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My Covid-19 experience and why I chose to not get tested again

My run in with Covid-19 was a bit…uh…anti-climatic.

It’s almost as if the virus was playing “where’s he, there’s he!” with me. I mean, I had been totally convinced that I was Covid-19 positive, like, thrice a week, since the start of lock down. With every cough or sniff I would be on my knees asking God to spare my life. Yeah, dramatic much, right?

Except that when we lost someone who was very close to our family, to Covid-19, suddenly the dramatics were totally called for. And suddenly my every cough or sniff felt that much more deadly. Mind you, my symptoms had seemingly worsened and I felt like dog poop on a hot day, covered in mango juice. (Yes, just like that. Whaaat.)

When I eventually ended up going for a test (I’ll pop the video at the bottom of this post, in case you would like to see how they stick a swab all the way up my nostril, and into the deep recesses of my brain) it came back as negative. Woohooooo, Covid negative, party over here!!

The party was short-lived though, as my symptoms became even more severe. I mean, helooooo body, I’m not sure if you heard the news that I’m Covid negative.. if you could just calm down now, that would be great!

But alas, my body did NOT calm down. In fact, I lost my sense of smell and taste. My lungs felt as if they could not expand to it’s fullest capacity. I was fatigued and wanted to sleep all the time.

I was definitely Covid positive.

And friends, although I was displaying all of the signs, I decided to not go for another test. I mean, besides for really appreciating my nasal capacities and not wanting another swab stuck up it, I kinda figured that a test would be wasted on me.

Wasted because all it would do is tell me what I already know. A test would not heal me. A test would not make me feel better. A test would not change anything.

I needed to treat my symptoms and no test on earth was going to help me do that.

I immediately started taking meds to treat the symptoms and I self isolated. My doc also recommended sucking on a blue Disprin, since the virus forms blood clots.

One thing about this sneaky virus is that it has you feeling better one moment, and as if you’re dying the next! I mean, I’m sure it has its SA colors in peekaboo. The fortunate thing about this, though, is that I was able to get up and get stuff done (you know, before folding into a sack of dilapidated pain and despair).

After about 2 weeks I began to feel like a normal person again (well, as normal as I could ever be, you know, with my my spreadsheet brain). I remember feeling this huge weight lifted, when I realised that I had fought and won against the virus. Some of the people dearest to me had lost loved ones to it and yet I lived to see another day. How thankful I was!

I try to maintain a faith-based outlook on life…. you know, faith over fear, and all of that. And I can’t say that Covid-19 has changed my mind about this. But it has most definitely rocked me! And, if anything, it has strengthened my believe that God is God.

God is God.

Noone else is. Nothing else is. When you’re breathing in (what might be) your last few breaths, trust me friends, clinging to Him will be the most valuable thing. Not your assets, or your titles, or your outward appearance.

Holding on to Him will be IT.

You see, we NEED to hold on to Him, because we NEED the hope that everything will be okay, no matter what the ending looks like. And that kind of hope and peace is something that only God can give you. He is faithful.


  • Megan Keith

    Ah what an amazing testimony of God’s goodness! Thank you for sharing your story and heart after your experience with COVID 19. And I love the encouragement to just trust Him! Xx

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