Curly Update: Defeating the odds and growing like a Boeing!

So yesterday my Christmas wish came true and our Curly Girly took her very first steps! We literally laughed and cried (and shrieked… okay, it was me. I shrieked.) all at the same time! Curly was so excited she kept falling down, laughing, and then getting up again, because she saw how overjoyed I was. For proof check out the vid on my instagram. (BTW It’s in black and white, and I’ve cropped it, to disguise my total insane person behavior) 

My girl will be 14 months old at the end of December and although she has been hitting her milestones at pretty much the correct times, there is always that thought, in the back of my mind, that the CH would affect big developmental milestones. I mean, I’ve heard cases of CH toddlers who are still not walking and they are 2 years old already. We knew that this was not the destiny of our girl!

If you don’t know what the heck I am referring to, you can read all about Congenital Hypothyroidism in this postCurly was born with only half a thyroid. 

But we are so thankful that God is holding her in the palm of His hand and that she is growing beautifully and is so clever, beyond her age! She is still only on one little thyroid pill (50mcg), which we give to her in the morning. Other than that, the CH does not feature in our lives at all. She is perfect.

She loves giving hugs and kisses and blows kisses when she says goodbye to someone. She knows who mama, dadda, ma and pa is and she can call for her older brother by name (Kyle becomes “Ayle” in baby language).

She knows that she is entertaining and sometimes does things and turns to see the expressions on everyone’s faces. She is so aware of everything around her!

She loves books. When she won a set of books from Kids Book Club she proceeded to page through one book over and over and pointed out things that interested her. It became our go-to toy when she needed to be distracted in her play pen. Oh and Barney. She loves Barney and knows when to sing the “ah ah-ah ah” part in the ‘If all the raindrops were jelly tots and gumdrops…” song.
So basically, she’s a genius.

I am such a proud mama!

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