• 2022 update
    My spreadsheet brain

    2021… uhhh I mean… 2022 update.

    It’s been a while since I’ve shown my face around these here parts. How the heck are you? I know, I’ve been scarce… super lame. Sorry about that. Granted, I have many solid reasons as to why I’ve been quiet (you know, things like: work, kids, life, Netflix – just rewatched Bridgerton btw and am now referring to myself as ‘Your Grace’… that sort of thing) But, excuses aside, I realise that I’ve been pretty slack on the blogging front over the past year and I need to get back into gear. So here’s a young 2022 update for you. But first, let’s start here: 2021 was a doozy. There,…

  • It's beginning to look a lot like
    My spreadsheet brain

    It’s beginning to look a lot like…

    “iiiiiiiit’s beginning to look a lot like” … September. It’s September, people, calm down. And yes… when I speak to “people”, I’m actually talking to my spreadsheet brain (its a collective) because my inner Susan, and her sisters, wants to start digging out the Christmas decorations already. The thing is this though… Christmas brings with it the over-the-top spread of cheerfulness that my soul wants to need it right now! I mean, even though 2021 was not as much of a soul-suck, when compared to 2020, it still did it’s fair share of – errrrr – soul sucking. I need to feel some sort of renewed joy right now. We…

  • What kind of friend are you?
    Heart matters

    What kind of friend are you?

    I recently had a very long chat, with a very old friend of mine and it was filled with all sorts of complaining. We moaned about the fact that we are getting old. She showed me her swollen thumb. I told her that I don’t understand how people make Tik Toks that requires 7 outfit changes. We both need more money. I mean, if you were a fly on the wall, you would wonder why on earth we would dedicate a whole conversation to, well… moaning. The thing is this though… why would we not? I have a lot of friends – really great pals, all of them. People who…

  • Mommy what happened to your tummy

    Mommy, what happened to your tummy?

    “Ew mommy, what happened to your tummy?” my little girl asked me, while keeping me company in the bathroom. Apparently I need supervision while I shower. Mind you, I knew the day would come when my kids would start paying attention to body parts. I just didn’t expect that MY body would be the first point of interest. If I were to be sincerely honest – and I plan to be, because this blog is my therapy space – her question totally and completely devastated me. I mean, to say it nicely: it made me feel lekker junk. It made me feel junk because, I mean, who has lus to…

  • 2020: The year that never was
    Heart matters

    2020: The year that never was

    Some would argue that it’s a bit too late to write a “year in review” post, since it’s day 3 into the new year already. Also, we are over 2020. There, I said it. I mean, 2020 is as tired as faux fur sliders. Some would even call 2020 “the year that never was” because it was so elusive and devastating. Much like faux fur sliders. But I digress… Regardless of how I feel about 2020, a “year in review” post is a must! Well, because I am a creature of habit and changing this particular habit is not one of the goals on my 2021 list. (Whaaaaat). Anyways, enough…

  • One truth about Covid-19
    Heart matters

    One truth about Covid-19

    I’m convinced, we love drama. I mean, if you consider the amount of fake news and Covid-19 conspiracies that frequent our Whatsapp broadcasts and Facebook timelines, you kinda have to wonder who is writing the script for this nonsense. (It’s posted on Facebook so it MUST be the truth. *insert eye roll*) If we had to be honest with ourselves we’d admit that at this point we kinda don’t know what to believe when it comes to coronavirus. Are the stats even real? Wasn’t it created by the Chinese government? Bill Gates wants to control our minds, right? Dunno. But there is ONE single truth that I DO know about…

  • An ode to 2020
    Heart matters

    An ode to 2020

    There are so many things that I wanted to accomplish in 2020. I had jotted it down in my diary, in January, planning events and strategies way in advance. You know mos – spreadsheet brain, and what not. But, alas, as fate would have it, 2020 would be that drunk uncle at family gatherings. You know, the one that starts out all cheerful and chipper, and then later causes havoc and destruction. Kidding. Let’s not blame an actual year for all the poo that we’ve had to endure. We blame the coronavirus. 2020 is just an innocent bystander. Anyways, blame games and finger pointing aside… it’s been a rather rough…

  • Four funerals and a wedding
    My spreadsheet brain

    2020: Four funerals and a wedding

    It’s been the best of times, it’s been the worst of times. I mean, besides for learning how to bake our own banana bread, 2020 has been showing us flames. Our “best of times” included the occasional Zoom wedding (which is pure genius, btw…). As human beings, we have somehow mastered the art of staying connected, without being in the same room. I dig that. Our “worst of times” involved losing many loved ones over a short period of time. And, honestly friends, death had always been a far off notion, for me, until this year. We’ve become heavily acquainted with grief. You don’t fully appreciate your time on earth…

  • social media is a lie
    Heart matters

    My social media is a lie

    I try not to catch feelings. Mainly because catching feelings means that my hands are full. It hinders my productivity. But, the truth is that I DO catch feelings sometimes… and like an expert nogals. In fact, my husband would tell you that on a particularly challenging day, I’d be out here catching feelings like Mark Boucher in his heyday. So that’s, like, a lot of feelings being caught. Why the monologue about catching feelings? Well, Gladys, if you follow me on the socials you’ll know that we’ve experienced a lot of loss this year. Having to watch our loved ones say goodbye to family members, on repeat, over a…

  • Blessed are the peacemakers
    My spreadsheet brain

    Blessed are the peacemakers

    When it comes to feuding and arguments, I kinda, uhh… don’t. Meaning: I don’t participate. I try not to indulge in little spats and angry text messaging and holding onto a grudge until 7de Laan’s Oubaas returns to Hilda (so that’s, like, a long time). I mean (honestly now) besides for being way too busy and way too lazy (at the same time nogals) to participate, I do find holding on to anger to be quite tedious and unproductive. And as you know – spreadsheet brain – my aim is to be super productive at all times. (Yes, even when I’m scrolling through Instagram Martha, thanks for pointing that out,…