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It’s 2020 and I still don’t have visible abs

So it’s the start of a new year and the end of my maternity leave and I’m outchere SO ready for this new season! I love this place!

“And what place is that, my dear?” I hear you ask. (Okay, I didn’t really hear you ask, that was just me talking to myself).

Well, this “place” I am referring to is the mental head space one finds oneself in, at the start of a new year. You know what I’m talking about…  the feeling of being absolutely ready (read: desperate) for positive change. It is very closely followed by the feeling that things are going to be kwaai overnight.

Lies, I tell you.

So as much as I am ready for new things… better things… I am trying to remind myself that my Baywatch beach babe abdominal muscles probably won’t surface by next week. The job of my dreams isn’t going to chase me down, like, tomorrow. I won’t suddenly wake up all financially stable. My marriage won’t all of a sudden be #relationshipgoals.

These are things that I need to work hard for. You know, the metaphorical “pedal to the metal” and what not.

Fortunately for me (but maybe not for my husband… another story, another day) I thrive on lists, spreadsheets and “making a plan”. So I’ve decided to break down my 2020 goals into bite sized chunks.

I find that monthly goals are a lot more achievable anyways. A wise man (who now again?) once said that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Well, I concur.

I am looking forward to posting a bunch of quality blog posts this year. I’d like to chat about stuff that we, as mothers, deal with on a daily basis. I mean, more than just showing you guys which products to throw your money at. It has always been my heart to tackle REAL issues. And even though I don’t have all the answers (no, seriously, I don’t) it feels good to air my own feelings out on this here blog, while giving a voice to someone who may be going through the same things or who may have the same questions. So that’s my blog mission for 2020.

Anyways, that’s enough chit chat from me… what’s happening on your side? I’m okay. Well, besides for giving myself this pep talk and trying not to eat carbs.

Hope 2020 has been good to you thus far!


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