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Weirdest (and quickest) way to dry up a cold sore

Ever wake up with a tingling on your lips… and no, I’m not talking about passionate kisses. I woke up with the worlds ugliest cold sore ever! And it’s not even cold. Where is the justice?! This thing is so ugly, it needs to be contained and thrown into a deep, dark pit of fire. I, of course, did what any rational human being would do in a dilemma such as this: I Googled a solution!

Some of the advice Google threw at me:
– Drink Lysine tablets
– Rub salt (literally in my wounds)
– Soak my lip in alcohol (those days are long behind me, buddy)
– Rub someones pee in it. I know, right?
– Apply ice
– Buy some cold sore ointment

The last one is the one that made more sense to me, so I got me some Acitop at the chemist. I didn’t need a prescription for it, so that was pretty cool already. I knew I had found a winner. I dabbed on a little  a heck of a lot and sat at my desk at work, looking like I had rabies. Hey, I’m not complaining coz within half an hour, the monster seemed to have shrunk somewhat. I am now sitting with a small little blister that needs to be dried out. The worst is over folks. Please, move along, nothing to see here…

Anyways, so I decided to contact Google again to finds ways to dry up the blister.
I was advised to:
– Mix salt and toothpaste, apply and walk around like that
– Mix alcohol with something and do something with it
– Apply some nail polish remover every few hours

Yep, you guessed it, I am currently sitting with a cutex-remover-lip. Nail polish remover! On my lip! It actually really works ya’ll! Apparently the acetone, in the remover, dries the blister right on up. Obviously you need to take precaution and I have been applying Labello to the area around the infected part, so that the remover does not affect my skin etc. But this actually works, folks! My pleasure.

But oh! those Summer nights!

Summer’s around the corner and Mr Price seems to be speaking my fashion language! In honor of Tuesdays Are Shoesdays, I found really stunning pair of wedges on the Mr Price website. I know, right? Can I just stop with the Mr Price already?! I’m sorry guys, I’m hooked.

I love how bold these pieces are. Something that I am NOT! But hey, I am planning on getting a hair cut beginning of December, so why not a style makeover too? :)

I’m guesstimating that this entire spread will not cost you more than R500. Yes. Awesome.

Love the skirt! Love the wedge! Perfect for a (summer) night out. Love the animal print bangle and earrings. Soooo fetch! 😉

Happy Almost Summer!



My Style – The nude platform and blazer

So I frequent Pinterest alot lately, and I’ve seen some really awesome style boards, which got me thinking about my own personal style board. I know I’m not exactly a fashionista (anymore) and I’d rather opt for comfortable than fashionable, but I think its time to shake things up abit around these here parts! With that said, let me introduce one of my loves at the moment: I am a day late for Tuesdays are shoesdays, but please meet the STUNNING nude Sissyboy platform, spotted at Edgars for R399.99!
nude platform
I want I want I waaaaaaaaaaant! Besides for it being really pretty, its also really comfortable, because the platform makes for better uhmmm leverage and its padded inside. Oh yes it is!

I am also really drooling over the drool-worthy blazers I’ve seen around. I really want a dark blue one, but for this weeks style board, I’ve opted for a pretty beige one. All the items on my board are from Mr Price (minus the Sissyboy heel, of course) and are really reasonably priced! I love Mr Price :)

nude style board


Pantry Party!!

Sup y’all! I’ve been quiet of late, coz I’ve been busy of late. Hmm… who came up with the term “of late”… it sounds weird. Any the hoo! My bestie is getting married soon! AAAAAAAACK! I (along with my fellow bridesmaid) hosted a pantry party at the beautiful Bonamia restaurant on Saturday morning. Yes, I said morning. That’s coz it was a breakfast party, of sorts. Which worked out excellently for us, because we were able to order scrumptious breakfasts for all the guests and were out of there by 11:30! So Tess had the rest of the day to sort out wedding stuff etc.

I had meant to hang up a washing line, with these dish clothes etc on it. But there was no space in the restaurant for my creativity. Boohoo. She didn’t mind, either way :) Please note her totally cute outfit :) Love the apron. Wish I coulda gotten it in purple (wedding colors). But pink still works. The hat is compliments of her sister (fellow bridesmaid). I think it adds some Je ne sais quois to her already darling outfit :) hehehe

If the vases were a bit more broader, I woulda added more spatulas to my “kitchen utensil bouquet”. Oh and please note The Good Wife’s Guide on your left. Its a 1955 magazine article written in all seriousness about how to be a good wife. Yeah. I know, right?  Google it. Its pretty funny. :)
Our family group sisters baked some “nom nom nom” worthy goodies, which I promptly decorated with my little toothpick flags :) Please see my ridiculously fabulous scarf used as a table runner.

So I had created a personalized logo for Tess’s party. The theme was “Theresias Kitchen”. I used this logo on the thank you cards, banners, invites etc. The coins are actually made out of chocolate, and I used them as prizes when we played games.

Oh, talking about games, these 2 were super cute:

1. Guess the utensil
I printed a bunch of really interesting kitchen utensil pictures, and had her guess what it was used for.

2. Whats that powder? 
I had a few different “white kitchen powders” and she had to guess (without smelling or tasting) which powder it is (eg. washing powder, flour, icing sugar)

Above would be what I’d like to call a STAPLE in every kitchen. I love me some paper towels. Anyways, the guests each sent me their favorite EASY recipe, which I will be adding to a personalized cookbook for Tess! This cookbook will include pics of the pantry party and personal messages from each guest. Guests were encouraged to give gifts that are themed around their recipe. Eg. I shared my Luchaes Secret Molto Gustoso Pasta recipe with her (yeah, the name is awesome :) and my gift was spaghetti, pasta sauces and pasta spoons etc.

pantry party

We had lots of fun and Tess appreciated the cooking tips, recipes, ingredients and kitchen goodies. I’m sure her future hubby will enjoy them too!

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