Are you an angry mom

Are you an angry mom?

My children make me angry. There, I said it. Oh, sorry, your kids are perfect little poppets and you walk around sniffing roses whole day? That’s great. My children are not angels and I am a human being too, so I can’t relate. Look, I’m not saying that I live my life in permanent “angry mom” mode. Our home is not a war zone and I smile a lot more than I frown, I promise. But sometimes you need to bust out your inner ‘angry mom’ to get the job done. Are you an angry mom too?

When Angry Mom comes, she brings the thunder! Her voices changes and she even growls on occasion. You feel the thunder whether her answer is a cool “no.” or if she spends an hour explaining why you were wrong and what you should have done instead, using as many descriptive words as possible.

being a mother sucksYes, Angry Mom can come across as a tad bit irrational. Her ability to piece together coherent sentences completely overridden by the sheer disbelief of her child’s actions. “Shut your mouth when you’re talking to me!” followed by “answer me when I’m speaking!” or (my personal favorite) “The answer is no because I said so” regardless of the actual reason why the answer is no.

Angry Mom is able to contort her face to make the most scariest facial expressions to correctly emphasize her anger. Flaring nostrils, glaring eyes and flushed cheeks blazing! If you are, what I’d like to call, “next level angry mom” (i.e. Angry Mom 2.0) you are able to control your Angry Mom face in public, giving your child a facial expression that says the things you are not able to say out loud… livid on the inside, polite smile on the outside. It’s a skill, really.

Are you an angry momBut jokes aside, I hate being Angry Mom. I feel like ‘angry mom’ overrides ‘fun mom’ and no one wants to be the uncool parent. I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum – super duper Angry Mom (cape, mask and all) and I’ve been really passive mom. And at the end of the day, I found that my kids actually want me to discipline them. If you read your ‘Parenting Gig’ contract, you’ll find the Angry Mom clause right at the bottom, in fine print. Yep, it is a requirement, to some degree. Disciplining your kid is a requirement. They need it – rely on it even – more than you know! Discipline shows that we care, allows them to learn and reiterates that we are in charge and we know what is best for them!

And hey, remember that “discipline” does not mean “punishment”. Discipline is done out of love, to teach and grow. I always remind myself to be mindful of my words – they offer instruction and correction BUT they also have the power to tear down. So I guess what I’m trying to say is, be the Angry Mom, but like, the sober Batman version… don’t go Hulk on them. We don’t want to scar the children for life.


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