Heart matters

Call him Bruce

Photo: US magazine

Can I start by saying I really hope I don’t offend anyone 🙂

I’m not a Kardashian follower, neither am I a transgender expert or someone who actually KNOWS Bruce Jenner, but I must say that reading his story yesterday totally broke my heart for him.

Here sits a man, who is so broken and hurt by his own father, that he seemingly lost who he is and mistook it for the need to be the one thing in life he has always been surrounded by – women.

I am not going to pretend to know what is going on deep down inside of him, but one thing I am sure of is that God does not make mistakes. If God gave Bruce Jenner male organs, male DNA and male hormones, then guess what, God had intended for Bruce to be a man.
The fact that he is not interested in being with another man proves this to me.
Surely if you’re actually a woman “on the inside” then your desire would be to be with a man? Maybe there is something deeper going on here…

With that said:
Changing your outward appearance will not fix what is going on, on the inside.
Changing how you look will not satisfy the longing in your heart.
I know that there is always hope in a hopeless world though, so…
Today, I pray that through this whole transformation Bruce Jenner begins to open himself up to God. And I pray that Bruce finds exactly what his soul has been yearning for this whole time!


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