2014. It was a normal day of maternity leave, but this time I got to see my curly girly on the screen at my gynaes office! As I’ve said before, I loved ultrasound days, because I was able to see my curlys little arms and legs moving around and hear her precious heart beat.

A day or so before that I had felt a slight tummy rumbling or 2. Not exactly cramps. More like, okay I need to use the loo now. So, when I went in for my check up, I mentioned this to my gynae, who did a check (with his fingers. I hated those!) and told me “You are in labor! You should go the labor room right now! You are 4cm dilated already!”

SAY WHAT?! I just laughed! Keep in mind I had been trusting God for a supernatural birthing experience. I wanted it to be filled with joy and happiness and not miserableness and pain (so to say). So I had to tell myself not to be shocked that I don’t FEEL like I’m in labor. I felt great, actually! I told the doc this too. He was a little shocked that I wasn’t in any pain or that I felt nothing at all. I managed to convince doc that I am okay and that I’d prefer to go home and if anything changes then I will get myself to the labor room asap. He told me that if there is no change by 6am the next morning, then I should book myself in. It was a deal.

I went home, washed my hair. Hubstopher washed the car and went for a hair cut and a shave. (He said he wanted to look good for our Curly). Our domestic was in for the day, to spring clean (again). And I went over all the check lists to make sure we were 100% ready. My daddy and step mom came over for supper that night and I cooked and washed the dishes even, unperturbed!

That evening, we sent our sons away (that sounds awful), with promises of a surprise by the next evening. I had a nice long bath, and got into bed. My hubstopher, in all his sweet excitement, grabbed his guitar and stole my heart by playing and singing beautiful songs of worship and thanksgiving to God. It reminded me just how much I love him and why I chose to spend the rest of my life with him.

It was such a tender moment – one that I will always cherish and remember. And it was in that moment that I felt like, this is it. Something big is going to happen tomorrow! And my heart was ready for it.

serenading while im in labor

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