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Schnooky Pie Girls Summer 17: Pretty and Practical!

Schnooky Pie Girls Summer 17I love that my only daughter is the girliest girl in all the land! She’s like, a proper girly girl. She wears my high heels and jewelry around the house and asks for lipstick and make up. I mean, who chooses to wear heels, at home, for fun?! This girl does. She was especially overjoyed the other day when we opened a beautiful parcel from Jaclyn of Schnooky Pie. The bow bedecked box gave us a sneak peak of the proudly South African clothing brand’s new Girls Summer 17 range. If you guys remember, Kari has modeled for Schnooky Pie before. You can read more about Jaclyn’s amazing story on this post I did over at SA Mom Blogs. (more…)

What my kids are playing with: Play-doh and Busy Box toy review

play doh and busy boxSo my little miss has been giving me all the love because I brought home a couple of ultra cool toys from some of our blog friends. Hands in the air if you’re okay with being the cool parent. I know I am. I’ll take my cool points wherever I can get ’em from, thank you very much. Anyways, so you know how I love to give kids educational toys as gifts? Well, the toys I’m going to chat about today tick all the right boxes AND they encourage imaginative play, which is always a winner in my books! (more…)

Bath time with Baby Dove

baby doveAs is the tradish, Curly and I did our monthly pamper, this time with the new Baby Dove range. I usually enjoy the banter that goes with it. But much to my dismay, the convo quickly went South – literally – as my 2 (almost 3) year old starting asking questions about our nether regions. I literally sat there thinking, woah this escalated quickly, how can I escape?! BUT I took it like a pro and answered her honestly and as clearly as possible.  (more…)

A tale of diarrhea and Pediasure Complete {Giveaway!}

pediasure completeI never thought I’d ever have to supplement my toddler’s meals with formula… until the night that she pooped in my bed and the smell woke my 2 month old baby up. Yes, that’s my opening line and I’m sticking with it. It was a messy affair – one that I’m sure many moms have had to endure atleast once in their lives. But it’s even more terrible when your usually energetic child is suddenly weak and unable to eat or hold anything in. In a fortunate turn of events, Pediasure Complete had just sent me a gift that contained a tin of their nutrient-rich, lactose free powder. The supplement provides balanced nutrition for kids aged three to ten, who are experiencing growth challenges or who are not getting a balanced diet in. (more…)

The Lunchbox packs your kids lunch for you! {Giveaway}

Imagine my extreme joy the other day when I opened a special delivery from The Lunchbox, tears streaming down my face as I behold the 21 pre-packed lunches that promised to make my mornings a little bit more tolerable. (I didn’t actually cry, but my heart was catching feelings, okay.) I don’t know about you guys, but mornings around here are not one of our favorite things to experience as a family. Let’s not forget the fact that I barely sleep anymore, anyways. So I’ll take all the help that I can get, thank you very much. The truth is that whether you have a new baby or not, time management becomes a big deal when you’re a parent! You’re always looking for ways to do things faster (and cleverer), without compromising your kids quality of life. Moms if you’re feeling me, say “preach girl!” And then reader further because you need to get your hands on The Lunchbox  and I need to tell you how you can enter my giveaway! (more…)

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