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Easy peasy mommy makeup with Essence {Giveaway!}

Moms, I get it. Putting on a full face of makeup is probably on your list of things to do one day when you’re kids are old enough to move out of the house. Until then, lip gloss and eye pencil should be enough to get rid of the zombie-esque look, right? I mean, who has the time to apply copious amounts of product using 103 makeup brushes that pretty much all look the same?! Mommy makeup should be an uncomplicated thing! Well, what if I told you that it’s not that difficult, yo. And it doesn’t have to take you 20 minutes to look like a superstar. To prove this to you, my friends over at Essence has agreed to help me help you uhh… help yourself. AND they are giving away a fabulous make up hamper to one lucky mama!

How I do my mommy makeup with Essence
When you fall out of bed in the morning, reaching for coffee and a toothbrush at the same time, putting on foundation is probably the last thing on your mind. I love that the Essence All I need concealer palette and Essence Stay All Day foundation is uncomplicated and so easy to use. Seriously though, on most days I even use my fingers to apply! If you’re looking at the concealer palette with a confused heart, please know that yes, the green part really does look green on your skin. But that’s the cleverness of it, yo! The green shade hides redness. Beige covers imperfections, pink hides tired skin and the yellow conceals under eye shadow. So clever. I apply dabs of the concealer to my skin first, before applying the Stay All Day foundation (which lasts for 16 hours, you guys!)

Easy peasy mommy makeup with EssenceI then get into the seriously pretty Essence All About That Nudes eye shadow palette. This palette has an array of shimmering, long lasting nudes in various tones. I love that Essence gives us super moms (amateur makeup artists) instructions on how to use their product. I apply the lightest shade to my brow and the top of my eyelid. The medium colors go on the upper eyelid, blended in to form a nice gradient. The darker colors would be used on my eyelid crease on the outer eye. Hows that for impressive! And I’m not evens a YouTube beauty blogger!

I use the Essence Blush Play sculpting palette in shade 10 Play It Peach, to make my otherwise zombie looking palour a bit more pleasing to the eye. Again, the Essence team has made my life easier by actually engraving instructions on the pressed powders. How cool! The highlight section is used to create a soft glow. The define section is used to accentuate the cheeks and the sculpt section is added to the cheek bones as a hint of color.

My favorite Essence products are the long lasting eye pencil and their range of amazing mascaras. Seriously guys, the Essence mascara is my friend. This time around I gave the Essence Lash Princess false lash effect mascara a go and I am super duper impressed! I also used their Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara to make my eyebrows match, somewhat. (They secretly hate each other, I’m convinced).

To finish the look I use two Essence lippies. I don’t have to, but I love the look and longevity of these two together. The Essence Ultra Last instant lip color goes on really smoothly and the color is intense. The Essence Matt Matt Matt lip gloss is a long lasting matte effect gloss that comes in the most gorgeous colors! I’m a fan!

And that’s that. What do you moms think? Is this something you could try at home? Well, guess what, Essence would like to help you with that! We are giving away a fabulous Essence makeup hamper to the value of R500, as part of my March birthday giveaway month. That’s right! It’s my birthday and I want you to celebrate with me! Whoop whoop!

To enter, simply check out the corresponding post on either Instagram or Facebook, and tag a friend to let them in on the sweeeeet deal! Once done, complete the entry below so that I can know where to contact you, if you win! Aaaack! Winners of all my March birthday giveaways will be announced on my Facebook page on March 30th.


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