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Meet the Mommy Blogger: Venean Bosch of In The Meantime

Venean BoschAs far as friendships go, I’m quite selective about who I share my life with. I mean, you get friends-friends… the people you occasionally spend time and generally share the ups and downs of the day with. And then you get FRIENDS-friends… the (unfortunate?) ones who get to experience your beauty AND your ugly and they stick around regardless. Well, Venean has been the latter… in her I’ve found someone who actually encourages you to let lose and be whoever you darn well want to be. Her blog, In The Meantime, is a lot like that too. She chats about the realness of motherhood and she kinda leaves you feeling as if she’s your actual real life friend.

Vee started blogging a few years ago, but wanted to keep it anonymous. After a lot of prompting she eventually moved over to her own domain last year and began to take this blogging thing seriously. Yay for us! Since then In The Meantime has grown and Vee’s anecdotes and personal stories have truly given me life, on those really crappy days.

“My blog keeps me thinking about ways I can be better at parenting, wifeing, lifeing. It keeps me asking myself why I did that, and what I can do to improve it.”

Vee explains that the most rewarding thing about blogging is that it keeps her constantly thinking about ways she can be a better parent or wife. I can totally relate! In a weird way, having a blog or being invested on a social media platform, kinda motivates you to make better decisions. Yes, it’s easy to get sucked into a “but how can I make this moment Instagrammable?” mind set. But you kinda feel responsible to share content and information that is rewarding/uplifting/necessary/a benefit.

We share a similar story (teenage pregnancy, single mom, married man of our dreams, had a kid with him etc etc) and I personally love reading her blog and feeling as if she “gets” where I’m at right now.

“It’s been an amazing outlet for reflection even when I say the same thing over and over. Also having people comment and say – YES! ME TOO, or I feel you. It just means all that time I spent preparing and writing was for that one person to not feel alone.”

Vee and her hubby, Ian, recently started their own business, Ootrey, which specialises in affordable, funky prescription eye wear. I love the brand’s geek-meets-cool persona and their products are stunning! You can check out more on the website and catch Ootrey on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Venean’s blog, In The Meantime, can also be followed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out some of my favorite In The Meantime posts here:

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