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How to keep it classy on social media

If you’re a social media maven, like I am (haha look at me making myself sound cool and important), you would know that there are do’s and don’ts when it comes to posting to The Gram or Facebook. I mean, if you want to stay in the safe zone.

With that said, you could totally post a whole bunch of opinionated, subliminal updates, with the sole intention of ruffling feathers, and, you know, trying to rub your ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend the wrong way. If that’s your jam, I totally get it.

Me, I am not that person, yo. I keep it safe and I try not to start a huge debate on my personal social media platforms. Mainly because those debates get out of control and I just don’t have the time to moderate people’s comments. And, to be honest you guys, at the end of the day, no one’s really listening to anyone else anyways. It’s like a sibling squabble – there is literally no point to it.

In my many, many years (haha look at me trying to make myself sound experienced) of using social media (Myspace users – hollar!) I’ve found that there are five basic ways to keep your heart clean, and not get yourself into trouble, when sharing info and commenting on any of these platforms.

I call it my “how to keep it classy on social media” check list. You are welcome to call it “Luchae’s I’m-too-lazy-to-get-into-a-fight-that-I-won’t-win check list” … to each their own.

1. No one cares
I often remind myself that no one really cares, well, for the most part. This mindset helps when I spot a post with a gazillion comments all opposing what I believe. I mean, my little rant on the gazillion-commented post will probably have half the commentators laughing at me and the other half rolling their eyes. Kinda not the best way to reach out to people, right? If I really want to share my thoughts on a topic, I could simply start a conversation offline OR have a face to face conversation, you know, like how our grandparents did back in the day. If you have a relationship with the person, it should make it easy for you to address certain topics offline. Why do it where the world can see?

2. The mute button is a real thing
If someone is constantly trying to berate or belittle me via their subliminal updates, I simply unfollow their posts on Facebook, or mute them on Insta or Whatsapp stories. No passive aggressive behavior needs to be unleashed, Stephanie Forester. I mean, clearly, this person has an issue and when I retaliate, I give them ammunition and probably make them feel as if their rude posts are actually getting them results. Henceforth: No results from me, because I didn’t even see what you said, Martha. Also, I get to keep my heart clean, because not reading your posts means I don’t get upset.

3. I don’t angry post
If I’m upset with my Hubstopher (or anyone else for that matter, but I mean, let’s be honest, he’s a pretty good example) I don’t angry tweet/update because chances are that anger will eventually blow over, but alas, the whole world would now know about it. I mean, I get it, people need to KNOW what a terrible person so-and-so is. And also, sure, having a mature face-to-face conversation just doesn’t cut as deep as posting it to social media. I’m just like, what’s the point man, Helen Zille? What’s the point? Will I get the results I want/need? Probably not. Keep it classy.

4. I ignore
If someone comments something really stinky on one of my updates or photos, I simply delete it or I just refuse to reply. Again, same concept applies: they don’t care what I have to say anyways. If I have a real relationship with the poster, I could take the convo offline… you know, where no ego will come into play. It’s crazy how having an audience can change the tone and manner in which we address each other. So yes, replying to a stinky comment online opens the door for those pointless online debates that pretty much serve as nothing more than entertainment for those people who don’t have work to do on a Friday afternoon. Ignore the trolls. Steer clear of the drama.

5. I don’t invite you to play games
Luchae Williams has invited you to play Candy Forest Bonanza!
Luchae Williams wants you to send her a life on Candy Forest Bonanza!

No. Just no.

So those are the few ways I try to curb my enthusiasm when I feel myself getting riled up, while scrolling through social media. There’s a scripture that goes: “Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable.” This certainly helps me to weed out what I respond to on my personal social. I mean, the stuff that makes me feel “argh” inside deserves to be ignored. It’s another reason why I love this website… it has become a way for me to share my thoughts in a safe space, knowing that the people reading it have chosen to opt in.

Do you have a stance when it comes to what you tolerate on social media? Share them with us below.

Disclaimer: If you enjoy stirring the pot online then go for gold Donald. It’s your profile and you can shake things up if you want to. I’m not saying my way is the right way, but I AM saying that my way is the right way FOR ME. Shalom. 

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