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Meet the Mommy Blogger: Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the Madness

Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the MadnessYou get bloggers and then you get Bloggers – and Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the Madness falls in to the latter group. The capital ‘B’ suggests that, like others in her supreme category, she knows what’s up when it comes to running and maintaining an online presence. I mean, the lady started dabbling with blogging almost ten years ago, you guys! Ten years ago I barely knew what Facebook was, much less blogging! And coupled with her lengthy experience working at popular parenting site, Parent24, let’s just say that on a scale of one to Siri, Zayaan knows how to tell an audience exactly what they want to hear.

Zayaan was nudged into the blogging arena by her Parent24 team but never really felt that she had a voice until she had her kids. I can so relate. I mean, not that our mommy identities are our only identities, but becoming a mom is a game changer on so many levels. She shares: “I started Surviving the Madness after Rushdi (son) was born because I felt like I finally had something to share. And I was also looking for a community and support from other moms like I saw happening on the Parent24 blogs.”

Zayaan Mollagee of Surviving the MadnessOne thing I love about Surviving the Madness is that she shares a lot of tips and tricks, that make her life easier. From homeschooling and educational prompts to toddler recipes and even a “things I love” section, there is something for every mum.  

Zayaan and I share a similar blogging challenge: time management! One would think that all you need is a laptop and something to say. But quite often, you’re so pooped after a long day at the LIFE, that your brain refuses to function… or atleast form coherent sentences that would be pleasing unto the public eye.

“The most challenging thing about blogging for me is being consistent with publishing posts. I find it hard to make time for blogging when I have two kids, homeschooling and freelancing. So I’ve learned that I need to plan as best I can. The most rewarding thing has been being able to connect with other moms and I’m also very grateful for all the friends I’ve made in the last 4 years. “

If you’re keen to read more about the Mollagee adventures and misadventures, check out more from Zayaan and how she “survives the madness” on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

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