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So I finally got my baby to take the bottle!

You guys probably remember how I ran around in a flat panic, the other day, when my boy refused to drink from his bottle. I mean, the kid had me close to tears. He was as stubborn as a member of parliament. (Oh wait, was that in bad taste?) I tried everything guys, EVERYTHING and I could not get my baby to take the bottle. Anyways, yesterday was my first day back at work, and I’m pleased to announce that my kid did not, in fact, half starve to death. I know, right? Winning.

Here’s what happened: I prayed. A lot. Nay, I begged the Lord to intervene! Man, I was desperate. Thursday was particularly grueling and after noticing the crazed look in my eyes, my baby sister offered to take Jo for a couple of hours. While alone, she says she simply stayed calm and tried a whole bunch of bottle teats on him, eventually finding one that he would allow in his mouth. She then sussed and rocked him, as she played with the teat in his mouth. And guys one-two-three, he was sucking from the bottle! WHAAAA?!!!! Victory! I felt like a newly crowned Miss World winner! She says it’s the combo effect of rocking, and sussing, and soothe-singing that got him to comply. Prayer works, yo! And that is a fact!

But now, in a strange turn of events, the kid only wants to take a bottle from my sister. And no, this is not a slight over exaggeration. Every single member of my family (well just about) has tried and he refuses. I mean, if he could pull us over his lap and give our bottoms a stern talking to with his hand, then he would. Instead, he just screams and screams, until we remove said bottle teat out of his mouth. My sis, on the other hand, gets googly eyes and cute little laughs from him, while she’s feeding him. I don’t get it! I just don’t! Except that I do… because, I mean, I prayed. And now the kid is taking his bottle AND my sis has offered to look after him until he’s a couple of months older (she’s a stay at home mom with all the patience in the world). I didn’t think that she would be an option, but she has offered and he LOVES her with a capital LOVE. I feel like this is the best thing that could have ever happened for Jo.

got my baby to take the bottleThe kid loves his aunty. I seriously don’t know how she got him to take the bottle. So I asked her what her secret is. Drugs? Chicken pops? Voodoo? None of the above, apparently. But these are some of the top secret tips that might help you get your baby to take the bottle:
– Don’t try to introduce the bottle to him when he’s already hungry. The kid will probably not be impressed.
– Try a slow flow teat, since the kid is used to milk flowing at a certain pace. She also suggested trying to introduce a bottle that is the same shape and size as the pacifier.
– Allow someone else to give the bottle. Key: Don’t be in the same room/house with baby! They can smell you.
– Play around with different positions and milk temperatures.
– Let baby play around with the teat in his mouth, so that it becomes more familiar and not so much “help mom, an alien has invaded my mouth”… well, so to speak.
– Stay calm, baby can pick up if you’re freaking out (much like what I did in the beginning). Sing songs and talk to baby, as a way to soothe him and distract him.
– Pray, yo! Pray over your baby and for your baby and for your baby’s caregiver.

Anyways, so with that said, my first day back at work was fairly mild. I mean, on a scale of one to Beyonce, my first day was a solid Michelle. It felt as if I never left. Freaky, right?

I think knowing that Jo is with a family member totally helps with the separation anxiety and settling in. I’ve called a bunch of times and he’s totally fine. Like, where is the loyalty Bruh?! No tears for mama? Kidding, it’s been a dream come true! God is faithful and that is a tried and tested fact.

How’s your week been?


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