2020: The year that never was
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2020: The year that never was

Some would argue that it’s a bit too late to write a “year in review” post, since it’s day 3 into the new year already. Also, we are over 2020. There, I said it. I mean, 2020 is as tired as faux fur sliders. Some would even call 2020 “the year that never was” because it was so elusive and devastating. Much like faux fur sliders. But I digress…

Regardless of how I feel about 2020, a “year in review” post is a must! Well, because I am a creature of habit and changing this particular habit is not one of the goals on my 2021 list. (Whaaaaat).

Anyways, enough chit chat… are you ready for my annual “here’s what happened last year” blog montage? Legoooooo!

2020: The year that never wasRecap of 2020


Ag yinne, how cute we were in January, with our “this is MY year” and “new year, new me!” mantras. Let’s be honest shall we? This year kicked our little butts.

Blogwise, I started the year off with sweet anecdotes about how I plan to, you know, have the best year ever! You can check them out over here and here. The month wasn’t without it’s fair share of the usual helpful banter. You can read all about my tips on how to pump (breastmilk) successfully at work here, and find out how I usually prepare for my December festivities in January over here.


My maternity leave came to an end in February and boy was I happy! I guess I was tired of trying to work from home, with kids running around, stealing my attention. Can we quickly take a minute to laugh at this notion, because it would soon because the reality of almost every single working mama in, pretty much, the world! Anyways, I wrote a little ode to the end of maternity leave, and also gave you guys some tips on how to do a valentine date night from the comfort of your home (another quick laugh – I mean, how prophetic, right?).

We got a bit controversial with my “Do you have a favorite child” post, and I shared my thoughts on how to communicate with your spouse. We also started our Faith over Fear series in February. (I know.)


The Faith over Fear series continued with two really thought provoking entries over here and here. Soon thereafter, the Covid-19 poo hit the metaphorical fan and I was in a glass cage of emotion. I mean, half of me was like, nahhh we’ll be okay. And the other half was as jittery as a cockroach on the kitchen counter, when the light is switched on. (I know, what a visual, you’re welcome). Anyways, I wrote my first Covid post here.

Quickly followed up with a home school resources post, and then a unique Easter hunt post, because I knew that I was struggling to keep things as normal as possible for my kids and wanted to help you guys figure things out too. Oh and I wanted to entertain you, so here’s a whole post about my teenage crush.  Mind you, March  is my birthday month and not a single birthday related post in site. What is this life?!



During the heart of our very first lockdown experience, I realised how privileged I was to have things like Wifi and running water and more than 1 bedroom available for my family, during a time where the whole country was restricted to the confines of their home. I also realised how ignorant I had been about my privilege until that point. I repented. 

In an attempt to keep some semblance of normal, I also shared a lekker recipe with you (it’s one that my Ouma shared with me) and tried to do a bit of a storytime (my attempt at distracting you) by telling you guys all about a smiling boy who kinda ended my childhood, without evening knowing it, when I was 12.


May was the start of my undoing. People were dying, due to Covid-19, and I didn’t lus to be perky and chipper anymore. I pushed through and told you guys about the lockdown lessons that I’ve learnt thus far. That was pretty much it.


In June we tried to be normal. A helpful post about slowing down in order to enjoy time with our kids and one about celebrating a birthday when you’re stuck at home was all that I could muster up.


July was more or less the same shpiel. At this point I was kinda tired of being a WAHM. I mean, it’s flippen hard to parent and work all at the same time. Goodness me! I did write a post about talking to your kids about career. Oh and I shared my Covid-19 testing experience. That was pretty much all I could churn out, as I battle with my own health and mourn the loss of someone close to our family. Little did I know that this was the first of 9 losses we would experience this year.

Boss Baby Cake Smash


Asher’s first birthday photoshoot…. basically some light in the middle of thick darkness. But, I mean, are those baby cheeks not the sweetest in the world?! Do yourself a favor and check out this post.


I had a cheeky moment (it’s hard to be cheeky when people around you are mourning) so I wrote a post titled “Pregnant Again” which is basically a love letter to all the fun peeps who constantly remind me to make sure that I don’t fall pregnant again. I mean, what would I do without them? Such a selfless service they offer me, and at no cost too! #blessed


Ooh look at her, posting a whole four blog posts in October! It’s not that things were getting better… I guess I just got better at dealing with it. Okay so my first post in October was all about being a peacemaker and not a turmoil seeker… because (and I quote) “putting your pride and ego aside is a lot more exciting than holding on to your boring resentment.”

I also told you guys all about how I have been managing my “social media/really kaas year” posting. I am a firm believer in spreading peace, kindness and positivity. So even though it had been a tough few months, I tried not to let my platforms turn into a morbid sludge of depression. So ya, the post “My social media is a lie” was all about that.

Oh and not one, but two recipes! Look at that! One is for lekker Instant Pot creamy pasta and the other is for really delish broccoli sprout pesto.

broccoli sprout pestoNovember 

And then the Covid-19 rollercoaster of emotions caught up with me again and it all got a much in November, hence a post titled: Four funerals and a wedding.


I wrote an ode to 2020, basically talking about how much of a flop this year has been. I mean, ,at the end of the year, it’s compulsory to take out your achievements and admire them as you give yourself a pat on the back. This year, no achievements, no admiration and definitely no pats on the back. Although, hey, if you count being alive as an achievement then heck yeah, we made it, friends!

I ended the year with one of my favorite Covid-10 posts to date (never thought I’d ever use the words “favorite” and “covid” in one sentence). This post is basically all about the Covid-19 theories that are flooding our social media timelines and the ONE TRUTH that I know about coronavirus. It’s a goodie. See it here.

So ya, my final post will give you a glimpse into what I’m expecting for this year. As for the blog… I realise that I’ve been quiet. I plan to remedy that in 2021! If you have any blog post suggestions that you’d like to send to me… send away girl! Mama needs some inspiration.

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