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Hubstopher’s Game Show Birthday Party

game show birthday partyAs I had so mushingly shared the other day, my Hubstopher turned the ripe old age of 30 on the 4th of October. He’s not one for having a fuss made of him and I had to hear the “please babe, no parties!” mantra over and over again. But something had to be done! I agreed to no party though and instead, hosted a super rad Game Show Birthday Celebration!

Why a game show, I hear you ask. Well, for starters, this guy of mine is pretty peculiar. He is very specific with the things that he finds interesting and everyone knows it. His range of obsessions includes tech stuff, soccer, food and music. So I thought that hey, we should use these things to celebrate the dude! And that’s how the Game Show Birthday Party Celebration was born.

First up, the invitation:
I discovered a really cool online app called Face In Hole that pretty much photoshops a face into one of their images. I used this concept to come up with this legit party invite:game show birthday

Then the decor:
I wanted to have the whole game show feel but didn’t want to break the bank doing so. My local craft shop supplied me with a black picnic table cloth, some silver envelopes, polystyrene glitter stars and 2 sets of portable fairy lights. As easy as that! c1

I also used the same star cut outs to make nifty little table numbers. My craft store had these polystyrene blocks at R15 for 10. I simply covered them with foil, stuck my star on to a long sosati stick, and shoved the stick into the foil covered block. Awesome because little work… just how I like it.Game Show Party

And then, dear friends, I kinda got carried away with the Face In A Hole and ended up making a whole bunch of these because they are so hilarious! I figured that since the game show was called “Who’s That Chris” it kinda fit in with the whole theme. The Taylor Lautner one is my fave show birthday

I kept the food really easy… it was a bunch of things that Chris loved including mini cheese grillers and bowls of trifle as dessert. This was the food table: game show birthday

I would think that this is one of the more important parts of a game show party. I split our guests up (they each chose a number out of a hat), so that there was a nice mix at each table. We had a few rounds of trivia and the groups used the answer sheets to fill in their answers. At the end of all the general knowledge questions, we had a super bonus round: Each group chose a number from our silver boxes aka the envelopes with the stars stuck on ’em. Each envelope contained a super stealthy question about show birthday

There were points to be tallied and prizes to be won. Everyone got really into it. So much fun! At the end of the night, we brought out his Liverpool birthday cake – he was super chuffed with that! All in all it was a great night spent with good friends. And I didn’t even use the word “party” once! 😉 game show birthdayGame Show Birthday


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