FIFA World Cup 2018 activities to do with your family
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FIFA World Cup 2018 activities to do with your family

If soccer fever has hit your household, and you’re not keen to hide away in your bedroom for a whole month (oh is it just me then?), why not embrace the ball, yo. The soccer world cup is actually the perfect reason to schedule some fun, quality time with the ones you love. Looking for some cool things to do this soccer season? Well here are five FIFA World Cup 2018 activities to do with your family:

Pick your team
Get some friendly competition going by having a team “lucky draw”. Instead of root for the world cup faves, get them to lucky draw a team from a hat. Put up a wall chart to mark each team’s progress. You could give points for goals scored and even deduct points for fouls. I would probably do a redraw once the top 8 teams are revealed. (Hint: Put together a hamper of treats for the person with the most points at the end)

Get kitted out
Get your family to represent their team by wearing country colors on game days. You could even get them to paint their faces and make flags and banners. Give points for best kit, paraphernalia and team spirit. Double points if they can sing their teams national anthem, complete from start to finish!

Food always wins
Big game days are a great time to have “foods of the world” on your snack menu. Ask the kids to do some research and you could even get them to help you out in the kitchen as you prepare the dishes. Soccer World Cup party, anyone?

Fun facts
Half time is a great time to have some soccer trivia. The internet is your friend, yo. Put together a couple of soccer world cup trivia questions and allocate points for each correct answer. This is a great way to keep the hype going.

Visit a fan park
Find out where the world cup fan parks are located in your city and be sure to visit one, on a big game day. Ain’t nothing like the real thing, but the fun vibe at a genuine fan park is close enough! (Hint: day games are better, if you’re going with kids)

So that’s on my list of things to do during this world cup season. Do you have anything special planned? Let me know which of these FIFA World Cup 2018 activities you’ll be doing with your family.

Image: Fifa World Cup website

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