Instagram killed the blog
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Instagram killed the blog – right?

Instagram killed the blog – right? Yes, this is my blog post title and, yes, I am feeling particularly salty about the whole ordeal hence me making it my opening line too. Instagram killed the blog. There, I said it again.

Okay, dramatics aside, I’ve actually come here to share some relevant and interesting information (and not to throw my metaphorical toys out of my metaphorical cot) so I should probably get to it, shouldn’t I?

So the question I pose to you, friend, is this: Has Instagram killed blogging? My answer to this question varies on any given day.

Has Instagram killed the blog?

I’m sure you may have noticed that I don’t post on this teeny tiny little blog as often as I use to. And while I most certainly (and frequently) use the fact that I’ve birthed 3 humans beings in a period of 6 years as the reason why I’m unable to type away on my computer during my free time (because free time… hahahaha… that sounds like a nice joke) the truth is that I’ve also had to shift my focus because the blogging industry is changing.

It’s changing because Instagram has now kinda opened up the game. Basically anyone can be a blogger these days (FYI: The word “micro-blogger” is the term of endearment given to people who blog via social media without a website and a 3000 worded essay).

In the past you had to build a website, think out a clever name for your little space on the net, buy a domain, type out long-form posts that are interesting and easy to consume and then get people to actually visit this space. Blogging – in this form – took a lot more effort and time and, hey, moola.

These days, anybody can start a micro-blog. Simply register on Instagram and Bob’s your uncle.

If you’re really good at taking pics and sharing a story via short-form visual media, then Bob’s probably your rich uncle. Oh and if, on top of that, you have enough time in your day to comment on a gazillion peoples posts, thus upping the engagement on your own account, then Bob’s your rich uncle who left you a lekker inheritance.

With that said, short-form blogging is a lot easier to consume (mindless Instagram scroll, anyone?) and, as a blogger, short-form blogging is easier to maintain.

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What does that mean for the OG bloggers? Well, our websites now have to compete with the likes of Insta and Tik Tok. Attention spans are shorter, so if we want to keep our blog alive and relevant, we need to put out content that answers a question/serves a purpose. Because, for the most part, people aren’t coming on here to hear about your feelings. Long-winding captions on Instagram takes care of that.

For cool-nerds like me (sniff, sob), who are a lot better at writing than taking a pic (or even posing for a pic, let’s be honest) this really and truly sucks monkey balls. It sucks because less people read my blog posts and, with more brands wanting to partner with bloggers who have bangin’ Instagram accounts, it means that I have to focus my attention there.

But also, for cool-nerds like me who actually own a blog, well… I actually own a blog. What I mean by this is that your micro-blog on Instagram belongs to Instagram. Whereas the content on  your  blog site belongs to you. And if the Instagram algorithm changes for the worse (as is the trend) or if the app shuts down tomorrow (imagine that… so many models without a job) chances are your content will die a slow and painful death along with it.

The content on a blog is evergreen and with the right SEO (search engine optimization – it means Google will find your blog posts on the interwebs with the right keyword search). Your content can be relevant for years to come, gaining views even when you’ve forgotten about it. Whereas an Instagram post’s lifespan is – what – 48 hours?

So yes, lot’s of information. And I wasn’t even thaaaat salty in this post. Hope my mum is proud of me.

In conclusion I do feel that there is a place in the world for you and for me and the entire human race (heal the blog, make it a better place). I think that blogging is relevant today, but just in a different way. A blog post can inspire, motivate, educate and connect (more than just sell you the latest fad).

And while consuming short-form media (i.e Instagram) may be easier, you probably won’t end up on Instagram when you find yourself asking Google for “C-Section Recovery Tips” at 3 in the morning. (I gotchu girl. See my actual blog post about that topic right here lol seriously.)

I mean, if you think about it, blogging has stood the test of time (hello ex-My Space users, wud rofl aslr?). The blog is the one medium that has kinda shouldered it’s way past the crowd of popular platforms (Vine, Facebook, Snap Chat) and cemented itself onto the top steps of the interwebs. Not quite going anywhere. But also… not quite going anywhere. (See what I did there?)

And I’d like to think that this means that blogging is not dead. I’d like to think that this proves that blogging is very much alive.

In fact, I’d go out on a gander and say that blogging will never ever die. Fingers crossed.


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