Its time to chill…

It’s so chill out now. And because of this, and boredom and because we need new clothes, Chris and I checked out the very awesome and user friendly Mr Price website.
Its so fetch.

Anyways, so we kinda picked out clothes for each other. I know, some of them don’t maybe match or make sense, but hey we think it’ll look cute on each other, okay! I think that we really love each of these pieces individually, more than as an ensemble. Our favorites?

For Him – I love the red hoody because I don’t know what to say except that I love it. 
For Her – The jeans, because I know it’ll look good on my fiancee. :) 


For Him – Love the Brooklyn shirt and the arm bands. Totally cute and the colors are so Autumn/Winter-ish. 
For Her – The blazer. The cross. The bracelet. The shirt. The jeans. The pumps.

See style board below. Isn’t it inspiring? Our pleasure.



Weirdest (and quickest) way to dry up a cold sore

Ever wake up with a tingling on your lips… and no, I’m not talking about passionate kisses. I woke up with the worlds ugliest cold sore ever! And it’s not even cold. Where is the justice?! This thing is so ugly, it needs to be contained and thrown into a deep, dark pit of fire. I, of course, did what any rational human being would do in a dilemma such as this: I Googled a solution!

Some of the advice Google threw at me:
– Drink Lysine tablets
– Rub salt (literally in my wounds)
– Soak my lip in alcohol (those days are long behind me, buddy)
– Rub someones pee in it. I know, right?
– Apply ice
– Buy some cold sore ointment

The last one is the one that made more sense to me, so I got me some Acitop at the chemist. I didn’t need a prescription for it, so that was pretty cool already. I knew I had found a winner. I dabbed on a little  a heck of a lot and sat at my desk at work, looking like I had rabies. Hey, I’m not complaining coz within half an hour, the monster seemed to have shrunk somewhat. I am now sitting with a small little blister that needs to be dried out. The worst is over folks. Please, move along, nothing to see here…

Anyways, so I decided to contact Google again to finds ways to dry up the blister.
I was advised to:
– Mix salt and toothpaste, apply and walk around like that
– Mix alcohol with something and do something with it
– Apply some nail polish remover every few hours

Yep, you guessed it, I am currently sitting with a cutex-remover-lip. Nail polish remover! On my lip! It actually really works ya’ll! Apparently the acetone, in the remover, dries the blister right on up. Obviously you need to take precaution and I have been applying Labello to the area around the infected part, so that the remover does not affect my skin etc. But this actually works, folks! My pleasure.

Metrosexual Shmetroshexual


So I like a guy that smells good and looks clean.
I mean, obviously that guy is my betrothed, Chrissy.
But I’ve just been thinking about guys in general and how some seem to be so unperturbed by their appearance. 

Ladies love looking good!
I’m sure we do it for ourselves but also for the man in our lives (or to get that man LOL).
And men appreciate a lady who looks after herself. Right? 
So what am I missing here guys?

Why do some guys just not “GET IT”?

Is it over confidence and zero self-esteem issues?
Is it because they hate the term “metro sexual”?
Is it … because they don’t even know what on earth I’m ranting about right now?

Either way, a tip to all you single guys out there, looking to meet your future Future!

Smell good, at all times (colognes are a nice idea). Deodorants are good, but there is NOTHING like a guy who has his own smell. (And I mean GOOD smell) It makes you wana spray some of what he’s using on your teddy bear, to help you fall asleep at night.

Brush yo hair! For real! Brush it! Just brush eeet!!!!!! Yes we see those tentacles! Yes it bugs us!

Trim yo nails, brother! Unless you want us to do a french manicure on you. In that case, you have issues.

Fresh breath is a must. Always. This is not just for when you want a smooch. Breath escapes your lips when you talk too. Now you know. My pleasure.

Look after your body. Look, we’re not looking for the next David Hasselhoff, but being a bit more conscientious about the amount of Big Macs you’re scoffing down, would be a plus. 

Do not burp or fart in front of us (purposefully). No its not cute or funny. I promise.

–  Yes we can see that stain on the front of your shirt!!!!

Change your socks daily. I’m being serious about this.

Wash your hands after you’ve used the loo!

– Tame your eyebrows – Vaseline works!

– Look after your skin

– Lotion / Creams are your friend! Aint nothing worse than scaly, dry, hands.

– Guys, I know it might seem reeeaaaally hard to make your clothes match. But it’s SUCH a pleasure seeing a guy actually put some thought into what he is going to wear. It’s like “hey, he really does care!”

Hope I helped someone, somewhere be a little more conscientious about how they are representing themselves :) 

The Thief: Our engagement story

I know I’ve been really bad at keeping my blogs up to date, so here I am to redeem myself with a very special engagement post. On the 30th of December 2012, Chris proposed and I said: YES! :) <3

The gory details: 
Chris made me rehearse for a whole afternoon because we were meant to do a song item at church. I sang my little heart out, trying to get this thing perfect. Chris ended up inviting our families to church and everything, so that they could see us do the item AND he was leading worship so it was a special service for us anyways. Little did I know that the dude had something else up his (cardigan) sleeve. ANYWAYS… After worship it was time for the song item… Chris and I made our way to the stage, and I stand there, with a mic in my hand, waiting for him to start the song with his guitar.

And nothing happens. I’m thinking, oh no, the sound guy forgot to plug the guitar in or something… All of a sudden a DIFFERENT song starts playing… And I’m a bit confused… coz this is definitely not the song we rehearsed! Lo and behold, my Chrissy starts singing to me :) Right there! On the stage! Of corse, the congregation cheered him on when they realized what was happening! It only hit me like, few seconds later. Talk about delayed reaction.

He sang a song by one of my favorite singer/songwriters, Brooke Fraser, called “The Thief”. I’ve always told Chris that The Thief MUST be our wedding song! And now it will be. Anyways, so there I stand, as my boyfriend serenades me in front of the church, family and friends. He then went on one knee and said: “Luchae, I cant think of a better place to do this… in front of God, our friends and family. I said that I would do this before the end of 2012, and this is the night. Luchae Gie, will you marry me?” 

Well, something along those lines… I was to busy crying and trying to hide my face in my hair to hear him hahaha. The congregation was sooooo awesome… cheering him on and encouraging me (telling me to say YES lol). Which I did. Of course. It was the most perfect moment ever! Anyways… we’ve set our wedding date for the 16th December 2013, which gives us plenty of time to plan and enjoy this time of being betrothed. By the way, I forget to say that. AAAAAAACK!

See pics below :) We got it at lots of different angles coz everyone at church took pics.
God is so faithful!!!!!
Happiness is me!! <3engagement

Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot

This weekends Snazzy and Sneakers Photoshoot was a whole lot of fun! The photographer is Charlene Rademeyer, who is a teacher at our church’s school, Willow Academy and a part time events photographer. I think she did a stunning job! Check them out:

snazzy and sneaker

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