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I’m a writer, because I write

I’m a writer. Well, I am, aren’t I? I would like to call myself a writer… not that I write much. So I’ve kinda just let myself feel content with thinking that I’m not really a writer. I mean, I don’t have a published book. Heck, I’m not even published in like, an underground magazine that noone reads. (You know the type… the ones that aunties use to put their potato peels into.) So how can I call myself a writer?

Anyways, the other day I read the words: “I’m a writer, because I write.” And I was like… wait a minute, that makes sense. Being a writer… being an ANYTHING… would require you to START.

If I want to be a singer, it would mean that I sing. If I am a horse rider, it means that I actually go out and ride horses. And If I am a writer, it would mean that I write stuff. These things do not require me to have some sort of a social status.. the monetary value and popularity of my works do not add or take away from them… all it needs is DOING. And my lack thereof, would lessen the truth in the title. With that said: I am many things.

So today, let me introduce myself to you: Singer, Writer, Events Coordinater, Lover of Cheese, Financial Planner, Guitarist, Novelist and Stand Up Comedian. Pleased to meet you.

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