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Preggy update: Falling down stairs and ripped jeans

ripped jeansWe all know that I am a very calm, unemotional, undramatic person, right? (Humor me) So you can imagine my surprise when I got all emo, after falling down a few stairs at work last week. Yes, baby is okay, and I’m okay too (thanks for asking) albeit a few bumps and bruises on my legs. But if you had asked me how I was on the day of the incident, I might have replied in a wail and a sob. I felt exceptionally sorry for myself and my bruises. And also, my near-new preggy jeans were busted! The only jeans that actually fits me right now, forever scarred by an ugly hole at the knee (See? I fell REALLY hard!). But then I reminded myself: 2017 is for WINNING! So I took my ripped jeans and ripped them some more! (more…)

The ABC’s of buying a second hand car

I am in the process of buying a second hand car but, let me tell you, I sometimes feel like ditching the car and buying a bicycle instead! Not that that would ever happen. I mean, a bicycle would do nothing for my hair. There is just SO much to consider when purchasing a preowned vehicle though. It doesn’t help that society seems to think that girls and cars don’t go together. That kind of thinking is so last century. Watch me find that car, change ownership onto my name and source super duper cheap car insurance all by myself! And you can too! Here’s how: (more…)

strawberry jam so easy my teen made it!

Strawyberry Jam

If you frequent these here parts, you’ll know that my boy is an aspiring chef. The kid wants to cook. Who am I to stand in his way? A few weeks ago he attempted to make jam as part of a class assignment (what are they teaching kids at school now a days? I likey, I likey alot) He insisted on making the jam himself, but I had to, of corse, step in. We all know that mom knows it all. (more…)

Hubstopher’s Game Show Birthday Party

game show birthday partyAs I had so mushingly shared the other day, my Hubstopher turned the ripe old age of 30 on the 4th of October. He’s not one for having a fuss made of him and I had to hear the “please babe, no parties!” mantra over and over again. But something had to be done! I agreed to no party though and instead, hosted a super rad Game Show Birthday Celebration!

Why a game show, I hear you ask. Well, for starters, this guy of mine is pretty peculiar. He is very specific with the things that he finds interesting and everyone knows it. His range of obsessions includes tech stuff, soccer, food and music. So I thought that hey, we should use these things to celebrate the dude! And that’s how the Game Show Birthday Party Celebration was born. (more…)

More tricks for curly chicks

curly chicks

I’m a fan of curls, even though I’m not exactly living on the curly side of life. My baby girl, however, has hair that makes random people in shopping malls think that it’s okay to touch it. Bless them. But anyways, so yes, on a good day, she has a major curly afro going on and I love it!

If you recall, I previously posted about the (extremely loose) hair regime that I have going on for Kari. I also try to use natural products on her hair to maintain it’s natural curl. I was advised to try out the Johnson&Johnson curly hair brand but it just dried her hair out. In fact, most baby shampoos did that. I blame the “no tears” chemicals, but what do I know. So yes, we needed something more.  (more…)

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