Instant Pot Creamy Pasta Recipe
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Instant Pot Creamy Pasta Recipe

I’m the pasta lady, everyone knows this about me. A really special lady taught me how to make this creamy pasta dish and let me tell ya, my creamy pasta is unrivalled. (Unrivalled, you hear!! *shakes fist to the sky*) Anyways – dramatics aside – when I got my hands on my new Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 I wondered if I would be able to make my creamy dreamy UNRIVALLED pasta dish in this glorious machine. I needed a one pot pasta (because mama’s busy) without losing flavour or creaminess (because creaminess is important okay).

Before I get right into the recipe I need to clip note: you can make this dish as fancy or as simple as you need. When pressed for time (or when my fridge is semi-empty) I use what I have and make it work. It tastes delish either way!

Instant Pot Creamy Pasta

500g of pasta (macaroni)
A punnet of mushrooms (chopped)
Greenpepper (chopped)
2 packets of cream of chicken OR mushroom soup
1 tub of fresh cream
500g water (Instant Pot)
500g of cheese (I love it super cheesey… your cheese, your call) (Oh and you’d want it grated)
Salt and pepper
Chicken breast – cubed
I usually add chopped pieces of pepperdew for that extra spunk, but this is optional

Instant Pot Method

Saute Mode
1. Melt a dash of olive oil and a spoonful of butter.
2. Add some garlic for flavor (I use chilli garlic).
3. Add chunks of chicken, salt and pepper, and saute.
4. Add chopped greenpepper and chopped mushrooms.
Don’t overcook these ingredients, you’re lightly sautéing it.

Switch Off Instant Pot
5. Mix your chicken/mushroom soup with about 500g of water and add to pot.
6. Add fresh cream and give it a good stir.
7. Add your macaroni to the top and DO NOT MIX but do push down lightly to make sure that your pasta is just submerged. You may need to add a dash of water, based on how much meat you’ve added, but I usually just eye it to determine if your pasta is submerged enough. (Think: crocodile, not submarine)

Pressure Cook Mode
Seal and cook on high pressure for 5 minutes.
When timer goes off, turn valve to “venting” to do a quick release.

Once you’ve been given the go ahead to remove lid, stir in your grated cheese and serve!
Yep – it’s that easy!

Check out my video below – you know – for entertainment purposes, but also to see my facial expressions while I make this dish. Bon appetite!

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