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Easy peasy honey, lemon and ginger flu remedy

Winter serves its purpose… well, that’s what I tell myself on cold mornings when getting out of bed is as painful as wearing socks with sandals. Winter is okay. And hey, there are a bunch of things that make winter a little more tolerable. Like chunky jerseys and cute boots, for example. I’m also a huge fan of hot chocolate and binge watching movies while under thick blankets. Winter is bearable. And as for the flu and cold? We are sorted! Check out this easy peasy honey, lemon and ginger flu remedy:

1 cup of honey
2 lemons (sliced)
1 chunk of fresh ginger (sliced)

honey, lemon and ginger flu remedyMethod
Simply add the lemon slices, ginger and honey in layers to your mason jar. So that’s a layer of lemon, then a layer of ginger and a big spoon of honey. Repeat until your jar is full, seal and place the jar in the fridge for about 12 hours, to allow the flavours to infuse. To use, stir thoroughly first and then add a couple of teaspoons of the concoction to a mug of hot water whenever you feel your immune system needs a boost. You can keep this in the fridge for up to 2 months. How cool?!

And as for chapped lips and bruised noses, do not fret dear friend, I’ve got you covered with that too! Let me introduce you to the wonder that is Letibalm. – the only nose and lip repair balm in South Africa. I was introduced to this miracle balm a year ago and it has become a staple in our home, you guys. Letibalm soothes and helps repair chapped lips and noses (and just about any other parts of the delicate skin on your face). I love the soothing formula of this balm, thanks to the addition of natural decongestants menthol and camphor. The balm gently moisturises dry skin, repairing painful cracks and calms irritation. It also creates a protective layer on the skin, to prevent further chapping.

You can pick your Letibalm up at Dis-chem, selected Checkers and Independent pharmacies. For expert tips on caring for your nose and lips during winter, check out this and other great reads on the Ivohealth blog.

Disclaimer: This post was done in collaboration with Ivohealth and Letibalm.

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  • Laurissa

    I use this remedy but with rooibos tea as soon as I feel a flu coming and it works like a bomb…
    I’m going to try this method of yours though coz it looks pretty lol

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