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Music Monday: Martin Smith – Back To The Start {GIVEAWAY!}

Photo: Jesus Freak Hideout

I really enjoyed reviewing Martin Smiths latest album for Gateway News last week.
Martin Smith has written for giants such as Jesus Culture and the Passion Conference collective. He is the real deal!
Gateway News will be giving away his latest offering as well as a collection of other albums. Such a legit giveaway.

Re-emerging as a solo singer, this album shows another side to Smith’s worship, with heartfelt anthems and dancey praise songs that really gets you going. The album poignantly opens with ‘Back to the start’ – a moving ballad that just messed me up when he sang “I’m coming home/Back to the start/Where you found me/I give you my heart again.” I love that it speaks about our first love and that it helps us to reach a place where we can say, “okay God, it’s me and you again.”

The second track on the album, ‘Emmanuel’, was the first radio single from this new collection and was co-written with Matt Redman and Nick Herbert. The song is based on the scripture in Joshua 3:10 which says “The living God is among you.” It is a beautiful worship anthem that is lyrically striking with a sound that has been described as “modern worship.” This sound is what Smith has become known for if you can remember other more mod sounding worship tributes that he has penned such as ‘Song of Solomon’ (which also happens to feature on this album). You will also find another oldie, ‘Fire never sleeps’, on this album. It is a groovy mid-tempo track that speaks about the fire of God, inviting it to “Burn O my soul/Set me on fire!”

Smith and Redman do a sort of a mod-worship revamp to the old hymn, ‘Great is Thy faithfulness.’ The song, which has the same message and foundation as the classic, has a warm melody with rich lyrics. One of my favorite lines says “When shadows fall/You never change/From age to age/You never change.” I love singing about the faithfulness of our unchanging God!… (more)

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This music review was originally written for and published in Gateway News

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Music Monday: Planetshakers – Outback Worship Sessions {GIVEAWAY!}

I remember being introduced to Planetshakers for the first time. I found their sound to be big, electrifying and full of life! I was fortunate enough to enter the “Planetshakers loop” when they dropped their 2008 album, “All for love”, so my first taste of their music was with megahit ‘The Anthem’, which so famously sings “Hallelujah! You have won the victory!”
Boy, what an introduction!
If you are not familiar with the Australian based band, Planetshakers is a young adult youth movement, affiliated with the Planetshakers Church in Melbourne. The church is pastored by Russell and Sam Evans and has over 10 000 members. The Planetshakers band is the church’s worship band and is the central part of their events. Their albums are known for a more electronic rock sound, with deep, hard core worship sets and praise anthems that are full of energy and zest. So with that said, I was both pleased and surprised when I heard their latest offering, ‘Outback Worship Sessions’. True to its title, the album, which was recorded with multi Dove Award winner, Ed Cash, has a more homegrown, organic vibe to it. You can definitely hear the band’s Australian roots coming through on this compilation of songs, which happens to be their 31st release. How crazy is that!
The album opener, ‘Like a fire’, sets the scene for the rest of the album with a retake of the classic that debuted on their 2009 album, ‘One’. The track is acoustic guitar and keys driven, which is a bit of a nice change from their usual array of synths and the likes.
I am totally smitten with the “outback” sound of the hymn cum lullaby that is ‘My soul longs for Jesus’. If you did not know what the team meant by “outback worship sessions” then have a listen to this one first! It is so beautifully ministered by Sam Evans and is a ballad suitable for corporate worship and, in my case, even more perfect to sing your baby to sleep with! It speaks right to my heart….. (more)
Visit the original Gateway News article to read the rest of this post and stand a chance to win an amazing collection of Worship albums!
This music review was originally written for and published in Gateway News. 

Mommy Review: Oh! Boy {GIVEAWAY}

My Curlysue and I were totally excited when we received a parcel from Oh! Boy kids accessories a couple of weeks ago. Elle from JustEllaBella is a fab WAHM who started this online store after facing the conundrum of not finding cool stuff for her very cool kid, Aidan, to wear. She dreams up, designs and creates every single product by hand and thrives on being as quirky and original as possible – I mean, how cool is it to visit a store and know that you won’t see 50 other kids walking around wearing the exact same thing as yours?

From scarves to potty training friendly velcro belts to peak beanies for tiny heads – this lady thinks of it all.

The latest edition to the store are her busy bags, which she describes as “take-a-long toys to keep kiddies busy.” These bags contain “quiet” games and things for your toddler to do when you need to keep them entertained in instances that need for a quiet child :) I love that she’s included an educational aspect to each bag – so they learn as they play and you get some adult time. Score.

Our package from Oh!Boy contained a really cute sensory dino and a hand painted bandanna bib.

I thought the dino to be pretty darn cool because of the pink taglets attached to the side. My little one loves using her pincher’s to poke and pull at anything and everything she sets her eyes on. Needless to say, she loved the silky taglets and yep, she tried to pull them off. Operation: Destroy the Dino.

Fortunately, these handmade dinos are stitched together beautifully and are durable – much to the dismay of Curly.
The dinos contain dried lentils which are awesome if you’re looking for a fun sensory toy.
They also double as a cold or hot compress and I’ve found that they retain heat/coldness really well (you can stick them in the fridge or pop them in the microwave)

Of course, Curly chose to taste them as well (everything goes to the mouth) so yes, if you’re looking for a teether, this would work too.

What I love the most about Oh!Boys range of bibs is that they are so original and really not “bib looking”, if you know what I mean. Let’s be honest moms, bibs can make or break an outfit :)
See pic for the degree of cuteness:

I am so chuffed to announce that Oh! Boy will be giving away an amazing prize consisting of a sensory dino and a ultra funky kiddie lounge pants and a matching bib.

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