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Just me throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrum

throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrumIf you must know, I haven’t cared to update this blog of mine for the past two weeks. Mainly because this is my version of throwing a spreadsheet brain tantrum. You see, my site was hacked (I’m not even joking) a while ago and during the fixing something went wrong and now I can’t upload images into my posts. Firstly, I know right, are images really that important Luchae? Well yes, yes they are. Secondly, why would anyone want to hack ME? I mean, seriously now. Unless they want to infiltrate my blog in an attempt to take over… uhh my three bedroomed duplex (run by a small army that I created myself and now can’t get away from). Not extremly ambitious I would say. And lastly, why throw a virtual tantrum anyways. It’s not like anyone cares. Well I care. Throwing the tantrum made me feel better, okay? So there you have it.

Life on this side of the web is pretty much settling into the beautiful lull of routine. This is my final week of maternity leave and Jo has officially started daycare. I am actually excited about going to work on Monday. I know, right? It’s my spreadsheet brain, I tell ya! I crave routine and normalcy. I thrive when there is order and a schedule to follow.

Jo is still fighting against the bottle. Which is something I would have shared with you last week, had I been able to share pics. I also want to tell you guys about this super duper cool toy that Kari has been playing with! Oh and I have a couple of cool competitions that I want to run as well. But alas… No worries though, I have some people (note the use of the word “some”) helping me fix the error. I expect things to go back to normal by tomorrow. Keeping fingers, toes and all movable bits crossed.

But anyways, enough about me. How are you?
Here’s a bunch of posts I’ve shared recently that might interest you:
1. Here’s one about why I like it when my husband is in charge. (Shocker)
2. And one about how flippen angry my children make me.
3. A silly post about how clever I think I am and why you should let me be your life coach. (Seriously, you should)
4. And then one detailing why you need to tell your kids that a vagina is a vagina and a penis is a penis. You’re welcome.

Update: The blog was fixed literally hours after I posted this. Which goes to show, don’t throw your toys out of the cot…uhhhh.. before they hatch? 

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