Jumpers anyone? My brain needs a kickstart…

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Today marks 2 weeks before I return to work and I’m starting to feel a bit frazzled.
All of a sudden I can think up hundreds of things I need to get done before returning to my 8-5 job and I also really want to sleep as much as I can and lounge around in PJ’s but then I also really want to do stuff, like shopping, rearranging the house, breakfasts with my hubby, going on excursions…
So much to do, so little maternity leave time to do it.

Being an adult is such hard work. It takes real commitment, if you want to do this thing right.
There are no short cuts (like studying for a test a few hours before)… everything requires proper planning and sensible thinking! Now with this said, I am aware that I take that notion to the umpteenth degree.
I cannot do anything without planning it properly, or else I feel totes out of control.
I think that’s the beauty of my marriage to my totally out of control husband! He doesn’t do anything pre-planned… he finds it really boring and tedious if he has to think about what hes going to do tomorrow instead of just waking up and doing it. I cant live like that.

But I’ve found that since becoming his wife (it’s only been 1 year, 1 month and a couple of days ya’ll) I’ve found myself way more chillaxed!

I mean, I even left the house on spur of the moment wearing NO MAKEUP! Yep, it actually happened.
Today, I’m on my bed, laptop on my lap, baby asleep and guess what, I am not neat-freak-tidying the house. Feels good.
I’m on that “might wash my hair now, might wash it tomorrow” buzz and I’m a bit subconsciously afraid that its going to swallow me whole!

I had a brief panic attack earlier, thinking about how I am going to manage to balance it all – going to work and coming home to a baby that will want to be with mommy, getting her bathed, cooking, homework with Kyle, cleaning up etc etc etc…
How do moms with toddlers AND infants do it?
How do moms with twins do it?
I’m starting to wish that I wasn’t so relaxed and had an action plan in place.

2 weeks before normalcy returns and I am considering getting a full time maid.
Does this make me laaaaaazy? (yeah, I’m singing the song in my head too)
I don’t think that husbands understand the enormousness of our role!
There is no “down time”.
Oh to be a child again!

Full time working, husband pleasing, Super Moms around the world – I salute you!

2015 – You’re about to get served!

Kicking butt preggy belly and all  (Taken in 2014)

Well, I take my metaphorical hat off to those ladies who have managed to hit puberty, found and lost their first love, found and left their first job, made an enemy, lost a good friend, got married, had a kid or two, found friends who you click with at this stage in your life, generally live the rest of your life loving and serving your family AND still find a way to be the same girl you were before it all happened.

I wouldn’t say that I have made a 360 degree change from being the dorky, read-a-holic, Mariah Carey loving, insecure, shy girl I was pre-baby number 1. But there are definitely bits and pieces that are no more and gobs of “new me” where there wasn’t before.

I always find it kinda corny when people say “stay as sweet as you are” and “never change!”
How is that possible? Life changes people and peoples lives change.
Character shaping events are all a part of the package of growth and hey, just being alive, I guess.
I mean, even if you don’t do anything remotely significant for a whole year, a part of you will still be affected… changed… subconsciously. The mere passing of time has the ability to shift things.

With that said, I think that although we cant stop life from happening and time from going forward, we DO have the power to make right decisions. We can ultimately choose to learn from hard knocks and allow the tough stuff to mold us.
I have personally endured so much crap (for lack of a better word) and I intensely disliked every moment of it BUT I chose to take the lesson out of the situation.
Lets call life a party…. the lesson would be the swagbag.

I’ve kinda been talking myself into being proactive this year.
2015 is going to be the year of a lot of things!
I do not want to be in the same place at the end of 2015. (I’m meaning physically, emotionally, spiritually – career, marriage, family etc).
I do not want to be in the same head space either.
If I cant look back at this year and think “wow, I’ve learnt some hard lessons in 2015” then bah humbug!

Bring it on 2015!
I’m going to milk you for all that you’re worth!


Im baaaack! Plus one!

Hello there!
By golly gosh, its been a long time since I’ve called myself a blogger!
I’m sure the 6 people who read this will be thrilled to have me back 🙂

So I finally have another laptop, praise God, and I am actually on maternity leave, so time is in abundance.
Yes, I have a baby ya’ll!
She is the most beautifulest lil babe in all the land! No I’m not biased, shes just that perfect!
Karis Leigh was born on the 31st of October 2014 and she is absolutely darling, looking like her daddy (with more hair of course).

I’m now in a situation where I cant fathom going back to work and leaving her at home for a whole day!
I think that pregnancy aches and giving birth aside, THIS part right here is the worst!
Whoever came up with these rules?! I don’t want to play anymore 🙁

Something must be said about this amazingly torturous feeling of loving another little person so much that you cant see yourself separated from them.
Mind you, Hubstopher and I went out for supper the other night and my mom looked after Kari and hey, it was glorious to be amidst other adults (wearing make up and perfume nogals!)
But to leave early in the morning and only see her when its nearing dark is something else altogether.
Yes, I know… moms have been doing it for centuries and they’ve survived. Sigh. I know.

Anyways, so apparently South African laws might change soon.
They’re talking about extending maternity leave to a nice 9 months!
When I first heard this I felt a bit cheated like, Uhhhm why couldn’t you bring about this law while I’M on maternity leave?! But on second thought I figured that I got it a bit easy because 9 months together and then a sudden split would surely cause even more anxiety for both me and baby.

So in a way my 4 months at home is kinda the best thing because she wont be thaaaat scarred when mommy and her milk supply makes a disappearing act for 8 hours a day.

For emphasis on how difficult it is going to be to leave my darling lil babe, please see pic below.


“Everybody come see how cute I am!”


Hello Blog World! Yes, I am back and I am officially a wife!
Wedding talks will be underway as soon as I get my bearings but for now I want to share something equally (well not equally-equally, but its up there) exciting with you!

100happydays is this mieu caliente concept where they get people to consider what makes them happy in their every days lives and document about it! I think its fantastic because in this day and age everyone grumbles and moans about all the negative stuff, but we have so much to be thankful for!
God is good to us. I mean, we’re alive, arent we?

I want to share some more info with you straight from the horses (websites) mouth:
We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, isthe base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.

71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simpy did not have time to be happy. Do you? 
ow? Plain simple!

every day submit a picture of what made you happy! 

It can be anything from a meet-up with a friend to a very tasty cake in the nearby coffee place, from a feeling of being at home after a hard day to a favor you didto a stranger.

#100happyday challenge is for you – not for anyone else.
It is not a happiness competition or a showing off contest. If you try to please / make others jealous via your pictures – you lose without even starting. Same goes for cheating.
So first you register in the challenge then choose your favorite platform for submitting pictures. Here you can decide yourself on the privacy of your participation & happy moments.
-Share your picture via facebook, twitter or instagram with a public hashtag @100happydays
-Come up with your own hashtag to share your picutres with to limit publicity. (Dont forget to tell us how to find your pictures though
-Simply send your pictures to myhappyday (at) 100happydays.com to avoid any publicity
And you’re ready to go! 🙂
People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:

 – Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 – Be in a better mood every day;
 – Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 – Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 – Become more optimistic;
 – Fall in love during the challenge.
Even when the challenge is over the collected 100 happy moments can always remind you about the beauty of your life. For that, you can receive a little 100 page book with your 100 happy days at the finish line of the challenge!
And there you have it! 🙂 Cool concept, right? 
I dont know about you but I am blessed! And ‘ve got alot of happiness to share! 
Who knows my happy could inspire someone else to focus on the happy in their lives!
Cant wait to get started! 

Tonsils are a conundrum

Hello there, and please accept my not-so-cleverly named post for all that its worth. It has been a rough couple of weeks!

Well, it all started last week… uhmmm last week? week before that? See! I don’t even know what year it is any more! Any ways, it started a while back when my lovely son came home with a head ache and sore throat, which then spontaneously combusted into a full on intense attack of tonsillitis. My baby boy had a fever that brought on hallucinations and nightmares… for him, not me. I even had to rush him to the hospital at one point! Not nice. He missed 4 whole days of school and stayed in bed over an entire weekend. When he was finally better, I breathed a sigh of relief…. but not for long.

The next Thursday, I felt a little ummm qualm in the back of my throat, and chose to ignore it. By the time Thursday night arrived, I realized that the qualm had mutated into one of those giant ogres that you find in…. (okay I was going to reference a movie here, but I don’t watch movies any more)…. just trust me, it was really big okay! I had like these, cold shivers… literally freezing down to the core of my core! Any ways, the doctor said that I have tonsillitis and that I had picked it up from my son! Who knew it could be contagious?! Shocking. Doctor says that tonsils actually play a particularly important role in your body… I think it protects your throat or something. So he isn’t to keen on getting them removed. Go figure.

Any ways, that was on Friday. Its Monday today, and I am still not eating properly, I have crazy dizzy spells and my throat feels as if someone shoved a sock down into it.

I need this feeling to end like, right NOW, please. And thank you.

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