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Breastfeeding is a pain in the boob

breastfeeding is a pain in the boobBreastfeeding is a pain in the, well, boob. Yes, as I said the other day, it IS glorious and magical and makes you feel as if you’re floating on a rainbow cloud surrounded by glitter unicorns and chocolate waterfalls. But also it’s a pain in the boob. In a literal way actually, since your breasts experience quite some a lot of pain at some point of your breastfeeding journey. And yet, we carry on, pushing through the pain and discomfort; ignoring silent side eyes given in shopping malls and the need to sleep as we power through 3am pumping sessions. We carry on because the pain in the boob act of breastfeeding is, quite honestly, one of the biggest miracles of being a mom! (more…)

Moldy Tommee Tippee sippee cups – A thing of the past?

Tommee Tippee sippee cupsSo if you guys recall, I did a feature previously on the Tommee Tippee sippee cups. Moms around the world were claiming that these non-spill cups were prone to mold build up. Pictures circulated the net and the drama was rife. As you can believe, some moms were  down right furious, while others were willing to give the popular baby brand another try. I fell into the latter group because I had always been a huge fan of their stuff. Their Closer To Nature bottles were a lifesaver when I struggled to transition Curly from breast to bottle. Sure, the hard to clean non-spill valves on the sippee cup was a concern for me too, but surely the clever people over at Tommee Tippee would do something about it. Right? Well… (more…)

Want to cook like a gourmet chef with Daily Dish?

bacon and lentil daily dish for youSo if you follow me on social media you may have spotted my cooking frenzy last week, as I attempted to cook with Daily Dish. Well, let me start off by saying that I’ve never been a fancy meal kinda girl. In fact, if anything, I’ve always opted for easy meal ideas for my family… mainly because I don’t have the time, know-how and (let’s face it) special ingredients needed to make fancy shmancy dishes. Are you like me? Well then friend, grab a seat because I may have something special for you. (more…)

MyMum: What’s the big deal about muslin?

Jo5I love that there are so many new and exciting products available for our little ones. I mean, if I had to choose between today and having to wash my babe’s nappies in the river, with a rock, I would choose today and all it’s new inventions, hands down. With that said, I was especially pleased to learn about MyMum – a PE based baby and mommy brand – and their wonderful muslin and breastfeed friendly products. I got to try some of it out and we would like to give you the opportunity to do so too! (More on that later.) (more…)

I’m going to Sri Lanka

sri-lanka-02Dreaming of a trip to a far away land where English is a second language and the smell of spicy food fills the air? Yeah, me too! Our last trip away was in December 2016 and with my growing belly and very active toddler keeping me super busy, my 2017 is definitely lacking a holiday. I’ve been Googling holiday destinations (let’s call it planning in faith) and I’ve decided that the colourful and interesting Sri Lanka is where it’s at! It was voted as the number one tourism destination in 2013/2014 by Lonely Planet and in terms of value for money, you get more experience for your buck! My kind of holiday. (more…)

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